New Orleans Cooking Vacation

Cooking School Vacations in Italy 1New Orleans is a city known for its good times and great eats. The city’s impressive restaurants, rich food heritage and focus on culinary arts make New Orleans a popular destination for cooking vacations. A variety of museums, cooking schools, culinary festivals and events, and fine and causal restaurants provide many opportunities for culinary travelers visiting the Crescent City.


The Southern Food and Beverage Museum is home to a variety of collections and exhibits designed to give visitors insight into the city’s rich food heritage and the role that food and cooking play in New Orleans culture.


Demonstration classes at the New Orleans School of Cooking in the French Quarter offer visitors the opportunity to learn how to make creole and Cajun favorites from entertaining experts. The two and a half hour demonstration classes include generous samples of the four dishes made during each class.

Cooking School Vacations in Italy 1

Hands-on Experiences

The Savvy Gourmet offers culinary travelers the opportunity to learn how to cook with hands-on experience. Small hands-on classes taught by talented chefs are offered on a variety of topics including local Louisiana cooking, cooking fundamentals and international cuisine.


The New Orleans Food and Wine Experience and Tales of the Cocktail are held in New Orleans each year. Each event is designed to enrich people’s understanding of New Orleans cooking and cuisine through a series of dinners, tastings and seminars.

Cooking School Vacations in Italy 1


Much can be learned about New Orleans cooking and cuisine by dining in a variety of restaurants on a New Orleans cooking vacation. A complete New Orleans cooking vacation should include meals in some of the city’s fine dining establishments as well as the smaller hidden gems.

Vacation Packages

The New Orleans Cooking Experience offers two types of vacation packages. Visitors can sign up for weekend or long weekend vacation packages that offer multiple cooking classes and meals.

Take Stress Away From Kids Changing Schools

Take Stress Away From Kids Changing SchoolsThis is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kidzmet. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s hard enough for kids to go back to school after a long summer break…..higher grade… teachers… rules… expectations…….some new faces.

I know how my kids get all stressed out and anxious last week of summer break. They are excited to go back to school and see their old friends, but they are also worried what the upcoming school year will bring.

We live in the same town and same neighborhood for years and yet every September brings the same Back To School Challenge.

We are still living in the middle of economic slowdown and many people are still losing their jobs or getting transferred. They have to relocate to where the work is to take care of their families.

Few of my friends will be moving in the middle of this summer and their children will be starting new schools in September.

I can’t even imagine how challenging that would be to start brand new school…..brand new environment….brand new teachers…..brand new face…….talk about scary and unchartered waters.

Luckily, there is a help to ease the transition of changing schools and making it easier for kids to adjust to a brand new environment.

The help comes in a form of KIDZMET PAIRING PORTRAIT.

Take Stress Away From Kids Changing SchoolsJust filling up a simple pairing portrait for each child Help teachers get to know kids that have just moved to the area

All you have to do is to visit KIDZMET online. Sign up for FREE family account. Help your child complete a Pairing Portrait then email it to the new principal and new teachers.

Sample Kidzmet Pairing Portrait

By the time your kids will enter the school the teachers and school administrators will know everything they need to know to help your child fit right in and feel secure.

It takes few minutes of your time and it will take major stress away from you and your kids.

So if your kids are changing schools for whatever reason…visit Kidzmet, fill out Kidzmet Pairing Portrait and take stress away from kids changing schools.

Stop Smoking Shot

There are a few clinics popping up around the United States that specialize in the stop smoking shot. It sounds too good to be true – a shot to quit smoking, but many users are convinced that the shot is truly a miracle.

Giving Feels Better Then Receiving

The SMART shot, a combination of two drugs called Scopolamine (used in the sea sickness pill) and Atarax (an antihistamine), helps block nicotine from being picked up by the nicotine receptors in the brain. This can help ease the common withdrawal symptoms many people experience when quitting smoking.

The original stop smoking shot used atropine, which could make people experience tachycardia, or rapid heart rate. It also contained Thorazine, which is an anti-psychotic drug! The new shot works quite differently, and unlike the old shot, it only requires one shot instead of three. (The original required two shots behind the ear and one in the buttocks.)

Giving Feels Better Then Receiving

Two of the most popular clinics that use the new shot are in Atlanta, Georgia and Tampa, Florida. Other clinics are opening up around the country, but as of now those are the two busiest clinics.

A shot is a good solution for people who have tried to stop smoking through various methods and haven’t been able to, or don’t have the discipline to use other methods. Since the shot doesn’t require you to remember to use certain aids, it can help you even if you can’t remember to use patches, pills, or gum.

Giving Feels Better Then Receiving

Another type of shot called QUIT 1-2-3 has also made it onto the market. It’s a bit different than the SMART shot, treating the psychological aspects of smoking rather than just the physical symptoms.

