7 Top Games For Glorious PC Gaming This Year

For those wondering PC gaming is dead, well, it’s absolutely not. In fact, 2020 speaks of a bright year for PC gamers. You would be surprised to know some game publishers are offering exclusive editions especially for PC gamers. Are you an avid PC gamer who believes in the sustainability of PC gaming? That’s great and you must be looking for new games to try out in gaming PC this year. The great bit is the post below offers a brief on some of the best games you can try on your gaming PC in 2020.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Interestingly, this is not the sequel but the prequel of the previously published Red Dead game. You will find yourself in a big open world nestled in Wild West. As a player you will have to go through a series of shenanigans like robbing trains, collecting bounties as well as hunting of wild cougars. And for all these you will be accompanied by a faithful horse and your 6 shooter weapon. What’s more intriguing about the game is its detailed graphics. From gun care to player’s bond with horse, the game boasts a commendable work of detailing. 

Evil Genius 2

If you have already played Evil Genius on your gaming PC before, you will surely love the new version. It’s because, the latest launch promises a more enriching experience for every PC gamer out there. The game follows the same theme of the previous version yet also takes it a notch higher with improved mechanics. Mention must be made of the enhanced henchman management portfolio as well as improved strategy elements that make the game even more attractive. 

Connect 4 Online

Connect 4 is a classic board game that most of us have played for years. If you have a “thing” for the game, you will be elated to know connect 4 online is available for PC gamers as well. The gameplay is basic and the same as the original one. The online version also features a two player game and each player here will have to drop playing pieces on the virtual game board. The first one to match four pieces before the other will win. You will get the online version of the game from Microsoft store.


Are you a fan of the cyberpunk genre of gaming? That’s cool and you must have played Cyberpunk 2077 plenty of times. But, it’s the only one for cyberpunk fans. If you are looking out for new titles in the said genre this year, look no further than Ghostrunner. 

You have a one-of-a-kind game here that blends the cool atomosphere of cyberpunk along with free-running spirit of Mirror’s Edge. Alongside, you have smashing action sequences like the ones you have always raved about in Superhot. The end result has to be a fantastic action game that you will enjoy for hours.  

Darksiders Genesis

Have you already played Darksiders III and liked it? Well, now you have Darksiders Genesis that will add a new flavor to your Darksiders experience. It’s like a solid dungeon-crawling makeover that promises more exciting adventures in Darksiders world. 

The new launch focuses on Strife who teams up with grim-faced War to throw out heavier attacks than you have seen in the Darksiders games before. One of the most important features of the game is Strife’s unique pistol which allows him to kind of grief his enemies from a huge distance. The game also features twin-stick shooter system that will take your monster slaying experience a step further. And of course, the game boasts excellent visuals which will give life to the game when you will play in your advanced gaming PC. 

Kerbal Space Program 2

The Kerbal Space game is all about building a super rocket which will be able to reach the moon as well as beyond. The game has received brownie points for amazing aesthetics and certainly the high-end physics methodology. The Kerbal Space Program 2 will follow almost the same ambience that you have seen in the first game. It implies the new version will deal with space science but the content will be slightly different to bring a new flavor for the gamers. 

The Outer Worlds

Are you looking for a great RPG game for your new advanced gaming PC this year? Well, in that case, you won’t certainly be disappointed with The Outer Worlds. From dialogues to combat tactics to gunplay, this game impresses on all counts hands down. 

In regards to gameplay, it’s somewhat similar to Fallout game. You will have to gather weapons, upgrade, repair and then there is a bunch of powerful enemies that you will have to beat. To add more to the excitement, the game will take you across multiple planets swimming all over the galaxy.