E-Juice V.S CBD Vape Oil

In the world of CBD, one of the things that people want to know is the main difference between CBD vape oil and E-juice. Since these two products cause confusion to a lot of people, it is important to make things clear now. As such, this article will provide you with some points in regards to the  main differences between E-Juice and CBD Vape Oil. 

First and foremost, for us to distinguish and determine the differences between e-juice and CBD vape oil, we have to understand first their mere definitions. Basically, CBD oils are described as products that are concentrated and that are made to be taken orally. This means that they are not designed to be vaped or smoke using a pen. On the other hand, CBD liquids are particularly designed to be inhaled and vaporized as steam. But the reason why there are some confusion about the two is that most of the manufacturers in the market are stull using the word oil rather than liquid. For example, manufacturers will use the name CBD vape oil instead of CBD vape liquid. 


CBD oil is surely the most popular way to get CBD into your body. This product is produced with the use of a superheated extraction process, pure CBD and it is taken from the plants called Cannabis sativa. Afterwards, this substance is being suspended within a food-grade oil or within an inert. One of the best things about CBD oil is that it is very easy to take. In most cases, all you have to do is to take it sublingually. This means that you just have to put it under your tongue. Consequently, your bloodstream to the parts of your body that need it the most will carry it. In other cases, CBD oil is also put in food or drink in order to hide its earthy flavor. As a result, the CBD oil will be broken down and will directly go to your stomach. Afterwards, it will be transferred into the bloodstream after being consumed in the intestinal gut wall. Since, this substance goes directly to your body, it is important to choose the right CBD Vape Juice for CBD vape. 


On the other hand, CBD E-liquid can be compared to the composition that coconut oil has. Generally, it is being extracted and suspended within an inert oil. This characteristic makes the substance ‘vapable’ in nature. When you vaporize CBD e-liquid, your vape pen will swiftly heat the CBD and oil to the phase where it is being sublimated into a form of gas. Afterwards, it will combine with water vapor from the air and becomes a fine mist. This now becomes that product that you breathe in that allows your blood to circulate around and through your lungs to retrieve the CBD within vaporized mist. 

Provided these differences between CBD oil and E-Liquids, the next question now is which of these two is way healthier. Realistically speaking, any foreign substances that you put into your body may have some negative effects. In case of CBD, the effects depend on the medium, which CBD is imbibed. With e-liquids, users have to take into consideration the possible increased risks of cancer and so as the prevalence towards aspirated lipid content. On the other hand, CBD oil may have risks of worsening your cardiovascular health because of high saturated fat content of most CBD oils.