Waxing vs. Laser Hair Removal: Which is Your Best Bet?

Unwanted hair is a problem that American women and some men spend millions of dollars on every year. These days there are so many different methods it is hard to determine which option matches you needs. Most people want to go with a hair removal treatment that has long lasting or even permanent effect. The two methods that fit this standard are waxing and laser hair removal. Before making a decision on which is right for you, you should observe the pros and cons of each before you make your choice. It might be a good idea to take a visit to the coolsculpting center of NJ to assess your options.

Laser hair removal is becoming more and more popular in the beauty community everyday. Its ability to remove unwanted hair from an area permanently has made it popular among high class women all over the world. There are several different types of machines used in laser hair removal; each being affective in their own way. The Alexandrite laser has a long pulse and can penetrate deeper into the skin than most laser beams. The laser creates an excess amount of heat to build up in the shafts where the hair follicles are located and paralyze them, stunting growth. While this method is deemed effective for short term hair removal, The Alexandrite laser requires two to five visits for best results and has a relatively short term results. Diode laser on the other hand uses two different types of lasers; one to reach deep follicles and one to treat hair closer to the surface and is typically more effective in removing hair follicles located deeper into the skin. The third popular laser hair removal machine is the Ruby laser. People tend to like this machine not only because it removes hair on a long-term basis, but because the machine is also equipped with an “Epiwand” which serves as a skin coolant to reduce irritation and burning.

Though Laser hair removal is affective there also major disadvantages that can make the experience not worth it’s while. Even though it is deemed successful in removing hair on a long term basis, it is not an option that is affordable for everyone. According to hairremovaljournal.org the average hair removal visit will run you $429, sometimes higher dependent on your technician.

This is a major down side considering it takes 4-5 visits to see best results and these visits must be done in a certain length of each other to be effective. The normal person does not have this kind of money lying around. $429 could be their mortgage or car payment, which are definitely bills that take priority over hair removal. If in fact you can get over the price tag there are several more disadvantages to this type of procedure including the possibility of irritable skin and burning at the very least. You also have to worry about developing urticaria which is a severe allergic reaction causing hives and irritation. There have also been reports of scarring and instances of skin discoloration that can last for more than three months. Darker toned people and people who self-tan have been said to see further complications.

Waxing is another method of semi-permanent hair removal with significantly less complications. Waxing involves the use of a combination of wax and other substances that are heated and applied in a thin layer upon the skin. A piece of cloth is laid on top of the wax and pulled off quickly against the grain of the hair, removing it at the base of the follicle. Hair removal is not permanent but it can be anywhere from three to eight weeks before you see any hair come back to the area. Though the results don’t typically last as long, waxing has several advantages over laser hair removal. The first of these is price. You can do it in your own home with products purchased over the counter for around $20 or for better results you can have it done at your local salon. On average a full waxing visit will cost you anywhere from $60 to $150 depending on what you want done and the salon that you decide to employ. A little pricey but no where near as expensive as laser hair removal. Another benefit is that there are very minute side effects is comparison to laser treatment. The waxing itself, though uncomfortable, is not unbearable and the pain fades in a moment. After the fact you may have minor skin irritation for the first hour or so and this can be effectively treated with a small amount of baby oil or your favorite face moisturizer. Waxing also causes exfoliation, getting rid of dead skin and making the skin smoother without the risk of skin discoloration and scarring that you find with laser hair removal.

Both of these methods are affective in removing hair on a more long term basis than you would see with shaving. For those of us that can handle the shock of the price tag and will risk the possible side effects you may find laser hair removal effective while others with sensitive skin and modest budgets will prefer cheaper methods. You may also be able to get a price over the phone as a means of shopping around for the better deal. Which ever you choose be sure to research your salons and technicians to be sure of their qualifications. Ask other women in the community who they prefer. Typically if other women like yourself have enjoyed their experience so will you. The better reviews you get on your technician the more assured you will feel in your decision.