What Camera Should I Buy?

I have to hedge this one a bit actually because I really do enjoy talking about photography and I am never one known to not share what knowledge I have. For those of you that don’t read between the lines, you get me started talking on this subject and you have to walk away and maybe even walk fast to get me to stop. Funny how a normally fairly quiet guy can open up when the subject matter fits. Anyway, back on subject. I get asked, often, for camera advice.

In the interest of saving time with some online buddies, here are some valuable links:

DPReview.com – www.dpreview.com
If you want the most in-depth reviews of cameras, photo examples, expert opinions along with feedback from actual users, this is the place. Before I make any camera purchase or give advice for that matter, I start here.

Nextag.com – www.nextag.com
There are tons of price comparison sites, so one is pretty much as good as another. I have typically found the best price at NextTag though. One thing to watch out for, though, is don’t just jump to the lowest price. Often the first 5 or so at the top are shady outfits that will call you to “confirm” your order for a chance to upsell you overpriced accessories. What’s worse, is if you say now to their upsells many of those outfits will “lose” your order. Do a little research on the site before purchasing online. If you are scared online, stick to B&H Photo, who all pro photogs will readily recommend; great service and they don’t jerk you around. If that doesn’t work, try Costco is always a good option for a decent price.

NY Times – link to an article

Looking for more direct advice? The NY Times has been running a “best under $300″ article each of the last several years that is a good comparison for a reasonably priced camera. There are tons of other options above that price, but this pretty much covers the price range most are looking for to get a camera for family shots.

So again, though I don’t mind offering my advice, in the interest of my sanity leading up to Christmas, this should push a good number of you in the right direction!