Both types of stop smoking shot require administration by a medical professional, so you’ll have to visit a clinic to get it. I recommend looking for a reputable clinic, because you want to be sure you’re getting the real thing and not a placebo or something that could potentially be harmful.

The Best South Beach Hotels on a Budget

Beach House Decorating Ideas Miami’s South beach (SoBe) is a great place to visit for the young, old and anyone in between. There are so many things to see and do that you’ll wish you had left more “empty” time in your schedule to just sit by the pool or on the beach.

Although there are many expensive South Beach hotels you could choose, there are hotels for the budget-minded, and you might be surprised at the prices available if you travel either side of the busy season. If you travel from May to September, you are going to find fewer people and lower prices on hotels as well as restaurants.

The prices quoted change frequently and give you a basic idea of average prices in May.
The Big Names–Not So Inexpensive
Fountainbleau is located at 4401 Collins Ave–right on SoBe and offers more than 1500 rooms. Prices start at $329 for a May visit in this extraordinary hotel.

Gansevoot South is a luxurious hotel located at 2377 Collins Ave, again, right on the beach. Rates begin at $325 for a stay in May.

OK, so you don’t have that much money…

Beach House Decorating IdeasReality–Lodging YOU Can Afford
For under $100 a night, here’s what you get:
*Collins Ave is right across the street from SoBe

The Continental Oceanfront (1825 Collins Ave) (800) 555-7555 (online reservations at: $74/night

Beach Place Hotel (8601 Harding Ave) (305) 866-3215 $79/night

The Chesterfield (855 Collins Ave) (305) 531-5831 $77/night

The Kent (1131 Collins Ave) (305) 604-5068 $89/night

Ocean Surf (7436 Ocean Terrace) (305) 866-1648 $65/night (one of the very few hotels on the beach)

Hawaii Hotel (7430 Ocean Terrace) (305) 861-3440 $65/night (also on the beach)

Bay Breeze Hotel (6600 Colline Ave) (800) 385-8893 $59 to 69/night

Many of these rates were “online” rates through sites like or, as of 2009.

Beach House Decorating IdeasOther Options
There is hostel-type lodging available at the following:

AAE Lombardy Hotel & Hostel (6300 Collins Road)

Miami Beach International Traveler’s Hostel (9th Street)

Jazz on South Beach (321 Collins Ave)

Reservations for these hostels should be made through and rates are as low as $15 per night.

8 Helpful Household Tips

Do you love helpful household hints and handy tips?….Of course you do…..who doesn’t love household tips that make life easier and stretch every household budget further?

I read magazines, search online and talk to my friends often looking for new ways to save money. New ways to clean faster or more effective. New handy tips to help me with everyday household dilemmas.

What better way for me to help other moms like me then to share all of the new and old helpful household hints and handy tips. I hope some of these household hints will be helpful to you as much as they’ve been helpful to me.

1 Instant Fire Starter

If you are like me and having problems to start the fire in your fireplace when hubs is not at home this handy tip is for you. Start collection of corks from wine bottles and keep them in a sealed jar that you filled with rubbing alcohol. Every time you are ready to start the fire just toss one cork under the kindling.Make sure you store the jar away from the fireplace and your children.

2 Quick Fix For Salt-Stained Leather Boots

Your winter leather boots are sporting white residue from all the salt outside. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water. Dip little corner of cotton rag in it and gently rub the stains. Let it dry.

3 Quick Dry Wet Mittens

Slip each mitten over a bottom of an empty glass jar and stand it on top of your baseboard heater or radiator. The warm air will fill up the jar and it will dry the mittens from inside out. One of my favorite handy tips.

4 Make Your House Smell Inviting

If you want to make your house smell homey and cozy without burning candles or using room sprays just dab few drops of vanilla extract or any other aroma you prefer on a cool light bulb. After you turn on the light the room will be filled with the scent instantly.5 Perfect Belt StorageYour husband has lots of belts and they are all over your closet. All you need is a large clean coffee can. It is the perfect shape to keep hubs rolled up belts crease-free and without messing up your closet.elts

6 Remove Melted Candle Wax On Furniture

Winter is the season for burning candles throughout the house. Sometimes no matter how careful you are the hot wax makes its way onto your furniture. Just cover the wax with bag of ice until the wax becomes brittle. Then carefully peel the frozen wax off with a butter knife. In a bowl mix together 1/2 cup of Baking Soda and few drops of lemon juice.Dab it onto the spot where the wax was to clean away any color residue that was left from the candle.

7 Cheap Ice-Skates Covers

Don’t spend money from your household budget buying new Ice-skate covers for your children. Take your old garden hose and cut it to the length of the blades. Make a lengthwise slit and the ice-skate blades will be covered and protected from getting dull.

8 Keep Your Stairs/Sidewalk From Freezing

Before the rain turns into ice sprinkle baking soda on your steps and sidewalks.It will keep water from turning into ice and it won’t destroy your concrete like salt.