My Favorite Web Development Software

I am a visual person who loves to get their hands into computer code. My career is in Information Technology but my undergraduate degree is in Art. The combination of the artistic and technical is matched perfectly in Dreamweaver and for years now I have been loyal to the website creation software. Previously called Macromedia Dreamweaver, it is now called Adobe Dreamweaver. This smart software application is a powerful tool for creating a variety of websites. Dreamweaver is my favorite software to create standard websites, dynamic websites, mobile compatible websites and software apps.

The best part of Dreamweaver is the ability to see the design view at the same time as the HTML source. When I first started creating websites using Dreamweaver I kept the HTML code hidden most of the time. As I became more familiar with HTML code and creating dynamic websites, I found the ability to split the screen between the code and design to be immensely helpful. Now that I have gotten used to the split screen, I will never go back to only seeing one view. Through the wavemaker, the development of the company will be excellent. The designs will match with the working and operations of the business. The view of the screen will be attractive for the customers. 

One of the best new features that Dreamweaver offers is the ability to preview your website in a multiscreen preview. View what your website will look like on a variety of smart phones, tablets, and normal computers. The reality is that we live in a mobile world. It is more important now than ever to ensure your website looks good on mobile devices. Ensure your website is compatible with popular devices by using the tools the Dreamweaver provides.

Dreamweaver also has the tools you need to create and package your app for Andriod, iPhone, and iPad. The Dreamweaver help file will walk you through creating a software app, packaging it, and previewing it in a device emulator.

Dreamweaver is a very powerful software application. Because of the enormous amount of things Dreamweaver can do, it is complicated. I recommend that any user of Dreamweaver invest some time and learn how to take advantage of all of the features. Even if you are planning on not using Dreamweaver to its full capability, it will still require some time and effort to learn the portions you do plan on using.

You can purchase Adobe Dreamweaver CS 5.5 on its own for around $400 from Access to Dreamweaver help and the community support is included in that cost. If possible I recommend investing in additional training. The Adobe Certified Expert program offers self paced and instructor led training courses. Once you have completed the course you can take an exam and receive a technical certification. Becoming an Adobe Certified Expert in Dreamweaver will not only help you master the software, it is also a great thing to add to your resume.