What Makes Telephone Directory Services Popular Until Today?

Telephone directories are helpful in finding contact details of people and companies. Since 1878, traditional white and yellow pages have been used all over the world. And that’s true, even until the current era of the internet and mobile phones. Hence, many telephone directory services are still available today, such as the annuairespageblanches.com.

Learn how Telephone Directory Services Still Help People nowadays

Telephone directories are those thick books which contain contact information of people in an area. One can carry information from within a city, within a state or nationwide. Some even have international information of big companies. And telephone directory services are those which print such books for distribution among their subscribers.

Usually, these services come with free subscription. You only need to find a telephone directory service in your area, submit your info and receive updated telephone directories annually.

Types of Telephone Directories

There are three types of telephone directories available. Although, two of such types are usually found together in one book. But each offer unique function for easier use:

White Pages

White Pages are the most common type of telephone directory which carries the name, address and contact details of a person. It helps people find individuals they want to connect with. Today, you can see directories with online contact information of a person, such as email address and Skype ID.

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages often come together with white pages in one book. Although, it’s common to find dedicated yellow pages directories as well. This type specifically provides contact information of companies and business, instead of individuals.

If your air conditioning unit needs repair, for example, refer to the yellow pages at annuairespageblanches.com to find AC unit servicing. Yellow pages also help if you want pizza delivery, or find the nearest grocery to go.

On a side note, you can use the yellow pages to advertise your own business. You can simply submit your contact details to a telephone directory service, so it would reflect on its next issue. Alternatively, you can pay for your ads to show on them as well.

Gray Pages or Reverse Directory

This is the type of telephone directory which is hidden from the general public. Gray Pages also carry information of people and business, but it shows details on a different format. It displays the telephone number first before the name.

For example, an anonymous person calls your phone and bothers you. Since you don’t know the name of the person, you can look up their number in the gray pages. There you can find contact numbers arranged in order, so you can find the right one easily.

But if you can’t access any gray pages, you can call your telecom network service provider for assistance. Tell them somebody bothers you, and give them the anonymous number for them to trace it up in their own data base. Law enforcers also offer such service.

These types functions differently, but all are certainly helpful even today. And you can find all these directory pages at annuairespageblanches.com.

When you should use a Telephone Directory

Telephone directories may appear obsolete today. But they are valuable on many instances, such as:

They help you find and know contact details of a person. For example, you want to get in touch with an old classmate, friend or relative, and you can’t find them on social media. There’s a good chance for you to find them on white pages.

If you need to buy certain products or services, yellow pages can help you up. This is helpful especially if you’re new on a place, and you’re still not familiar with the businesses around.

Yellow pages are also helpful for your own business. First, it displays your contact info to the public. Second, online telephone directories would give backlinks to your website. And third, you can choose to post your ads on them too.

These books or booklets can come in handy in cases of emergencies. It carries contact info of police, fire station, hospitals and some other vital establishments you may need.

As mentioned above, gray pages are helpful in tracking somebody you didn’t know. This is great in keeping strangers with ill-intentions away.

You see? Telephone directory services are still helpful until today. And that makes them popular for many people in the age of internet. And if you need a reliable one, visit annuairespageblanches.com right away!