Social Networking: What Do We Lose in Reality?

Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of social networking these days. Everyone I know has a facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, plaxo or twitter account. What are all these people doing on these networks? Are they there to really just catch up with some friends? I see people with more than 500 connections. My question to them is – Do you really know these people? What are all these people doing in your “network”? Are they some sort of bragging material that you are going to show off to your girlfriend?

I find social networking sites an incredible waste of time and resource. Their usefulness is soon dwarfed by the enormous amounts of emails they generate and constant request from people whom you don’t know to be your friends. Mind you – this has little resemblance to the old “pen-pal” system where one would have a friend from a faraway place and you would keep in touch with him or her using actual hand written letters. Those days are long gone. Gone are the days of actual writing – when writing was an art form and everyone educated had to do it. Nowadays, it is more like instant chat – which is not bad and emails. But social networking sites waste time and resources.

In the end, it becomes a race to get the maximum people on your network. As management gurus say, it does not matter how many people you know, but how many people know you. Everyone wants to show visually that a lot of people know them using this website. This has become a race a true race to one up the other guy with the number of connections, recommendations, pictures and other trivial stuff on the web site. It leads to the purchasing of the followers from different sites. For less wastage of money, the selection of The Best Site to Buy Instagram Followers Cheap should be done. 

The recent recession in the economy has caused massive layoffs. Taking to recruiters and people in the field, the unanimous advice seems to be that one needs to network more. Network more are more is the plea we hear from everyone. The fact is that finding a job through LinkedIn is as hard as finding a job through or any other recruiting website. Just the fact that someone who works at the company is your friend’s friend list, does not mean you are going to get a job faster. Linkedin is professed with people who barely know each other, yet have each other in their friend’s list.

What really matters is your real friends. How many people are there in your friends list who is actually your friend? How many will come to your help in the hour of need? If you lose your job, how many people are really going to help you? As one is selective in making friends in the real life, so should one be making friends in the virtual world? There is nothing gained by perusing more and more people in your friend list, but just the pocket of the website developers. The usefulness of these social networking sites is quickly evaporated if one spends too much time and effort.