Top Mule Shoe Products Over $75

Mules are more fashionable today than ever before. Mules are a great style of shoe that is comfortable, slips on your foot easily, and is great for walking. We all love instant the instant gratification of being above to quickly slip a shoe on, yet still, look like we tried to pull our look together. Finding a good pair of mules that are both comfortable and stylish can a little bit of work though. Here are three of my favorite mules for over $75.

The “Native’ Mule by Carlos Santana is a great mule for over $75 that is both comfortable as well as extremely stylish. The “Native’ Mule is a modern shoe that gives a new look to the usual comfortable mule. This shoe is sleek and even sexy. Now those are two words you don’t often hear in association with your average mule. The pointy toe is huge right now and gives a great look to the mule. Most mules I see out there have a rounded toe, which can look a lot less dressy. A pair of the “Native’ Mule will cost you about $89.00. Besides all this, you also get shoe insoles that are really comfortable for your feet with these shoes. This addition makes them more useful and perfect for daily use. You can find them in most major department stores that carry quality shoes. My favorite feature about this shoe is that it comes in both black and tan. If you are one of those people that finds a shirt, pant, or shoe and buys every color it is made in you know what I am talking about. The “Native’ Mule is definitely one of those shoes you will buy in both brown and black.

The “Siron” Mule from BCBG Girls is another one of my favorite mules for over $75. How can you not love any shoe made by BCBG? This mule comes in your choice of black or champagne. I personally have the black and love them. They have an oversized buckle that reminds me of that trendy look in purses right now. My favorite feature is the patent leather material these mules are made out of. Patent leather is not the typical material most mules are made out of. You might expect to see traditional leather, fabric, or even those popular rubber mules, but not very often do you find patent leather mules. BCBG Girls hit the nail on the head when they designed this great shoe. The “Siron” Mule from BCBG Girls will cost you about $79.00. Like most BCBG products, these mules look far more expensive than they actually are!

The “Fran” Mule by Jessica Simpson is another one of those fashionable mules that defy explanation. They are super stylish and really just resemble a great pointy-toe boot that has somehow lost the back of the shoe. Romance is the style with this great mule. Super intricate floral patterns, pointy toes, and leather combine for a truly unique mule that is great for a dressy evening out. My favorite feature about this shoe is that they have a three-inch heel. While you might normally think that a mule is flat and comfortable, this shoe didn’t adhere to that standard of comfort over style. I do find though that I can wear this shoe for extended periods of time without any discomfort. If you are planning on walking a great distance or standing for hours on end though, you will find that they are similar to many other dress shoes in the comfort department. If you are going out for a fun night at a friend’s house or dinner with the boyfriend though these shoes are comfortable and stylish. A pair of the “Fran” Mules from Jessica Simpson will cost you about $75. You can also buy them in black, white, or tan.