Lilith Games Rebrands Rise Of Civilizations To Rise Of Kingdoms – What You Need To Know?

Lilith Games announced that their very popular game Rise of Civilizations have been renamed to Rise of Kingdoms. This game is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store as well. But, the developers at Lilith do not only have the rebranding to offer. They have also made several new changes to the games as well. These changes include the introduction of three new civilizations and a brand new theme music that has been composed by two-time Grammy Award winner Christopher Tin. The new changes to game promises to bring a brand new game play experience and soothing environment. 

The basic and other features of the game remains to be the same and that is why you will not have any problem in playing the game if you are an existing user of this application. Alexandra Zhang, project manager from Lilith Games said that “After a successful release of the Ark of Osiris Battlegrounds, we have planned major updates for the Rise of Civilizations. That is why we have, with this update introduced three brand new civilizations – Byzantium, Ottoman and Arabia – with total 11 Civilizations in all!”. He also focused on how closely the Lilith Studios have worked in order to compose the new music. You can visit rok website for the full change log. 

Features of The Rise of Civilizations Game 

The Rise of Kingdoms game comes with different features, all of which are unique in their own way and makes way for a smooth game play. That is why we jotted down some of the most popular features of the game here –  

Real-Time Battles – battles that are fought in the Rise of Kingdoms game are not scripted. These happen real-time on the map that is provided in the game. Any player can easily join and leave the battle at anytime they want to. Therefore, the game establishes a true and rich real-time experience for the players. You can also choose to send your troops to help your alliance members or even launch a surprise attack on the enemies cities and military bases. 

Seamless World Map – the seamless world map is one of the best features of this game. All the in-game actions take place in a massive real-time map that is inhabited by the players. You will see the concept of “Infinity Zoom” for the first time in a mobile game. You can easily make transition between your cities or any other enemy outpost. The map is dotted with several natural features like rivers, waterfalls, mountains and other elements, making it more challenging and real. 

Eleven Unique Civilizations – the developers of this game have done a lot of research before the launch of the game in order to bring to the gamers 11 different kinds of civilization. You can choose between the kingdoms of Rome, Germany, Britain, France, Spain, China, Japan, Korea, Arabia, Ottoman or even Byzantium. Each of the civilization have their own kind of architecture, style of living and military tactics. 

Exploration & Investigation – the massive world map in Rise of Kingdoms game is completely covered in thick fog. You will need to go on a quest of exploration and investigation in order to clear the fog and unlock the mysterious land. There are several lost temples, barbarian fortresses, mysterious caves, and tribal villages, waiting to get discovered. Use scouts for exploring the land and also to gather intelligence and information about your enemies. 

Unrestricted Troop Movements – one of the best features of the game is the unrestricted troop movements and you can issue a new order at any point of the game. This provides limitless possibilities in term of strategic development and military warfare. You can attack an enemy city, alliance with another army, block the path of your opponents, and do several other things. You can even split your forces and commanders into different groups and plan a devastating attack. 

All these amazing features of the Rise of Civilization game allows the players to enjoy this real-time strategy game in a brilliant way. It offers a never seen before mobile game play. Don’t forget to check out the different commanders that are available in the game. From Julius Caesar to Joan of Arc, attain these commanders and other generals to rule the game. 

Final Words – Rise of Kingdoms is easily one of the best strategy games that we have seen in recent times. Make sure to download this fantastic game and play it with your friends, form an alliance and keep engaging in intense battles everyday. We are sure you will have an amazing experience while doing so! Let us know how well you progressed through the game.