Points Of Comparison Between Microsoft Xbox ONE And Sony Ps4

The Xbox One and PlayStation are platforms that have hundreds of games and span several hardware iterations. It is quite difficult to choose between the one as people love to play games on both. The Microsoft Xbox ONE and Sony Ps4 have fewer similarities and have many points of differences in them, which can help in deciding which one is better.

Through study, it has been seen that PlayStation 4 has taken up the lead in sales every time, but both have their own features and pros. People always prefer to get one, which is more powerful and has the best graphics. You can visit httpsmegamods.netmodded-controllersps4-custom to get customized controllers for your PS4. PC games always want a fantastic gaming experience, and in this article, we will know which the best one by comparing them is.

Let us know some points of comparison between Microsoft Xbox ONE and Sony Ps4 which are as follows:-

  1. Performance

Both Xbox and Ps4 have many similar games, but the performance wholly depends on the console the gamer is using. People claim that Ps4 is a more powerful machine than Xbox and has the ability to display games at high resolution. You can get the idea of graphics by playing the same game on different platforms and then make your decision on what is best. Microsoft gains the edge is you are thinking of investing more on Xbox One X console as it has native 4K resolution and has been consistently outperforming Sony Ps4.

  1. Controllers

The Xbox One controller has many core elements of the 360 Controller and also adds two rumble motors. The controllers are exciting but are expensive, as well.

On the other hand, Ps4 shows many improvements across the board when compared to regular controllers. It has outward-curving triggers outside and is bigger with a touchpad on the front and has a multi-functional light bar. People most prefer ps4 controllers as they are hardy and fit better in hands.

  1. Ports and storage

Microsoft allows people to connect to the TV and satellite boxes as it has packed IR Blaster and two HDMI inputs in one. Xbox has eliminated these ports, and those who want to use Kinect on Xbox One need an adaptor. Both systems have enough storage and can be expanded by using hard drives, but here Xbox One wins because of a more extensive selection of ports available.

  1. Game selection

Both Xbox One and Ps4 have a great selection of games and have their own set of exclusives. Xbox One has few noteworthy games introduced every year, but Ps4 has a sizable catalog of exclusives that outmatch the games offered by Xbox One. People that want to choose a console only for games then they must select Ps4.

  1. Backward compatibility

Xbox One offers backward compatibility for a large number of games. You can even purchase the games form Microsoft digital store and can also download the digital version of games by inserting an Xbox 360 game to Xbox One.

When you want to play old games on Ps4, the only option is PlayStation Now. PSNow is a streaming service that allows playing old games by paying for the subscription. The game can also slow down if the internet speed is not good. Here, the Xbox One takes the lead from Ps4 in backward compatibility.