Gostown Paradise: Phenomenal GTA San Andreas Mod

Gostown Paradise was started sometime back in 2005 by a video game modding phenom who goes by the online screen nickname “ParoXum”. After initial success with San Andreas Re Textured – a mod that replaced the washed-out textures of GTA San Andreas with new highly detailed and higher resolution bitmaps, giving the game a fresh look – he set out to create what he called “The Biggest And Best GTA Mod Of All Time”. There is little to no argument that he has led the creation of just that.

Gostown Paradise is a Total Conversion. In other words, it clears away the whole of GTA San Andreas and replaces it with an entirely new game world. There are a few GTA San Andreas modifications out there that have also accomplished this, but none to the noteworthy extent that GTA mod Gostown Paradise has.

Not only has the team behind this glorious achievement in games modding replaced the land that your player character walks on and interacts with, but they have also replaced the HUD (on-screen information display) of the game with a more elegant one. They have greatly improved the sound effects, as well as introduced a few new vehicles to the game. The game world created for this modification is vast and, as you can guess from the name of the mod, is set in a tropical paradise where the player is free to do as they please. GTA 5 mod menu Xbox 360 has been one of the most popular hype in GTA. If you haven’t tried playing it yet, you should get yourself a copy now.

It all started with Gostown 5 but did not gain much steam until ParoXum unveiled Gostown Paradise 6. This brought sweeping changes to the previous version and introduced all of the effects mods I outlined above. Gostown Paradise quickly grew a following in the games modding community after the release of version 6 and became touted just as the creator once said it would be: The Biggest And Best GTA Mod Of All Time. Since then, they have begun working on a new version of Gostown. Gostown Paradise version 7 will include an entirely new landscape, complete with all new vegetation and currently packing a huge line up of never before released vehicles for your virtual driving pleasures.

The Gostown development team is always working hard, and they release pretty often with loads of new things for players to try. There are some important things to note if you are interested in trying out a complete home-brewed and user-created phenomenon like Gostown Paradise for GTA San Andreas.

First, you must own a copy of GTA San Andreas. Without the real game, you cannot install the modification, as modifications can only distribute altered files (they cannot redistribute the game’s executable file, for instance).

Second, you must be willing to read and follow the instructions that come with the mod if you hope to get anywhere installing it. This is true for any modification.

The GTA Modding Scene is set to explode with new talent following the arrival of GTA IV on PC later this year, but ParoXum has said that this is of non-issue to his project – He says that the biggest and best mod for GTA San Andreas is going to become the biggest and best mod of GTA IV.