Bad Mobile Phone Habits

Technology has altered the way we live and how we communicate with the world. Telecommunications now includes the use of both land and cell lines for phone communications, in addition to several options for internet access. The technology has become so advanced that cell phones have become a regular part of our daily lives. This is why it is really important that you do not get addicted to your smartphone and end up wasting a lot of your time doing unproductive things. Considering all this, at you will find ways through which you will learn how you use your smartphone or any other device mindfully.

Mobile phones are light, compact and very affordable. The option to shop for Mobile Covers Online in India also makes it easy to protect the phone against falls and breaking. Some cellular companies don’t even require contracts to promote long-term use or customer loyalty. We have integrated cellular communications into nearly every situation and life experience. This has created a need for certain establishments to develop policies and post signs pertaining to when this technology can and cannot be used. This often includes airline regulations and medical facilities, where cellular frequencies can interfere in critical business operations and present safety issues.

As a society, we have many different standards when it comes to mobile phone etiquette. These phones seem to be nearly glued to the ears of some users, while others rarely power their phones on. They may feel this technology was intended for emergency use only and be particularly bothered being in the presence of someone who interrupts their conversation to answer incoming calls, make quick calls or check their voice mail. 

We conduct business over the phone, manage our families, make financial transactions, schedule meetings, arrange activities and discuss many other topics with our community of people. Our practice with how we use technology differs, perhaps based on the usage requirements for this service or the active lifestyles of its users. 

It can be quite annoying to listen to a cell phone ringtone or even a conversation when we are in certain environments, hoping to escape the pressures and stressors of our lives. It seems like even in the movie theatre, just as a movie reaches its climax, that someone will rudely accept an incoming call. So we attempt to find that perfect seat where we find isolation, not just from people but also of technological advances. Even those kind enough to switch their cell phones to vibrate mode, we can still see the phone light up as we sit in the dark of the theatre. Cell phones can be very distracting.

It is difficult to have to listen to someone’s conversation in public places as well. This might include public transportation, facilities like a doctor’s office or library and even young children or teenagers carrying phones to school. As we pass our bad habits to a younger generation, some wonder if children are mature enough to handle the responsibilities of all this technology or whether they really need it. Some sit in class text messaging friends, when they should be focusing their attention on learning and being present with their class. The use of cell phones has invaded nearly every aspect of life. 

One of the most disturbing topics concerning society today is the use of cell phones while driving. It only takes a moment of distraction to lead to a tragic event and the potential loss of life. While it is a convenience to be able to multi-task while driving, asking for directions or communicating with others, it can be one of the most dangerous habits even for experienced drivers. 

It is unlikely that we will agree on a set of rules for mobile phone etiquette or that we can retrain the chronic abusers who will continue to use the technology to meet their own needs regardless of their impact on society. We can only hope that as we continue to evolve our communications abilities that we will determine better ways to improve use this technology while minimizing the risks associated with it. Cellular phones aren’t a bad thing, but our habits can create significant consequences that we need to be prepared to accept. The technology provides a privilege and should be respected as a responsibility.