PurTox the Botox Rival

Mostly everyone has heard of the marvels of Botox to fight those aging wrinkles and receive kudos among the celebrities that use it from Jenny McCarthy to Virginia Madsen.

You are either for or against Botox and either way Botox is a booming business and leader of the pack when it comes to anti-aging injections.

Just this month at the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Symposium, industry leaders and plastic surgeons had come together to discuss the newest possible anti-aging injections. Although you can get your Botox treatments all over New Jersey, it is worthwhile to check out this option.

Dr. Brian Kinney, assistant professor of plastic surgery at USC in Los Angeles and one of the keynote speakers and prominent reconstructive plastic surgeon, was among one of the twelve investigational sites, which had just concluded the Phase 3 clinical trials for PurTox.

According to Dr. Kinney, the phase 3C clinical trial was conducted with six or seven hundred patients from 12 different centers. This was the final FDA tests for PurTox.

The patient study had been completed in March and April. Dr. Kinney notes the study had run for three years and the best study he had ever done on patients. Dr. Kinney remarked, “People love it”.

Purex is not yet available. PurTox developed by Mentor Corporation, corporate headquarters in Santa Barbara, California. They are being recognized as direct competition for Botox, even though they are still being evaluated by the FDA for decreasing glabellar rhytides also called brow furrows and frown lines. Much like Botox, testing and pending approval are based on just the glabella region (forehead). Regardless, off label usage may prove just as effective as Botox had done. Off label, usage is when a drug is used in a way that is different than that described in an FDA approved label.

Patients who had taken part in the study had received either PurTox or a placebo in the first part of Phase 3 trials. Dr. Kinney noted that the comparison against PurTox of the placebo had saline. Dr. Kinney and associates had used a rigorous rating system. They had used high-resolution photography to guarantee the most precise results were being captured. Dr. Kinney noted that month after month they had used the photography with patient’s heads in a grid with a standardized camera and a color correction computer system. The photos had been verified as real by an outside source. Dr. Kinney in closing remarks that when he observed the patient photos of PurTox, he had looked at their pore size and wrinkles or lack of wrinkles to objectively evaluate the product.