Depression from Relationship Breakups and Loss of Money

In the end of a relationship saying goodbye is never easy, regardless if you are leaving on good terms or not you are sure to be going through various emotional troubles. Especially if you are cutting someone out of your life altogether, the feeling is nothing like the happiness you felt when the two of you first met and began your journey together. Now that it is ending your emotions will be going through a turbulent time, trying to regain a harmonious balance and make sense of your life and what to do next.

If you are at the point in your relationship that you feel it is time to end it you may begin to experience a tug of war of good and bad feelings. Good ones in hope that you can mend the relationship and wish to continue on together and bad feelings when you think that it’s not meant to be, that it will eventually fall apart and become worse than it is now, and your own inner feeling that it is right to separate from one another. As this continues you will feel depressed, confused, dismal, and sadness. When you are in this state you are closing in on beginning to experience the feelings of loss. Some reasons for the breakup may be installing of sms tracker on partner mobile phones. The tracking sms can be installed from the website

As you go through your breakup you may begin to become more depressed and even need to seek professional help. Divorce, end of romance or the death of a loved one are all thought as traumatic experiences and can cause depression in someone.

Even if you have not actually gone through the loss of someone special yet, the mere thought of a breakup or separating can cause symptoms of depression and make you confused and sad. Even if the relationship was a unhealthy one, the separation will still cause emotions to flare and bring similar side effects as depression.

If you are at the stage of preparing to break up but haven’t yet, you need to ask yourself if you have attempted to resolve any outstanding issues that have lead you to the thought of breaking up. Have you cut your friends and family out of your life because your mate has told you too or pulled you away from them. Are you growing as an individual and given support from your other half or have they demeaned you and helped you to lower your self-esteem and self-worth. Are you forced to do things that you don’t want to do or emotionally and or physically attacked?

Asking yourself these things will help clarify what the reasons are that you are contemplating the breakup, allowing you to justify it and help you to feel better as you experience the separation before, during, and after it occurs.

Although you may not find that a separation from a loved one, even if it was well warranted and necessary, is cause enough for depression and that you are simply adjusting, you need to keep an open mind and seek the counsel of friends, family, and professionals if you exhibit depression related symptoms or prolonged emotional and mental stress. Reaching out to others can help you to connect with yourself and identify what areas of your life are in trouble and need attention.