Having A Ball: Bowling In Minneapolis

There’s a distinct advantage to living in a city that has an average of five months of snow a year. It gives thin-blooded people like me plenty of opportunities to explore indoor activities. Fortunately, there’s an abundance of local bowling alleys in the cities to keep me out of trouble. My scores? I’m far from the best. Local bowling isn’t just about strikes. It’s about having fun and keeping score of the places to go back to time and again.

In Minneapolis proper, the best local bowling alley is Bryant Lake Bowl. Located in the Lynn-Lake district, the exterior can be somewhat intimidating to first timers. It’s okay. Bristle past the tattooed guys on skateboards and hip locals with cigarettes drooping from their lips and walk on in. Bryant Lake Bowl is a place to see and be seen.

Upon entry, the first thing that strikes the senses is décor, sounds and smell. Dark wooden tables, floors and counter tops and chalkboard signage contrast neon logos hanging on the walls. The smell of pad Thai, pan roasted chicken, gluten free turkey burgers and microbrew beer make your mouth water. Bryant Lake Bowl is a locavores delight. Finally, the subtle sound of pins falling, bowlers cheering and cursing beckons patrons towards the back wall area, where all the action is taking place.

Leagues aren’t top priority, so open bowling is plentiful. Bumpers are limited, so call before trekking with smaller children. Some lane times are restricted to adults only. In my opinion, this makes Bryant Lake Bowl the best local bowling alley for a romantic evening.

At Elsie’s in Northeast Minneapolis, multitasking is encouraged. You can bowl, watch sporting events on plasma televisions, and access Wi-Fi for emailing that last minute report off to your boss. Let off some steam with Karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights, or bowl to the sounds of the Grateful Dead on Thursday evenings. Elsie’s also features a full bar and restaurant, serving traditional menu items as well as surf and turf and prime rib. Weekly specials include happy hours and all-you can bowl flat rates. Elsie’s is the best local bowling alley for the whole family, from kids through seniors.

The best bowling alley for convenience and quality, particularly during inclement weather, is Park Tavern Bowling and Entertainment Center in Spring Lake Park. Valet parking makes entry and exit a breeze. An extensive dining menu and seasonal five course wine dinners showcase the talent of executive chef Daniel Cleary. Both weekend days and nights at Park Tavern offer block times for cosmic bowling. Tuesday evenings are the most bustling, with ladies night bowling and drink specials. Early birds over 21 enjoy playing Pingo with a weekly $1,000 winning jackpot.

You can visit https://bowlingadvisor.com/ to learn more about latest bowling balls and how to select the best one for you. You can even check out the list of all the bowling arenas that are there in your town or city.