How To Make The Right Choice While Buying An Oriental Rug?

Rugs and carpets are again in trend and have become an inseparable part of modern home interior. There is a vast range of carpets and rugs as they are available in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and designs. The great variety gives you an opportunity to make the right choice for your house and pick and the rug that suits the most to your home interior. There are various types of rugs in the market, but one of the most popular and demanded rugs is the Oriental rug. It is highly popular because of its unique and immensely attractive design and great historical value.

Oriental rugs are handmade, and the precision and great detail are given to them by the hand of experienced craftsmen make them ore unique and valuable. As understood from the name, oriental rugs come from the oriental part of the country and are sold by local sellers, and some of them also export to different countries. Along with the Oriental rug, you can also add a leather pouf, and for it, you must choose the best Moroccan leather pouf the complements the rug as well as the interior of the place. People don’t have much knowledge about oriental rugs, which makes it difficult for them to choose the best out of all. Some fantastic tips can help you to buy an oriental rug.

Some best tips to find the most amazing Oriental rug

Meet experts

To make the right decision, you must have sufficient knowledge about oriental rugs and to learn more about them; you must learn the standard terms and words used in the Oriental rug industries such as central medallion as it will make your more knowledgeable and you will be able to spot the best Oriental rug easily. You must learn other terms related to it as it will make your decision better. One of the best ways to get familiar with these terms is by meeting the experts in this field. By talking with the experts, you learn about different types of oriental rugs, their specialties and can also learn to value the rugs so that you can buy the best rug at the most affordable and reasonable price.

Try them first

Most of the well-reputed and trusted sellers of oriental rugs offer rugs to the customers to try on before making the final decision. It is a great way to check if the rug suits well to the room and interior before buying it. You must try the Oriental rug first and check if it blends properly with the interior and color schemes of the room. It allows you to make sure that your decision is right without risking the money. It also increases customer satisfaction as the customer gets to get fully satisfied by checking it before purchasing and buying it only if he is fully satisfied. While trying the rug, you must put it under different lighting as sometimes the rug looks different under a different light. So, you must ensure that the appearance and looks of the rug don’t get effects under different lights.

Type of wool used

One of the most important factors to consider while buying an oriental rug is the type of wool used in making the rug. The type of wool has a significant impact on the quality and durability of the rug, so you must ensure it before buying. The wool used in the rug must be from cool areas as their sheep get a good diet, which increases the quality of wool. The rugs made up of this wool are highly long-lasting and quite soft, warm, and comfortable. This wool is considered to be high-grade wool and is better than all other wool. There are some specific areas which produced one of the best wool in the world, and some of those areas are New Zealand, Tibet, so you better choose an oriental rug with wool from these areas. You must look for dryness while buying rugs as if you feel the wool of the Oriental rug is dry or hard; then, you must avoid it.

To put it in a nutshell, Oriental rug is a highly attractive and valuable rug, but you must be careful while buying it as various sellers try to fool the customers and sell them fake and poor quality rugs. There are some factors that you should always check while making the purchase.