The Damaging Effect of World of Warcraft on Sociability

By now, most of us have played or at least heard of World of Warcraft, or WOW. The game is one of the most popular massively multiplayer online games, and has drawn a subscription numbering in the millions. Although groundbreaking in its incorporation of thousands of players at one time in one gigantic world, WOW is perpetrating a crime that may further undermine a significant segment of society. WOW is making antisocial nerds into even more potent antisocial nerds.

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After college, I took a job as an assistant teacher in a small private school. It was the first time I had really had contact with high-school aged kids since I myself was in high school five years before. Hearing teenage boys talk about video games was nothing new to me. I myself was and still am an avid gamer to a large extent. And like many of these teenage boys, I was a bit of a nerd. I loved Role Playing Games, staged swordfights with my friends, and was awkward around girls.

However, unlike these boys, I did things. I played sports, went out, and at least made an effort to have a social life. And those pursuits never presented themselves as a CHORE. It was at this point in my experience at the high school where I became acquainted with the power of WOW. One student asked me if I owned the game, and when I replied that I did not, he seemed as stunned as if he had just been electocuted by a wall socket. He simply could not believe that as a male, I neither owned nor had played the video game. Not wanting to leave me a doomed soul, he took it upon himself to tell me all about WOW and its majesty.

I was shocked at the breadth of knowledge this student had concerning WOW. However, it would become clear to me over the next few weeks that this was all that particular student was concerned about. At lunchtime, he and a couple others would sit huddled in a corner of the room, pouring over a copy of a WOW strategy guide. Girls would walk past and not even a glance would erupt from their concentration. I was utterly shocked at the stranglehold WOW had over these boys.

I like role playing games. I like strategy games. But I can’t say that in high school I had ever given up a chance to get out of my seat and gawk at ladies, in order to instead focus my attention on a video-game manual. WOW is indicative of a greater problem at work in the youth of the world today. Being antisocial is being written off as actually BEING social, for players interact with each other considerably during gameplay.

The problem is that as video games become more and realistic and engaging, the conception of self changes with it. More and more, teenagers and young adults are viewing themselves as champions in the digital world, and are neglecting real-life pursuits. Ideal women are becoming more aligned with the scantily clad, large-eyed, green haired vixens that come through as pixelated goddesses. Nerds begin to find complete solace in a digital realm in which they have achieved success, and turn away from things in life that present themselves as too mundane or frustrating.

This is a significant problem and a trend that must be investigated. Nerds constitute all that ends up exciting in society. They might have it rough early on, but most of the major achievements in science, engineering, the arts, and entertainment are achieved by nerds. If more and more nerds are forgetting the innate cleverness and eclectic oddities that make them unique, then they will simply turn out to be like the rest of mundane society.

Many nerds proclaim that they will become video game developers themselves, basing their assurance on the simple fact that they play many video games. The sad truth is that you need taut programming skills to even be considered for a job of that kind. Nerds shouldn’t aim lower, but they should aim elsewhere, and that elsewhere should still be something interesting. WOW is creating a culture of satisfaction with a fantasy world that has already been created. Nerds need to get themselves out in the world and create their own worlds within it.