Best Shoe Insoles That Provide Good Support

Your feet are basically one of the most overworked parts of your body. If you have been walking all day and starting to feel the pain buildup on your feet then this is most likely because you are getting poor support from your shoes.

In order to enjoy all-around coverage and support, you would need arch support shoe insoles that allows you to take on outdoor adventures or just go on with your busy day without the inconvenience and pain.

What Are Supportive Insoles?

Supportive insoles are also referred to as sport insoles. The insoles provide stability and structural support. It’s not based on cushioning or soft base but more on providing ample coverage and support to your feet.

Supportive insoles are recommended for the following medical conditions:

  • Plantar Fasciitis

This is a painful and debilitating medical condition which is a result of a damage or tear in the plantar fascia or the connective tissue that binds the heel to the forefoot. Doctors would recommend using supportive insoles to provide steady support for the feet in line with treatment for this medical condition.

  • Structural Misalignment

This is characterized by pain and discomfort felt in the head, neck, back, hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

  • Supination

Also called over-pronation, this condition describes the tendency of the feet to either roll in or roll out while walking or running.

While there aren’t any customized support insoles just yet, this comes in varied models that will fit most footwear types and shapes.

Insole Volumes

Insoles also vary in volume or the amount of space that the foot takes up inside the footwear. There is a connection between the arch shape and volume in the design of insoles. Few of the insoles uses are explained here on

  • High-Volume Insoles

This type of insole would best fit high arches or high-volume footwear such as running shoes, ski boots, and hiking boots.

  • Medium-Volume Insoles

This is very versatile and can fit in different arch profiles or sizes. This matches athletic shoes and casual shoes.

  • Low-Volume Insoles

This is recommended for individuals with low arches. This suits low-volume shoes like ski skate boots, in-line skate boots, and cycling shoes.

Common Footwear Problems That Would Need Supportive Shoe Insoles

There is basically no one-size-fits-all shoes. Fitting problems would usually happen when shopping for footwear which can be remedied by shoe insoles.

  • Low Arches

Collapsed or low arches would really need adequate foot support in order to stimulate the nerves and arch muscles so your feet becomes active and won’t feel the pressure. A supportive type of insole is able to distribute the pressure even only the foot instead of the pressure building up mainly on the arch region which triggers pain symptoms.

  • Heel Slippage

If there is heel slippage even if the shoe appears to fit very well around the mid area and forefoot then this can be improved by using a mid- to high-volume supportive insole. This keeps the heel stable while reducing the volume buildup in the rear. This eventually helps ease heel slip which often is the culprit for blisters and hot spots.

  • Foot Elongation

If your feet appear to be elongated (either one or both) in a standing position as opposed to when you are in a sitting position then this can fixed by using a supportive insole. This helps reduce the foot elongation which creates a better fit especially when you are shopping for new footwear.

Best Shoe Insoles that Provide You Good and All-Around Feet Support

Dycarfell’s Energy Gel Insoles

This is a pretty versatile and unique type of insole that can be used with any kind of footwear. This allows you flexibility in movement as you shift from one shoe to another depending on your roundup of activities. The insoles can be cut to any size you would need and can be easily fitted into your shoes. It’s also equipped with a gel technology design that provides your feel the right amount of comfort and support exactly at the spots where you need it. The insoles also help improve your posture as it reduces knee and foot pain as well as back pain.

ViveSoles Arch Support Soles

The insoles are specifically design to provide pain and pressure relief on your feet. This helps alleviate all types of foot problems. It is a well-padded insole which is very soft and comfortable to use. It helps reinforce the arches of the feet and cushions the heel. More so, this is built to survive wear and tear with its superior durability feature. It also has an EVA padding for optimal confort and maximum arch support. The arch support feature allows the insoles to mold or conform to the actual shape of your foot for extra comfort and support.

Powerstep’s Pinnacle Shoe Insoles

This is packed with tons of padding which is great for cushioning purposes. It’s not very thick but has just the right amount of cushioning to provide the best comfort and support you would need in an insole. It helps relieve fatigue, pressure, and pain in the back, legs, and feet. A bonus factor would be that these insoles are also packed with an antimicrobila technology that helps bust unwanted odor and bacteria buildup.

There are different types of insoles for varied feet requirements. Whatever you pick is really a matter of preference. However, for your shoes to fit correctly and for your feet to be pain-free, you would need insoles that are built for the long haul.