Hair Removal: A Quick Guide

Nowadays, hair in unsightly places is considered unattractive. Some places are considered alright for males but not the same for women, so they resort to having it removed. Besides for cosmetic reasons, hair removal is also done for medical, cultural, religious, military, and sports related reasons. Thankfully, we have created technology and new modern hair removal procedures for everyone. Nowadays, laser hair removal uses laser beams to effectively remove unwanted hair from our skin.

Since there are so many ways to remove hair, we’ve listed the most popular ways and how to go about them, as well as the advantages and disadvantages.

1. Shaving

Shaving is the process of hair removing using either a blade or an electric shaver. This is one of the most popular ways of hair removal because it is generally quite safe and effective. Although, some people may have irritated skin but this can easily be solved with moisturizers.

2. Powders and Creams

This is another very popular method because, like shaving, it doesn’t have side effects for the most part. Although people who have skin that is sensitive may suffer from rashes. This is why it is important to test a product on a small portion of your skin to avoid getting a product which irritates you. Most creams have moisturizers, and if you look around you can find hypoallergenic products for sensitive skin.

When removing the hair and root, there are different procedures which have to be done, since it is more complicated.

1. Plucking

This removal method removes the hair follicles using tweezers and is sometimes quite painful if not done properly.

2. Waxing

A hot or cold layer of wax is applied to the area that needs to be treated, and then removed quickly in strips. This method can also be quite painful.

3. Sugaring

Very much like waxing, but rather than wax a sticky paste is used to remove the hair.

4. Threading

A sharp twisted thread catches and cuts hair as it is rolled across the skin.

By using these methods, one can assure that the hair will not grow back as fast as it usually would. Though, unlike the other methods, these can cause pain if not done properly. Not to mention it is expensive and is best done by a professional. Threading, although also expensive, is the least painful of all of the methods.

Methods that permanently remove hair:

1. Electrolysis

This is praised as the best method to remove hair permanently. This procedure involves shocking the base of the hair with electricity. The shock dries up the hair base and stops new hair from growing. This is usually really expensive and requires an expert.

2. Laser Treatment

This treatment uses lasers with a certain wavelength to the area to be removed, it destroys the surrounding tissue and follicle, which stops hair growth altogether. This is especially used for people with coarse and tough hair. There is pain involved, but a professional can reduce that pain. This treatment is expensive, but successful in removing hair permanently.

If you have decided on which method to use in removing hair from an area, then you should consult your physician or another professional first. Take into account that if you have any skin disease that it is not advisable for you to remove your hair as it may cause problems.Make sure you know enough about which method you are going to use before pushing through with it. Do your research, and your experience will be stress-free and seem like any other cosmetic routine.