8 Helpful Household Tips

Do you love helpful household hints and handy tips?….Of course you do…..who doesn’t love household tips that make life easier and stretch every household budget further?

I read magazines, search online and talk to my friends often looking for new ways to save money. New ways to clean faster or more effective. New handy tips to help me with everyday household dilemmas.

What better way for me to help other moms like me then to share all of the new and old helpful household hints and handy tips. I hope some of these household hints will be helpful to you as much as they’ve been helpful to me.

1 Instant Fire Starter

If you are like me and having problems to start the fire in your fireplace when hubs is not at home this handy tip is for you. Start collection of corks from wine bottles and keep them in a sealed jar that you filled with rubbing alcohol. Every time you are ready to start the fire just toss one cork under the kindling.Make sure you store the jar away from the fireplace and your children.

2 Quick Fix For Salt-Stained Leather Boots

Your winter leather boots are sporting white residue from all the salt outside. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water. Dip little corner of cotton rag in it and gently rub the stains. Let it dry.

3 Quick Dry Wet Mittens

Slip each mitten over a bottom of an empty glass jar and stand it on top of your baseboard heater or radiator. The warm air will fill up the jar and it will dry the mittens from inside out. One of my favorite handy tips.

4 Make Your House Smell Inviting

If you want to make your house smell homey and cozy without burning candles or using room sprays just dab few drops of vanilla extract or any other aroma you prefer on a cool light bulb. After you turn on the light the room will be filled with the scent instantly.5 Perfect Belt StorageYour husband has lots of belts and they are all over your closet. All you need is a large clean coffee can. It is the perfect shape to keep hubs rolled up belts crease-free and without messing up your closet.elts

6 Remove Melted Candle Wax On Furniture

Winter is the season for burning candles throughout the house. Sometimes no matter how careful you are the hot wax makes its way onto your furniture. Just cover the wax with bag of ice until the wax becomes brittle. Then carefully peel the frozen wax off with a butter knife. In a bowl mix together 1/2 cup of Baking Soda and few drops of lemon juice.Dab it onto the spot where the wax was to clean away any color residue that was left from the candle.

7 Cheap Ice-Skates Covers

Don’t spend money from your household budget buying new Ice-skate covers for your children. Take your old garden hose and cut it to the length of the blades. Make a lengthwise slit and the ice-skate blades will be covered and protected from getting dull.

8 Keep Your Stairs/Sidewalk From Freezing

Before the rain turns into ice sprinkle baking soda on your steps and sidewalks.It will keep water from turning into ice and it won’t destroy your concrete like salt.