Major Tourist Attractions In Florida

The state of Florida is like a cornucopia with a lot of great things to see and do. With its lively beaches, sunny skies, amazing wildlife, swampy rivers and interesting people, travellers will never run out of things to do, places to visit and more things to discover in this beautiful state. Florida has a lot of great things to be proud of. It has one of the largest national park in the United States, fascinating animals Luke giraffes and alligators that can be found in the so-called African plains of Florida. You can also experience the Harry Potter experience at the Universal Park where the amazing wizarding world of Harry Potter is located. You can also go for an scuba dove or snoker into the water to see fish, manatees and other great things that Florida’s water park can offer. With these amazing things that Florida can offer, there is no doubt that the state is one of the best places to visit. So if you are planning to visit this place, you are in the right place, as this article will go through some of its major tourist attractions.

Underwater Hotel

One of the best things to do in Florida is to spend a night at the underwater hotel. This hotel is considered as the only underwater hotel that can be found in North America. Before it became Jules Undersea lodged, it was an underwater research habitat. The hotel can sleep up to sex guests at a time. If you are a diver, this is the best hotel for you. But before you get in this hotel, you must be a SCUBA certified first. This underwater hotel in Florida also offers the best accommodation experiences with its high quality facilities and services.

Kennedy Space Center

Another interesting and enjoying activities to do in Florida is to visit the Kennedy Space Center. This is known as the greatest space adventure that every traveller should try. This adventure center lets visitors to walk underneath the largest rocker ever flown. You can also have your lunch with an astronaut, experience a shuttle launch simulation, experience to touch a real rock from moon and so many more. Kennedy Space Center also allows you to be part of the largest space programs and enjoy different interactive exhibits and learn a lot of things about space.

Harry Potter

If you are a potter head or a big fan of harry potter, you can now have the opportunity to discover the Wizarding world of Harry Potter when you visit Florida. Here, you can see the intricate details of Harry potter world, enjoy rides and the butter beer will make your stay worth it. You can experience and witness the Hogwarts castle and the village of Hogsmeade. Here, you can go shopping for school supplies and take an exciting ride on the journey that Harry Potter adventured. You can visit both at night and day to have complete experiences.

Marco Island

Lastly, Marco Island is also one of the best places to visit in Florida. This amazing island also offers wide variety of activities. You can also visit several beaches and do several water activities. Marco Island shelling is very popular activity in this breath-taking island because of the naturally rich and abundant shells on its beaches. Marco Island is also known for its quality hotels and resorts. It is also full of establishments and restaurants so you will never run out of things to do. Marco Island is a combination of natural and industrial venue for people who want to have a great vacation experience.