Utahns Receiving Anti-Mormon DVDs

I just don’t get it. Really, why do people feel such a compulsion to try and beat down good things?

On this site, I generally steer clear of very personal topics such as religion, race, etc. I prefer to talk about things that are either common sense or just plain fun to talk about without being offensive. There are plenty of hot-headed sites out there that love to rile people up in the interest of generating traffic or voicing their opinion. Me, I’m just happy to write a few things that I either find funny or feel strongly about. I just can’t leave this one alone though.

Honestly, I don’t care what religion you are. Perhaps care is the wrong word. I care that people have something to believe in, to give meaning and provide a foundation for values and morals. I am happy to share how I derive my beliefs, but I am also happy to leave people to their own. I have my strong beliefs and I am happy if you have your own or none at all. You can have a sense of ethics, values, and morals without religion. That is a basic premise of our modern society, to each their own. I don’t mind anyone that feels strongly enough about their beliefs to actively try and share them with others, as long as they are sharing this with people that are interested in hearing it and the message is a positive one.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, i.e. a Mormon. I grew up as one and have made my own adult decision to remain as one and raise my family as such. I served a two-year mission for my church and shared the message of love and Christianity to anyone who was interested in mine. I shared a message of love, hope, peace, and values. I did not share a message of what is wrong with everyone else and try to beat down the “competition.”

I simply cannot figure out why people feel so strongly about bringing down the beliefs of others to the point they have to actively campaign against them. I have often laughed at these types that show up for church gatherings and not only protest the meeting of well-intentioned, value-driven people, but even do it in such a belligerent and insulting fashion to try and pick a fight with anyone taking their bait. I really can’t laugh at it anymore.

These groups and individuals don’t just proclaim their beliefs and invite others to see what truths they have to offer. They are not even borderline bigots, they are bigots. They will resort to childish name calling, slander and all they have to offer are the same messages of half-truths and lies in an attempt to deceive. I have looked at some of these messages in the past and they are well written, placing truthful statements alongside lies and shaded comments strategically designed to trick those that don’t know better. I am sure some of these types really believe they are doing “good” in what they are attempting, but truly believe most are doing it for some other agenda, likely a personal vendetta for who knows why.

No wonder so many people have such a misunderstanding about Mormons and what the believe. Not only do people not get the opportunity what we actually believe, but they are also bombarded by ill-intentioned falsities produced by people with an agenda. The problem is we are a loving, long-suffering, turn your other cheek Christian group of people, so we typically take our beating and move on. Every time I see something like this new campaign I shake my head in disgust and wish we could do even more. I am the hothead of the bunch, so I make sure and not cross paths with people like this. I don’t need the stress and I would likely take the bait and join the fight.

All we ask is that we are allowed to live and let live. Share uplifting messages and share in our family values. Is that too much to ask? Why work so hard to bring others down. It simply doesn’t make sense.