What Is The Best App For A Great Movie Watching Experience?

Is watching movies your favorite mode of recreation? Are you that film monster who eagerly waits for the box office releases? If this is so, you simply don’t need to worry about burning a hole in your pocket every weekend. To relieve you from buying the tickets to the theaters, there are some amazing apps at your disposal. The best applications are super awesome for a fabulous movie watching experience. This APK works on Android and Firestick without any hassle. For finding the best movie application, you need to consider some important criteria for making the movie buff in you completely satisfied. Wondering, what are the important lookout for the perfect app?

 The perfect guide for finding the best app:

  • Check the compatibility issues

This is an essential characteristic to look for in a perfect movie app. The movie app should be perfectly compatible with all the devices that you are looking for! This is critical since the apps working only on Windows will fail to give you the full experience that you would like to enjoy. Thus, the app should be highly compatible with the mobile phone that you are using along with other devices.

  • Quality of streaming is essential

The application should provide at least a full HD viewing for the movies that you like to watch. Any application which provides a quality less than HD would be a complete loss. The quality of streaming is very important for judging the best app for you.

  • Download options should be available

The movie app should provide an ample chance for download. The app should enable you to download your favourite movie instantly from the app to your device. This will ensure that you can watch the movies even if you are in offline mode. You can completely rely on this app as you travel without a network and keep yourself entertained.

  • Subscription cost

It is important to know that any movie app you download would require a subscription charge. The charges actually vary for different apps. Most of the movie app that you would find would require a payment of a monthly charge. So, an ideal app would be one that would provide you the best service for a minimal range. The best app would give you access to a great range of movies along with the latest running movies!

These would ensure that your movie app is the best in the market. Among all the apps that you would like to choose, is Sony Crackle. However, the following is a list of movie apps besides Sony Crackle, which can be the best app for you.

Sony Crackle

This movie app is the best that you can find on the Internet. They operate on all the devices that you can imagine. With a great streaming quality, you get the chance to enjoy a host of movies from retro to modern with this fantabulous application. Be it Android or the FireTV, and your movie viewing experience will get a completely new upgrade. The interface is really simple to use, and you get the bonus of watching all your favourite shows here! The movies come with subtitles, and you don’t require to log in every time you sit back for the movie time.


This is the second-best movie application available. They, too, feature amazing movie collection nicely categorized into the genres. From the classic movies to the recently released, you get a chance to watch them for free. Besides, this app has the option to view as a guest, which enables us to enjoy the movie without the hassle of logging in. However, there are adds which run in between hindering the smooth experience. Most of the movies come with good quality, such that your mobile itself gives you a theater-like viewing opportunity.


Munch the popcorn as you sit back with Popcornflix. Finding the new releases couldn’t have been easier than this app. Enjoy the movies arranged by genres or Popcornflix originals on a serene Saturday evening. With a host of movies and comparatively shorter advertisements in between, this app is really the ideal one you can explore. The app has designed a special category dedicated to kid movies, which makes your family movie viewing time happier! You get the exact same interface on the phone as available on their own website. This app is really a magic in the world of all those movie maniacs!

Thus, if you really want your leisure to be entertaining with the best movies from the globe, these are the apps providing you the classic combination of all the desired specifications. Be it the retro classics or cinema from the realm of millennials, and you can enjoy your traveling without missing out on your favorite movies just on your phone!