Why is There Such a Big Issue About Breast Augmentations and Boob Jobs?

In today’s society we are bombarded with celebrity bodies and their “Amazing” boob jobs or their botched ones within the media and everyone has an opinion about it. So here’s mine. I am sick of hearing of how false, fake looking and how disgusting they are, and how vain and shallow the people are who have them done. Yet, it’s okay if it is for someone who has suffered from cancer and has had to have a breast removed, to have a Michigan breast augmentation surgery. Now I know they have endured an extremely terrible ordeal, but why does it make them above everybody else who does have their breasts “done”. Why then are they seen as tacky and shallow?

And it is not the women who have suffered from cancer who I am annoyed with, definitely not, but rather the people who post these opinions and do not consider all of the factors. Just because we see celebrities or so-called celebs getting these boob jobs, who are fame hungry and attention seeking does not mean these are the intentions of others and it does not mean that women who are getting these boob jobs are seeking the fake, balloon look.

There has also been comments that women have these boob jobs done for men, that they want to look better to keep their man or gain one. In some cases this may be true but why is every women who has a boob job branded with the same statements of the minority. Some women are extremely unhappy with their breasts whether there too big or too small, one is bigger than the other, a lot bigger than the other, they are both different shapes,they are saggy or they are just not a nice shape.

Many women have really good breast augmentations, they look as natural as possible and suit they’re body shape. many women think long and hard about the decision before taking the plunge as of course there are many factors to consider. Obviously its a lot more painful, dangerous and expensive then whipping a touch of mascara on your lashes or applying some lipstick or even inserting contact lenses but why is it so looked down upon? Why can a woman not seize this opportunity, that was once not available, with both hands. If she has thought about it long and hard and really considered all of her options, if she goes to an established, credited and approved surgeon and the procedure will make her feel and look better then why not?

I feel so strongly about this because i am considering a breast Augmentation and i have been considering this since I was 15, yes I know 15 is a very young age to thinking about a life threatening procedure but i was very mature for my age and I was thinking about it knowing I would wait and see what would happen between then and at least 18 before I would consider the operation properly. I do not want to be the next glamour model or playboy bunny and I do not want to be a big brother contestant or a reality TV star. I simply want to happy with my body and be confident within myself. Its not because I don’t have enough of them either i am a D cup its because only one of my breasts is a D cup.