How to Clean an Apartment or House when You Move Out: In the Bathroom

When it comes time to clean up the house or apartment that you are renting because you are moving out you will want to make sure to clean the bathroom really good. Landlords may charge as much as twenty dollars per hour that they hire someone to clean a house or apartment after renters have moved out. All the time that people are cleaning your apartment will be deducted from your deposit.

Cleaning the Floors

You will want to at least spot mop the floor after you sweep. To save time for yourself rather than mopping the floor you can just use a sponge or rag to spot wash the areas of the bathroom floor that are dirty.

Cleaning the Bathtub and Shower

You will want to clean the bathtub and shower so that there isn’t any soap residue or hair, this may sound gross but if a landlord comes into the bathroom after you have left and discovers a hair in the bathtub they will want to clean the bathroom before they show the apartment to anyone.

Cleaning the Bathroom Sinks and Mirrors

It is a good idea to clean the bathroom sink before you leave because of any soap or toothpaste residue that may exist. Also it is a good idea to clean any mirrors that you have in the bathroom.

Cleaning the Bathroom Counters, Cabinets and Drawers

You will want to make sure that you wipe up the counters in the bathroom, it won’t be likely that there will be any stains, probably mostly soap residue but you will still want to clean it. As for the cabinets if you have anything like shaving cream or makeup that spilled in the inside the cabinets and drawers of the bathroom you will want to make sure that you clean it up before you leave.

Cleaning the Toilet

As far as the toilet goes you will really want to make sure it is really clean, make it sparkle if you know what I mean, before you leave. No one will want to rent a place that has a dirty bathroom, especially a dirty toilet. That is why you will want to clean the toilet really well in order to insure that the landlord will not hire someone to clean it.


Lastly don’t forget to make sure that you didn’t leave anything. As much as cleaning the bathroom will be that last thing that you will want to do before you move out of your rented apartment or house you will be glad that you did it when you see that you were not charged by your landlords for not cleaning it.

Toilet cleaning is the hardest job of all for obvious reasons that people simply detest being a part of it as they consider it dirty and unhygienic to the core, which is why they do their best to stay away from doing such hard jobs and leave it to their parents to do it for them but given the fact that you are moving out soon, there’s no harm in cleaning it for yourself so as to give it a Parc Central Residences kind of look so that the new entrants are attracted to it when they come to see it.