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Online Network of Dissatisfied Consumers to Prompt Business Changes


Can you believe this? I can’t get my money back from!!


Why won’t they refund your money?


They say orders can’t be canceled after 10 days and only if the product is discontinued!


Didn’t they say that it would be in stock in 3 days? It’s been a month!


I found another place to get it but my money’s already spent.


They can’t get away with this! Let’s make them sorry!


You bet they can’t! Don’t worry, you’ll get your money back!

Exchanges such as this happen hundreds of times a day, with consumers exchanging points of view regarding merchants, debating the pros and cons of products or finding the best deal. Online consumers today have more information available to them than any generation in history, including unparalleled access to pricing and millions of pages of reviews.

The social network stands poised to spark the consumer revolution, evolving into the virtual syndicate. You have an option like that you can use in order to make your social media experience more comfortable and safe. 

Not Cosa nostra or the mafia, but the idea that any online consumer, given the right connections to social networks, blogs, and forums, can vastly increase the impact of word-of-mouth on a merchant.

Imagine the power of Web 2.0 brought to bear on a merchant like Reviews would appear on sites like, Engadget and Gizmodo. Forum conversations would spring up surrounding experiences with this product. Facebook bulletin boards would be replete with negative epitaphs.

The Virtual Community crosses age, generations, incomes, education and even geographic boundaries. The immense reach of social networks gives social networkers power like no other. We’ve already seen bad buzz destroy businesses.

Online consumers will soon realize the power they yield over merchants. Imagine hundreds of social networkers hitting a merchant’s Web site to voice their displeasure with how one of their own has been treated. The servers slow — hits increase, but sales remain flat as real buyers abandon their purchases when pages will not load.

Syndicating for purchasing power, these consumers can come, en masse, to negotiate prices with merchants. “We will bring hundreds of sales RIGHT NOW, only if you give it to us at a discount.” Faced with the competition online, what merchant wouldn’t want to move merchandise vs. losing hundreds of sales to competitors?

The wisdom of crowds can be frighteningly accurate. Their power over commerce can be terrifying.

Cue The Godfather theme:


I got my money back!! 🙂 You guys are great!


Well, we all flooded the site with support requests for three days. They got the message.


I had no idea that many Facebook members would respond. When Apple releases a new iPod, we should hit them for a discount.


What a cool idea! We don’t want to spend $300. We’ll spend $250. We’ll give you 500 purchases RIGHT NOW!!

Cut to:

Steve Jobs wakes to scream from a nightmare about horse heads in his bed.

Finding the Best San Francisco Plumber

The right San Francisco plumber makes life a whole lot easier when servicing a residential or commercial property. Such an expert understands how to perform basic maintenance of cleaning and how to diagnose major and minor repair issues. Inspections are also a key piece of any plumber San Francisco expert’s repertoire. Having the right plumbing professionals on call means that all sewer, water heater, and plumbing issues will be dealt with right away. This is about protecting one’s home and business by avoiding amateurs and working with people who understand the nitty gritty reality of plumbing.

Annual Inspections

One of the chief benefits to investing in expert plumber San Francisco options is that people can have their homes and businesses inspected. Annual inspections ensure that issues do not arise. Spotting something like a clog or crack early makes it easier to deal with. A small issue can quickly become a big one if left unchecked. People looking to buy a property can benefit from this too. After all, a property’s sewer and plumbing systems need to be as on-point as the rest of the home or space.

Expert Repairs

When repairs are needed, a professional San Francisco plumber will show up and identify the problem. From here, this professional can explain what is needed to remedy the issue. An expert plumber San Francisco will use the best tools and knowledge to get to the heart of the problem. Professionals understand how to work with a variety of properties. Additionally, they can help with everything from basic plumbing repairs to drain cleaning, water heater repair, and sewer repair and inspection needs.

Emergency Services

A dependable plumber San Francisco will be on time, friendly, and will get the job done right the first time. No one wants to wake up only to see that a property is flooded or that there is a sewer issue. This could damage the property and could involve a lot of clean up and repairs. When an emergency happens, it is important to have a plumber San Francisco who will show up no matter the day or time. This is a chance to really get the support one needs. After all, no one wants to be without running water or the use of their bathroom or kitchen for long periods of time. In this kind of situations, a plumber is certainly the professional that you need to contact. With extensive training and experience, a plumber can provide you quality service.

