Take Stress Away From Kids Changing Schools

Take Stress Away From Kids Changing SchoolsThis is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kidzmet. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s hard enough for kids to go back to school after a long summer break…..higher grade…..new teachers…..new rules…..new expectations…….some new faces.

I know how my kids get all stressed out and anxious last week of summer break. They are excited to go back to school and see their old friends, but they are also worried what the upcoming school year will bring.

We live in the same town and same neighborhood for years and yet every September brings the same Back To School Challenge.

We are still living in the middle of economic slowdown and many people are still losing their jobs or getting transferred. They have to relocate to where the work is to take care of their families.

Few of my friends will be moving in the middle of this summer and their children will be starting new schools in September.

I can’t even imagine how challenging that would be to start brand new school…..brand new environment….brand new teachers…..brand new face…….talk about scary and unchartered waters.

Luckily, there is a help to ease the transition of changing schools and making it easier for kids to adjust to a brand new environment.

The help comes in a form of KIDZMET PAIRING PORTRAIT.

Take Stress Away From Kids Changing SchoolsJust filling up a simple pairing portrait for each child Help teachers get to know kids that have just moved to the area

All you have to do is to visit KIDZMET online. Sign up for FREE family account. Help your child complete a Pairing Portrait then email it to the new principal and new teachers.

Sample Kidzmet Pairing Portrait

By the time your kids will enter the school the teachers and school administrators will know everything they need to know to help your child fit right in and feel secure.

It takes few minutes of your time and it will take major stress away from you and your kids.

So if your kids are changing schools for whatever reason…visit Kidzmet, fill out Kidzmet Pairing Portrait and take stress away from kids changing schools.