Why Heat Press Is Better Than Steam Irons?


With the introduction of affordable heat press machines, no one is using steam irons for heat transfer. In order to imprint something on a piece of clothing, you need adequate heat transfer and pressure so that you get the best results. This is where a heat press machine is much better than steam iron. Here are the 7 reasons why you should consider investing in a heat press machine rather than steam irons. steam-iron

  • With the help of the digital timers that you get in heat press machines you can improve the overall efficiency of your imprint project. You can set the timer that is there on the machine you can adjust the machine according to the clothing that you are using.
    A timer in the heat press machine also allows you to do other stuff as the process goes on. There is no need for you to manually note the time for the whole process. This is also going to improve your overall accuracy as well.

  • The temperature at which you operate the device is also important to get the best results, which is why heat press machines are better than steam irons. You get to maintain a constant temperature that is perfect for the imprint process. This way you get quality prints that are durable and long lasting. Moreover, temperature control also improves the overall applications of your heat press. You can work on different clothing materials as you can adjust the temperature accordingly.
    This is not possible as steam irons work at a constant temperature that you can not adjust depending on the situation. You can easily burn your clothes and ruin the imprints as you have no control over the temperature of the steam iron.heat-press2

  • Pressure control is another important thing that you get as you invest in heat press machines. During heat transfers, the pressure is really important for the imprint process. This is an important factor in determining the durability of the imprint. A right amount of pressure will give you quality imprint along with a long lasting imprint.
    The level of pressure that you need to maintain is specified by the manufacturer. You can adjust the pressure with the help of the knobs that are there on the heat press.
    It is not possible to measure pressure when you are transferring heat with a steam iron. You get variable results as well as the pressure that you apply is not constant and might ruin the whole imprint.
  • Another thing that you should consider while using steam irons is that you get several holes on the working surface of the steam iron this also affects the overall quality of the heat transfer. You get uneven heat transfer that might not be good for the imprint quality.

    Besides this, if you are using steam iron for a large imprint the small surface area of the steam iron is definitely going to affect the overall quality of the print. This is where heat press excels. You get an even surface that is capable of covering almost all the sizes of prints.

  • Lastly, the professional quality that you get with heat press machines is going to help you develop your business in the long run. You get professional finish and quality that will help you in getting more and more customers and making your brand more credible to them as well. This is a really good investment for your business in the long run.