Professional and Reliable Services

The best San Francisco plumber is someone who will show up on time, with a fully stocked truck, and will explain how inspections and repairs happen. Knowledge is power to any home or property owner. Having reliable plumber San Francisco support means that a person never has to worry about sub par work or wonder what is going on in their home. This is a chance to schedule San Francisco plumber services at times that work for the customer.

An expert San Francisco plumber is someone who will show up and handle all plumbing issues quickly and efficiently. Home and business owners should build important relationships with such professionals to ensure that all drain and plumbing issues are cleared up. Annual inspections and proper maintenance lessen the likelihood of a major problem popping up. If an emergency does happen, professionals will be on the scene to help deal with this issue. This is a chance to invest in excellence.

What Are The Different Health Benefits of Using Gaming Chairs In The Long Run?

Gamers, office professionals and other people who need to sit in front of their computers for long hours, know how important it is to select the right chair on which they will sit and work. A lot of people neglect this fact, but a bad sitting posture can affect your body really bad in the long run. Common problems like back pain, neck stiffness, muscle pain and reduced energy levels are easily associated with bad sitting posture. When you are continously working in front of the computer, your body tries to adjust in the most comfortable position. But, when it fails to do so, you face difficulties like these. For those of you who do not have invested in gaming chairs yet, you must do so as soon as possible. Why? Let’s talk about that today in this blog. Meanwhile, you can check some amazing gaming chairs at chairthrone and other websites.

Best Gaming Chairs Health Benefits

Make sure to read this segment really well, because here we will talk about the best health benefits that you can experience while using comfortable chairs when you are working.

Back Support 

one of the most important reason why people use gaming chairs is because they want to avoid chronic back pain. Back pain can lead to various other difficulties in the body and that is why people want to avoid it. The lack of cushioning and proper back support will always lead to excessive back pain. But, gaming chairs are made with extra soft and durable cushioning. This allows you to work in comfort and also maintain a healthy sitting posture all the time. Over time, you will see that you are not experiencing any back pain or other related problems, when you are using a gaming chair.

Neck Support

most of the office and regular working chairs are not tall enough to offer your neck with good support and quality comfort. That is why continuous adjustment of the neck and failing to find a good support, causes the neck to become stiff and painful to adjust. But, a proper gaming chair comes with neck support that allows you to rest the neck when you are working over extended periods of time. This will not lead to any strain to the spine and avoids any other disorder related to spine or neck problems.


a lot of people don’t know this, but sitting in a uncomfortable position brings down your energy levels and leads to fatigue. Sitting improperly or not supporting the back and neck, wears down your body really quick. You will feel weak, exhausted and not able to focus on your work. Gaming chairs have been made to address this very problem on people facing fatigue. These chairs helps to promote comfort and positive health benefits that reinforces the mind and allows you to work more effectively.

Better Blood Flow

healthy blood flow is essential when you are working for long hours. Or else your body will feel discomfort and your legs or neck will go numb after sometime. Sitting in a single posture for long hours do not allow the blood to flow continuously to different parts of the body. Lack of oxidized blood around the body leads to drop in energy levels and that is why you lose your focus and energy big time. Hence, the gaming chairs really help to promote healthy blood flow and you will find that you have a good level of energy always.

So, these are the top health benefits that one can experience when they are using a gaming chair. All these health benefits have already been experienced by a lot of people and now it is your time to invest in a good gaming chair in 2020.

Final Words

gaming chairs are the best possible accessories that can help you to work more efficiently and effectively in the long run. It helps to divert a lot of health problems and always supports your back and shoulders when working. That is the reason these chair are so much in demand and popular in the market. Do yours research and get yourself a good chair.

Handbag Must-haves: Five Things Every Woman Should Carry in Her Purse

Whether you are a Coach cosmopolitan, a Kate Spade cutie, a Marc Jacobs junkie, or carry a vintage Chanel designer knock-off, a woman’s bag is one of her biggest and best accessories. Almost as important as your purse, is what is inside your purse. There are some things that a woman always carries in her purse: wallet, keys, cell phone. However, there are other very essential items that I recommend every woman carries in her handbag. And if your bag is too small to carry all these items then it is about time that you upgrade to a bag of decent size. luxurytastic replicas review will guide you as you look for a bag according to your needs. 

  1. Tampon

Yes, a tampon. Preferably an O.B. tampon, as it takes up the least space. But, what if you’ve just had your period? Well, then carry a tampon with you to save a fellow woman from potential embarrassment or worry in the lady’s room. Inevitably, you will be in a ladies’ room and hear the call from the stall: Does anyone have a tampon? You could be a hero by carrying a tampon in your purse.

