The Secret Behind the High School Swimmer

It is a well known fact that when the swimmers walk into a room, everyone begins to stare in elation and joyousness as well as resentfulness and hatred. From the District Championships, to the State Championships, we are always there to prove our worth for our fellow Community members. However little known the secret is behind the “swimmer” that only the feminine adolescents prefer to dream about has now become a reality. The truth goes much deeper, beyond naked showers and canoodling hugs with heavy metal bands blasting and pounding tunes every morning, all of this while the sun still shines ever brighter each day. Our day begins before the rooster crows and after the fat lady sings. All for one and one for all is our entire backbone. Our perfection is the strong morals that we have always uplifted, and the way we are judged is represented by it.

Before the clustered cock crows 5:30, we are gathered in our field to push it. Every day in every way we get better and better in some way, shape or form, both physically and mentally. We prove the morals of the perfect man. One man equals one team and vice versa. We swim together, we work together, and we win together. This uncanny behavior is found somewhat strange to other sports teams. We are approached by other teams with the question “How is swimming a team sport? Aren’t you guys out there for yourselves?” This is one secret that should be shared with most high school football teams. Every lap, stroke, turn, or even breath at practice is all a race. What we call swim practice is actually preparation for the greatest event of our peculiar lives. We use these principles every day in and out of the pool to show our perfect camaraderie around the school.

So, what is it that gets the populous interested in our bizarre rituals and routines? Maybe it is the jokes around the pool about keeping up with our many traditions, like the “C” word, also known as “can’t”, which means the person who slipped up and uttered that taboo phrase has to do twenty-five pushups. Or maybe it’s the fear of the mystery liquid in the center of the locker room that is both avoided and the pinnacle of our comments. We are a team that few understand, and our oddities are as long a list as our workout schedule. Our team cheers to get us fired up, or maybe it is the sheer fact that we do not swim for the individual wins, as many would believe, but the frenzy of a team victory. One may forget that the whole premise of High School swimming is the bond with each other, to enforce traditional values of integrity and discipline that have been lost in the new day and age of punk rock. The ridiculous confines of the natatorium have been unopened to the eye of the average High School student, who, up to this point has not seen firsthand the truth behind the man in a brief. After knowing the secrets and truths of high school swimming, the classes will offer fun lessons for adults in less cost. The learning will be enjoyable for them.

We uphold these truths until pigs fly or until there is an end to terrorism. As one begins to recollect the feelings of diving into a cold slush, tingling the senses as we plod through a morning workout, or the agony of that morning routine wearing the heavy weight of a piece of metal we lovingly call a weight belt or training belt, the memory still stands firm that wherever we go, we bring with us leadership, honor, and success to all others of our community. All of the characteristics that make us State and National champions are the same things that make us hard workers in school – driven to succeed in ways that most people will never understand. We are a secret band of brothers who use our silly rituals to mold us into stronger young men who can tackle any obstacle that comes our way.