Sweet, Cheap Things to Do for Your Girlfriend

Women are, ostensibly, complicated creatures, and men strive daily to please them and make them feel loved. While it is sometimes easy to show that you care, it becomes increasingly difficult to be sweetly romantic as the length of the relationship increases. Here are some tips to recreate the ‘magic’ you had in the beginning, or to simply show her you still care:

  1. Buy her a greeting card, one to simply say you love her, and a small gift (inexpensive gifts are better). Don’t just simply sign the card, but write her a mini love note inside, draw a picture, or tell the story of your first date and how much it meant to you. Leave the card and the gift where she may find it at a random time throughout her day. This will undoubtedly make her smile and remind her that you think about her randomly. In addition to that, you can even write some of the best inspirational and romantic love quotes her that will show her how much she means to you and how much you love her. This is one of the best ways in this list. 
  2. Set up a small scavenger hunt, using cheap materials such as index cards to write clues on. Have the clues lead to places where you have been on dates, or take her to places she has wanted to go. You can have the hunt end at home where you could make her dinner, or take it a step further and have it end in the bedroom. 😉
  3. Sit down with her when neither of you has anything to do and ask her for a “bucket list” consisting of 100 things. It may seem like a lot, but this will allow her to focus on small things as well as big things. When she is done, keep the list and read it. Plan a week or two in which you do as many things as possible on the list. Check them off as you go, and don’t forget to finish the list! Similarly, you could ask her for a list of 20 of her favorite things, and present them to her on a date night.

  4. Buy a puzzle of significant piece number and put it together in secret. When you finish it, carefully flip it over and write a message on the bottom with a marker; a long love note is perfect. When you are done writing, take the puzzle apart and put it back in the box. Wrap the box in wrapping paper and give it to her, either as a gift on a holiday or just because. Do the puzzle together and have her read the message when you finish.
  5. Buy a blank CD and compile a list of either her favorite songs or songs that remind you of her. Plan a date night for you two, and pack a picnic basket, a blanket or two, the CD, and a CD player. Good ideas for the picnic basket include sandwiches, chocolate-covered strawberries, wine or champagne, and nuts. Take her to a secluded area if possible, or even a public place, and set up your picnic and music. For each new song that plays, tell her why it reminds you of her. If you are able to, choose a song to dance with her to.

It’s easy for couples to get comfortable in relationships and stop being romantic or sweet, but it doesn’t take much effort or money to rekindle the flame you once had. Don’t forget how you feel about her, and don’t let her forget either!

Important things to remember are:

  • Don’t base the night on sex. If it ends there, so be it, but women need love and romance as well.
  • Treat her like she deserves to be treated. Remind her constantly how you feel about her.
  • Try not to forget that she’s your friend above all other things. Treat her as such, and the other aspects of your relationship are likely to flourish.
  • Have fun! It takes work to keep a relationship healthy, but sometimes you two just need to relax, forget about life for a while, and enjoy each other’s company.