  1. $20 Bill

Sure, you carry your wallet in your purse but people nowadays rarely carry cash. Yes, you can still pay for stuff in cash. Another handbag must-have is this emergency $20 that you carry with you at all times, tucked into your everyday wallet. Trust me, there will be a situation where you will someday need it. Then, replace it. You’ll need it again.

  1. Matches

Always carry these in your bag. Yes, smoking is not attractive, but the man trying to light his cigar in the wine bar maybe. Then, the inside of the match pack can be used to write your phone number on. Also, the matches in your purse can be used to light birthday candles when someone inevitably says at a birthday party, Crap, does anyone have a lighter? No, but you have matches. Also, if you chip a nail, the striking surface can be used as a nail file. The sulfur also helps dispel, ahem, bathroom smells in case you ever need it.

  1. Leatherman Mini-Tool Multi-Tool

Okay, you are going to be a regular McGuyver with this thing. If you are single, having this little handbag must-have item will really start conversations when you whip it out in a situation that warrants it. Along with a bottle opener (party hero, anyone?), the Leatherman mini-tool has a can opener, pliers, wire cutter, and never underestimate when you may need a screwdriver or ruler. You’ll wish you had that ruler when your new couch doesn’t fit in your front door.


  1. Powder Compact, Red Lipstick, and Mascara

If you carry no other make-up with you in your handbag, you should carry these items at all times. These three items can transform you from day to evening with a few quick flicks of the wrist and should be in your purse at all times. The lipstick can be used as blush as well, and with a tissue rolled into a point, the mascara can double as eyeliner. The compact offers a mirror, as well as a base to contain an oily t-zone.

So, technically that is seven things. All of these handbag must-haves can be contained in a tiny bag that can fit in the smallest purse. With these things in your purse at all times, you will be prepared for almost any situation, from lighting a candle to lighting up a room, from saving a party to helping a woman save face.

How to Clean an Apartment or House when You Move Out: In the Bathroom

When it comes time to clean up the house or apartment that you are renting because you are moving out you will want to make sure to clean the bathroom really good. Landlords may charge as much as twenty dollars per hour that they hire someone to clean a house or apartment after renters have moved out. All the time that people are cleaning your apartment will be deducted from your deposit.

Cleaning the Floors

You will want to at least spot mop the floor after you sweep. To save time for yourself rather than mopping the floor you can just use a sponge or rag to spot wash the areas of the bathroom floor that are dirty.

Cleaning the Bathtub and Shower

You will want to clean the bathtub and shower so that there isn’t any soap residue or hair, this may sound gross but if a landlord comes into the bathroom after you have left and discovers a hair in the bathtub they will want to clean the bathroom before they show the apartment to anyone.

Cleaning the Bathroom Sinks and Mirrors

It is a good idea to clean the bathroom sink before you leave because of any soap or toothpaste residue that may exist. Also it is a good idea to clean any mirrors that you have in the bathroom.

Cleaning the Bathroom Counters, Cabinets and Drawers

You will want to make sure that you wipe up the counters in the bathroom, it won’t be likely that there will be any stains, probably mostly soap residue but you will still want to clean it. As for the cabinets if you have anything like shaving cream or makeup that spilled in the inside the cabinets and drawers of the bathroom you will want to make sure that you clean it up before you leave.

Cleaning the Toilet

As far as the toilet goes you will really want to make sure it is really clean, make it sparkle if you know what I mean, before you leave. No one will want to rent a place that has a dirty bathroom, especially a dirty toilet. That is why you will want to clean the toilet really well in order to insure that the landlord will not hire someone to clean it.


Lastly don’t forget to make sure that you didn’t leave anything. As much as cleaning the bathroom will be that last thing that you will want to do before you move out of your rented apartment or house you will be glad that you did it when you see that you were not charged by your landlords for not cleaning it.

Toilet cleaning is the hardest job of all for obvious reasons that people simply detest being a part of it as they consider it dirty and unhygienic to the core, which is why they do their best to stay away from doing such hard jobs and leave it to their parents to do it for them but given the fact that you are moving out soon, there’s no harm in cleaning it for yourself so as to give it a Parc Central Residences kind of look so that the new entrants are attracted to it when they come to see it.

Tips to Keep You Motivated for Fitness & Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight it is not just what you eat and how often that you exercise that is important. It is also wise to take some steps towards success by finding ways to keep yourself motivated. Motivation is the most important part of any fitness or weight loss plan. Without motivation we sit on our butts all day, gaining weight instead of losing it. Use the following tips and ideas to help give yourself the motivation you need to stay on the path to a thinner and healthier you!

