Variants of Induction Cooktops That You Must Know

Cooking is passion for many people. It is their way of releasing stress. They just love to cook. No matter you belong to the group of cooking lovers or not, a well-equipped kitchen and cooking appliances are something you can’t say no. To alleviate the cooking experiences, various appliances are introduced and the popularity of induction cooktop is among the top most ones.

This electrical cooking appliance is an alternative for oven. The ovens need fuel like gas and induction cooktop needs electric. The flame can’t be seen, it is heat that helps in cooking. It is found out through various surveys that induction cooktops take lesser time than other modes of cooking right after microwave oven. Let’s take a tour to the types of induction cooktop available in the market.

Single Element Induction

This is the most common type of induction cooktop that is used in the household. This is featured with single zone for cooking. One cookware can be placed in the cooktop as it has a single burner. Generally, the maximum wattage of this unit is 1800W and it can be operated at 120V. These are less expensive option for small families.

It is one of the best portable induction cooktops in the market.

Multiple Element Induction

As the name suggests, this particular type has multiple cooking zones with multiple burners. Different cookware can be placed on it at the same time for cooking various dishes. When people choose multiple element induction, generally they replace their other modes of cooking with it. The power rating can go up to 3600W and is operated at 220V. These are of course more expensive than the previous type. The portability is restrained because of its size. Make sure that you have enough space in your kitchen to install this one.

Built-in Cooktop

This is the must-have for your dream kitchen. A built-in induction cooktop can enhance the appeal of your kitchen. The dimensions of the cooktop are determined by the number of burner it incorporates. This very type needs to be personalised by the kitchen designers where the entire induction cooktop is installed within the specific are of the counter. Of course, this is not portable and more expensive for the customisation feature.

Freestanding Induction Countertop

You don’t need to worry about the countertop for this induction cooker, because the cooker is itself a countertop. This is a perfect choice for outdoor parties where you need an open kitchen. Freestanding induction generally has multiple burners to make various dishes at the same time. It comes with an oven just below the countertop. This is basically a complete cooking appliance where you can cook, grill and bake things together.

Commercial Induction

Induction cookers which are used for commercial purposes are little different from the other types. The reason behind it is the cooker has to withstand rough handling and quite a lot o weight. Hence it has to be manufactured in a way that it doesn’t get damaged easily. Starting from the top, to the power and function buttons and the wire, everything is sturdier than the other types. For residential use, it can also be a good value for money.

These are the major type of induction cookers available in the market. After making your mind for the type, you should pick the brand. Consider the reviews of the brands before investing in.