Some Of The Most Astonishing Handbag Tailor-Made For Women!

Women are immensely conscious about their appearance and that’s why they are very particular while choosing their clothes, jewellery and accessories. Accessories are crucial part of every outfit and no dress if complete without a suitable piece of accessory. There are various types of accessories such as bracelets, rings, etc but the most vital piece of accessory for women is handbags. Handbags have become an integral part of the modern fashion and no women step out nowadays without a beautiful handbag on their shoulder or in their hands.

It is important to choose a unique, attractive and beautiful handbag as it represents your fashion taste. The handbag must be great combination of uniqueness and elegance. It must be comfortable and the material and design should durable and long-lasting so that the money you are investing doesn’t get wasted. You must be heedful while choosing a handbag as there are umpteen brands out there you need to select most suitable out of them.

Top-notch ladies handbags in the world

Kate spade

It is one of the most popular and big brands of ladies handbags based in America. It was established a decade back in 1993 in the city New York. Kate spade was begum to offers premium quality of handbags with variety of unique designs for women. It was named after its founders Andy spade and Kate Spade. It grew rapidly and soon become one of the biggest brands in the world. Later on it was bought by another big brand in this industry known as Tapestry Inc and at this time Kate spade was a huge brand with a net worth of about 2.4 billion USD. Kate spade have some the best designs oh ladies handbags that every woman dreams of to have in their collection. They use durable material and unique design of bags that is the major reason why it is one of the top handbag brands in the world.


Gucci is an Italian brand which is one of the most successful and huge brand in the world. It mostly offers leather products with their unique touch on it. It is the most loved brand dealing in luxurious products all over the globe, which was prove by the whopping 4.3 billion income of the brand in a single fiscal year. Counterfeting market has affected this brand adversely as duplicate products have attracted customers and people prefer to buy best Gucci replicas instead of investing huge loads of money on original ones.

Michael Kors

It is quite a popular and famous brand all over the globe with a vast variety of ladies handbags. It is quite expensive that’s why most of the people are turning towards replicas but still Kors has a vast fan base spread all over the world. It was founded by Michael Kors in 1981 and is a New York based brand that has its stores all over the world. The elite people of the society forms the major portion of the buyers of this brand. The huge prices make it stand out of other brands and loved by all the upper calls people in the society.


Everyone have must heard about this luxurious brand of handbags. Chanel is a well-recognised brand and has its unique indentify and image in the market. It was established way back in 1909 by Coco Chanel and since then it has been dominating the luxurious accessories market. People who have always bought duplicates like have turned towards luxurious lines after the advent of Chanel. It has unique designs exclusively made of its customers. The prices are undoubtedly extremely high but the experience it provides is worth every penny you invest in it.

To conclude, luxurious designer handbags are loved by every woman and there are various top brands that offers you different unique and designs at different prices.