Can An Incarcerated Person Allow to Vote?

All people are entitled to human rights. From the day that they are born until the moment they die, they have these rights, and all nations acknowledge this. For some specific instances, some of these rights can be revoked. Situations like being imprisoned due to an offense ca remove some certain human rights to a person, such rights for privacy, and the right to vote.

So, can a felon vote? Tho they still retain this right after imprisonment? Do they still have the right to vote for whoever candidate they want?

A Moral Right As A Citizen

It is a given fact that although these people have done something wrong in the eyes of the law of man, they too are a citizen of the said country. Being a citizen, it is a moral obligation to vote for a fitting candidate of their choosing for the said public office. If we look at this as a moral standpoint, convicts are eligible to vote, no matter the crime they make.

Even they are convicts, and they still have the right to let their voices be heard for the future of the country. They may be behind bars, but if we look closely on how many convicts there is, they can contribute to a large percentage of the overall voters.

A Right Revoked For Punishment

Now, if we look it on the other side of the spectrum, we can say that taking this right among others is a befitting and just punishment. Of course, if you ever should break the law, you should also know the consequences of your actions.

The reason for imprisoning a felon is to devoid them of the freedom that they had forfeited before they made the crime. Imprisonments are more of like isolating them from the civilian populace as a punishment. Incarceration will also make them reflect on the acts that they have made and to correct their wrong ways as well.

Laws Regarding Disenfranchisement

Nowadays, several countries enable felons to vote even when they are still serving their prison time. Other countries have much stricter laws regarding this and do not permit any criminal to vote while in jail. Certain countries and some states in the US allow convicts to vote once again after serving their jail time. Albeit they can able to vote once again, there are some conditions to follow first and things to process before this happens.


Voting is one of those things that is given to any citizen by right by the law. There are still some mixed reactions when it comes to letting prisoners vote. Some want them to retain this right, and others don’t. In the end, it is still up to the law of the land if they’re going to permit convicts from voting or not.

May it be a moral obligation no matter what happens, or a just punishment was given to those who did wrong, letting a felon vote is a bit of a fickle issue to discuss. So, how about you? Do you think it is right for them to vote? Or is it just befitting for them to get that right revoke?