Top 20 Easy Ways to Stage Your Home for Sale

Are you looking to put your house on the market soon? If so, you know that the real estate market is brutal in this tumultuous economy. With so many homes for sale right now, you should also understand that differentiating yourself from your competition is the key to selling your home quickly and at a fair price. What is one way to stand head and shoulders above the pack? Home staging! Home staging is the process of preparing a home for sale that includes de-cluttering your home of personalized décor to help potential home buyers ‘see’ themselves living in your home. Home staging also includes upgrading your home to make it more attractive to interested buyers. While home staging can seem like a huge task, it doesn’t have to be. The Pasir Ris Central showflat will provide an attractive and impressive look of the buildings. The decorations will attract the customers to see and buy the residential property.

These 20 easy tasks will help you get your home ready for the prying eyes of potential home buyers in no time flat!

  1. Start with the exterior of your home. Walk around your house and make a note of anything that needs to be fixed, trimmed or repaired. Shrubs need to be pruned? Grass needs mowing? Write it down!
  2. Consider replacing siding or painting your house to give it a ‘new’ look.
  3. Thoroughly clean your home’s entryway. Sweep off the steps, clean the railings and dust off the cobwebs.
  4. Make sure your home’s entryway is well-lit. Replace burned-out bulbs or install soft florescent bulbs.
  5. Consider putting fresh flowers or plants in the foyer to invite guests inside.
  6. Open the curtains. If weather allows, open windows to allow a fresh breeze to enter each room.
  7. Clear the family room, den and hallways of any personal photos, scrapbooks or mementos that will remind prospective home buyers that someone else lives there.
  8. Arrange furniture so prospective buyers can easily move around the room to examine it.
  9. Consider buying new furniture if your current furniture is old or in need of repair. If your furniture isn’t old, but lacks modern styling, consider covering it with slipcovers.
  10. Rid rooms of knickknacks. Instead, replace those knickknacks with thoughtful flower arrangements or plants.
  11. Thoroughly clean your kitchen and bathrooms. Pay special attention to anything with metal or porcelain. Make sure it shines!
  12. Remove any unnecessary appliances from countertops.
  13. Consider replacing old, worn out appliances, cabinets or countertops.
  14. Update light and bathroom fixtures with modern styles.
  15. Place color-coordinated towels on your bathroom towel rack.
  16. Invest in luxurious-looking sheets, blankets and pillows for your bed.
  17. Make bedrooms feel larger by removing extra furniture. Leave only a bed and a dresser, if possible.
  18. Put clothes in storage and make your closets as tidy and organized as possible.
  19. Replace carpets in high-traffic areas of the house.
  20. Paint the walls of your home in neutral colors.

If you don’t have the time, or desire, to stage your home yourself, it’s best to bring in the pros. Home staging professionals are professional artists who can take your existing home and transform it into something prospective home buyers will love. They understand the psychology behind the home buying process better than anyone else and can improve the chance that your home sells in a shorter period of time and for the price you want. It’s truly an investment well-spent.