Pneumatic Systems- The Machines That Make It Up For Use

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What is the most difficult profession of all in today’s times? The answer may vary from person to person because, in essence, no profession is very easy or difficult but people who have an interest and affiliation in one will find all others difficult. But the one who can easily saddle from one to another are a tiny minority and it is these people that stand out among others.

No, we are not talking about doctors, engineers and scientists, as their times have changed and the respect and adoration that they once commanded has significantly lessened with many cases of fraud, cheat and corruption becoming rampant due to such unscrupulous elements tainting these respectable professions with their influence.

So, you will find today that the common man find it extremely difficult to place their trust on any one person or profession and are quite confused as to whom they should turn for help and advice.pneumatic -system3

However, there is still one such field that remains at the same position and whose reputation is nothing much to right home about but also one that has not faced stigma like the aforementioned professions have.

This is where industries and factories come into the picture but is quite a huge topic to talk about. It is so because it contains a vast array of subjects that are designed for the benefit of mankind so one does not know where to begin.

Today’s topic of discussion would be the pneumatic system. This is a term that you would not have used or heard it being used in your everyday conversation, therefore you won’t find many people knowing anything about it other than certain terms due to lack of interest, knowledge and expertise.

It is important to mention that pneumatic systems are quite versatile in nature as they have a variety of uses to its name right from serving patients in hospitals to helping out workers in factories and industries because it is relatable to different aspects.

In simple words, a pneumatic system is defined as a system that has the ability to control and transmit energy at different places simultaneously with the help of compressed air.

Now, not too many people are familiar about what is compressed air- it is the air that is pressurized to such an extent that it cannot escape the clutches of its holder. Indeed, the pressure has to be of such profound magnitude that even atmospheric pressure can handle it and it is here that the pneumatic system comes into effect. Many people will have stories to tell about how pneumatics has helped in shaping their lives for the better.

Why it is significant is because compressed air has acts as a good medium for energy transfer for processes related to industrial benefits that are used for giving a normal and stable life to other people.

Again, compressed air is pressurized so it can be used for hammer and chisel, drill, spanners, wrenches, and various other tools that are used in industry related tasks and projects.pneumatic -system1

It is so useful that it can also have paint atomized that is vital for the functioning of power diving cylinders that are propelled through high pressure being applied upon it which enables people to breath underwater.

So, you will find that it is mostly used by scuba divers who consider underwater as their second home and can remain so for hours together without the need to come out anytime too soon as the air will allow them to breath freely for a longer duration than expected.

You must be missing your childhood very much and there are numerous memories that will give you a sense of nostalgia and make you teary eyed with joy. One of them is the time when you tried to blow up the balloon for your birthday or any other occasion.

Once it inflated to a certain level, you would loosen your grip which releases the air and the balloon zooms all around the room which makes it an amusing spectacle to behold.

At that time, you would not have realized the significance of it and discarded it as an old joke, but that was basically a display of pneumatics. Yes, you read it right, it is the very first time when you unknowingly applied the practical use of pneumatics by inflating the balloon through pressurized air.

So, it can be seen here that the air that we inhale in the form of oxygen and exhale it out the very next moment in the form of carbon dioxide is also compressed air, which immediately comes into use when you apply pressure from your mouth to inflate it up as much as possible before eventually blowing up in your face.

Pneumatic system is a scientific study of technology which revolves entirely around the topic of pressurized air, with gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and hydrogen playing a significant role to transmit energy through the physical and mental exertion of force.

It is an interesting to find out how pneumatic systems work and the steps are given as follows:

  • The first step is to find a compressor because it produces air that is then pressurized
  • Now get a reservoir, or receiver to make it more understandable, and store the compressed air into it
  • Now comes the step when you have to keep the air under control and prevent it from escaping its sanctuary. This can be done with the help of two or more valves, with festo being the best brand
  • Next, you take a circuit, which will then move the air from one place to another among various other components
  • The final step in this process is to take a motor, which can then use the air to perform certain tasks

To conclude, the proper functioning of a pneumatic system requires all of the aforementioned components that can make use of the compressed air and get going with the transmission of energy so that it can be utilized for various procedures.