Safety Tips To Remember While Working With A Metal Cutter Band Saws

A metal cutting band saw is an electrically powered saw that consists of a sharp blade with in-built continuous metallic band. This device is generally used in woodworking, lumbering, metal working. However, it can be deployed used for cutting diverse other materials as well.

This electric powered saw includes the advantage of a uniform cut that is not capable by human hands. This is possible due to its uniformly distributed tooth-load and also the flexibility to cut irregularly or in curved shapes such as a jigsaw.

Since this is an advanced device capable of cutting through metal, such devices should be used with care. The following are the basic principles that one should keep in mind while handling an electrically powered metal cutting saw.

  • Wearing a safety glass is a must to protect your eyes from metal scraps and sparks
  • It is to be ensured before operating the saw that the start and stop button is with a comfortable reach of the operator.
  • Also, the proper placement of all the guards and their smooth functionality is available before operating.
  • To prevent anyone from coming into contact with long materials, it is to be guarded from both ends.
  • Make sure the blade is turned off and is supplied with electricity before removing stock.
  • Always use lubricating fluids when cutting fluids.
  • Always keep saw blades clean and sharp. Any wear or damage will increase the probability of any accident happening.

What should you always avoid while handling a metal cutting saw?

  • Don’t measure, remove or place anything until and unless the saw is completely turned off
  • Never apply extra force to the cutting board.
  • Do not, on any condition, the saw is ever to be left running unattended.

Are you looking to buy a band saw? Much to your convenience, here is a list of best metal cutting band saws reviews.

  • Grizzly G0561 Horizontal Band Saw – The “chosen” one
  1. With a 0.7859” width blade, this metal band saw is already ahead of the competition and will always give you a smoother and better cut.
  1. The motor comes with a full 1 HP, that will provide you with ample elbow room and function usage which will come very handy during heavy duty work.
  1. The horizontal band saw is versatile enough to be perfect for both serious hobbyist and professional alike.
  • JET 414560 HVBS 712D Deluxe Horizontal Bandsaw – The “good enough” option
  1. Pre wired with 110 volts this metal band saw will always run smoothly and softly and is capable of converters into 220 volts.
  1. You will get an extended support area of 10” x 12” feeding table and can be used in a horizontal position as well as vertically, for your convenience.
  1. Fitted with a vise, this band saw you can quick lock it by hand and also comes with a chip tray and a built-in storage cabinet.
  • WEN 3975 Band Saw – The “value” for your money
  1. This time WEN removed the belts unlike its previous model and changed it with a variable speed moto dial.
  1. It comes with a built-in motor function that will improve the accuracy and precision level. The clamp down included is quite durable and effective.
  1. Although it can function as an upright stationary saw yet it is also limited to certain sizes and materials.