Dumbing Down Women: Computer Repairmen…Same Scheme

Women apparently still wear a dunce cap as viewed through the eyes of most male car salesmen. Good deals are not offered or reasonably priced vehicles have hidden costs. Trade-ins are bought at the lowest Blu-Book value or even under that price. Women will just have to keep their wits up and walk away from car salesmen who see them as cash cows.

Car mechanics love to invent false repairs at the expense of women targets. A simple oil change can lead to an alternator replacement, new brake pads or spark plugs. While most women are on the lookout for devious car salesmen and sneaky mechanics they need to watch out for computer repairmen.

At some point in the life of a computer there will be a time when something will have to be fixed. There are several options you can choose from when this happens. You can fix it yourself, buy a new computer or send it back to the manufacturer to be fixed or have the company you bought it from make the necessary repair. Lastly, you can go to a computer repair shop.

If you choose to go with a computer repair shop find out if the shop sells or buys used or second hand computer parts. Parts previously used don’t come with a guarantee. The seller doesn’t actually know how long the part will last. They don’t know how vigorously the previous owner used it. Once you get your computer back home it might only last an hour and then you’ll be forced to buy the same part over again. Used parts aren’t really that much cheaper than a new one to begin with.

A lightening storm once blew my computer modem out. Since my computer is an older model I was having a hard time finding a place that carried my particular modem model. I finally came across a computer shop that had the modem I needed for my computer, but it was a second when I Find computer repair in Perth to have a faster monitoring of technical issues my machine was facing. The repairman who owned the shop talked me into bringing my computer down and letting him install it. He pretended that it would last as long as a new one would. When I got it home I was only able to get online once before it quit working and I had a hard time getting it to work that once. I think the computer guy knew the modem was about to stop running simply because he had told me he checked to make sure it was working okay before I left the store with it. I came out lucky even though my computer still needed a modem. I told the repairman exactly what was wrong with my computer so there was never any question about what needed to be fixed. If I hadn’t known what was wrong the repairman could have taken more expensive parts out of my computer and replaced them with cheaper quality parts thus charging for repairs that weren’t needed. He also could have sold the expensive parts from my computer for more money.

My being duped probably had a lot to do with wanting to get my computer back up and running plus it has a lot to do with trust. Sometimes you have to trust that you won’t be taken advantage of in order to get something fixed.

The best thing you can do before you take anything in to a computer repairman is to know exactly what is wrong with your computer. Ask friends who might know if you don’t. Take male friends, boy friends, or your husband with you to the computer repair shop. This will dissuade the repairman from trying any tricky tactics to make a profit on your behalf.