Louisiana is a state located in the Southern United States. Its capital is Baton Rouge and the largest city is New Orleans. It owns the tallest state capitol building in the United States, which is 450 feet tall and features 34 floors. In Metairie you will find the longest bridge over water, in the world, known under the name of Pontchartrain causeway and is 24 miles long. It links Metairie with St. Tammany Parish on the North Shore.


Louisiana is the only state in the union that has parishes as political subdivisions and not counties. The state received this name in honor of King Louis XIV.

Another well known facts about Louisiana refer to the state’s bird, which is the Eastern Brown Pelican, the state’s flower represented by the magnolia, the state’s tree, which is known under the name of Bald Cypress, “Give me Louisiana” –the official song, the state’s wildflower represented by The Louisiana Iris, or the official insect, which is a honeybee.


As for the local cuisine, they are proud of their boudin, which is a type of sausage link used in Cajun and Creole dishes. It is made of rice and ingredients like crawfish, pork, alligator, etc.. Also, the turduke is a partially deboned turkey with a deboned duck inside and a deboned chicken inside that, each having a different stuffing. Isn’t that an interesting dish?

A funny thing is that in Louisiana if you bite someone with your natural teeth, the act will be considered an assault, but if you bite that person with your false teeth, the act will be considered an aggravated assault.

This state’s official colors are gold, white and blue and the state motto is “Union, Justice, Confidence”. In conclusion, we can say that Louisiana is indeed a state of contrasts.

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