Yuwie.com Not Just Another Social Networking Site

In the time I have spent reviewing Web sites, I have never given a positive review to a social networking site. For me, sites that have you create a Web page just so you can chat with hundreds of other people who have nothing better to do are just a waste of time.

Yuwie.com will be the first I will praise.

On the surface, Yuwie.com isn’t much different than sites like Myspace.com or Facebook.com. You set up a home page and your sucess is based on the number of people who visit you on a daily basis. What sets it apart from other sites is the fact you can actually make money by being a member. Like the Facebook through the instant likes and followers, the account will become Instant Famous on Yuwie.com. The popularity of the site is increasing in the young generation.

Unlike the sites I mentioned above, Yuwie.com doesn’t keep all the profits for itself. Instead, a percentage of the revenue is given back to its members based on the number of page views they receive on their sites. Doing some research on the site, July’s payout was 41 cents per 1,000 page views.

That doesn’t seem like much until you take into account the site doesn’t just pay you for other people visting your profile page. You are also given credit for a page view everytime you make a change to your page like uploading a photo or adding a comment to your blog section. I wasn’t a member for even three hours and I had 300 page views.

You can also get additional monthly revenue for referring your friends and family. This starts at 10% for the people you refer and you continue to get a smaller percentage through 10 levels of referrals. If you have a lot of friends and spend a great deal of time talking to them on this site, I can see decent earning potential since you would not only get credit for them viewing your site but you would get something for visiting their sites too. It probably won’t be a life-changing amount but it’s definitely more than what you would make elsewhere and you’re getting it for doing nothing. The site even has a nice video you can view that explains the payment process in a little more detail before you sign up.

Yuwie.com is free to join, which I like. They have a disclaimer in their terms of service that says they reserve the right to start charging later, but I see that on most paying Web sites and I have yet to see any of them start charging since it would mean less people signing up and less advertising revenue. The only requirements for joining is you have to be over 14 years of age and need to give your social security number and fill out a W-9 form for income tax purposes (a good sign that the site at least intends on paying you a decent amount of money since most won’t bother asking for that). It normally takes 60 days for any earned money to be credited to your account (because the advertisers take that long to pay) and you can receive the money either through PayPal or by check once you hit $50. There is a $3 fee to receive the payment by check.


Overall, the site is easy to use. The page is a bit confusing if you’ve used layouts on other sites first but it isn’t very hard to catch on. I had my profile page up and running in about 30 minutes. My wife had a few problems setting hers up because of issues with the confirmation e-mail not arriving to her inbox. She had no problems when she switched her e-mail address to her Hotmail account. And neither of us had problems finding people to refer.

If you spend hours on line each day on social network sites, then you should be signing up for Yuwie.com. Like I said before, you might not make a fortune at it, but it’s better than wasting your time and getting nothing at all in return.