Make A Goal  amp; Write It Down

Writing down your weight loss goal will help you stick to it. Better yet, write it somewhere public where others can hold you accountable too, like on your blog or social networking page. Set goals and place them on your refrigerator so that you can see them every time you go for a bite to eat. Goals are important. Set a length of time and an amount of weight to be lost by that time. Stick to it and keep track of how you are doing on a daily basis.

Stop Down-Talking Yourself

Self-criticizing talk is not the right way to motivate yourself. Saying you can not do it, or calling yourself fat and lazy just has the opposite effect on your psyche and your weight loss regimen. Instead of driving you to work-out and eat better, down talk will drive you to whole cake eating and depression. Instead say things motivational to yourself: like, “I can do this,” and “losing weight will be easy as long as I stay motivated!”

Remove All Temptation

Removing the things that temp you can greatly enhance your chances of weight loss. If you have to run out to the store every time you want ice cream or a candy bar you are less likely to eat them. If they are readily available you may be likely to binge eat them. It is alright to eat some of the junk foods you love, but this should be done in great moderation. Use it as a gift to yourself. At the end of the week if you lost an extra pound from your goal reward yourself with one of your favorite candy bars.

Find Someone To Look Up To

Find a fit celebrity or a work-out genius to idolize. Pick someone who looks how you want to look and has the attitude about themselves that you want to have. My weight-loss hero is Jillian Michaels, best known for her work on televisions “The Biggest Loser.” She is all about eating healthy and getting fitness in every day. I try to read articles by her any chance I can. In fact, it was an article by her that inspired this article.

De-Clutter Your Space

Clutter can distract you from getting in your fitness time. Keep your home and your fitness are clear of clutter and you will have one less excuse not to work-out. Organize things so they are easy to find and easy to put away. I have also found that if I keep my work-out gear out of the way, but where I can easily see it, I work out even more.

Don’t Look Too Far Ahead

You did not gain your weight over night, you will not lose it over night either. So do not expect to get huge results right away. And make small goals, and only one at a time. First make a goal to lose so many pounds in one week, or in one month. Then, once that goal is reached make another.

Use A Bad Day

Lastly, use the anger or frustration you have from a bad day at home, or at the office, as motivation to get fit. Run or jog off your anger. Take out your frustration with some crunches or on the treadmill. Use that negative energy for something positive and lose pounds while dispelling your anger! You may also seek for some medical treatment done professionally such as tummy tuck. The tummy tuck is done to sculpt a fit and flat abdomen.

Buying Guide to Above Ground Swimming Pools

There are many different varieties of swimming pools a very popular swimming pool is the Above Ground Swimming Pool, it is a regular swimming pool, except it sits on top of the ground instead of being level with the ground. Having an Above Ground Swimming Pool has many great advantages such as the options you have for shapes and sizes of your swimming pool, also the different styles and colors you can choose from when installing your pool. There are also decks available for Above Ground Swimming Pools in different heights depending on the size of your pool.

Above Ground Swimming Pools also come in different varieties; Such as ‘Inflatable Above Ground or Portable Above Ground’.

Declared “The strongest above ground pool” is King George, it is built with 4″ wide interlocking sections of extra-heavy extruded aluminum and is 52″ deep.

Now while it is an Above ground swimming pool, you may also set most above ground pools in the ground.

Above ground swimming pools also come in a large variety of sizes, to make sure that each different size fulfills the very need of that specific category of people purchasing that specific size pool.

When buying any pool you should always look into also purchasing a fitted Cover for your swimming pool, this keeps out any unwanted debris that could otherwise fall into your pool. Having a fitted cover on your swimming pool is also a safety precaution you should always use when you are not home so no unwanted children or animals fall into your pool.

You will also need to look into the pump systems for your new swimming pool.

While even having a fitted cover on your pool, you need a filter and pump in your swimming pool because the water will get stale and algae will cover the walls and floor if the water is not constantly moving and being cleaned.

Another very, very important thing is in most states you absolutely must have your pool in an enclosure, such as a fenced yard, or a swimming pool dome, etc.

It is a safety precaution that the owner of the pool must abide for the safety of other people’s lives.

Before actually purchasing your Above ground swimming pool I strongly recommend that you ‘shop around’, not necessarily for “Price” issues, just as you may find better deals in quality overall, and for safety, and warranty purposes.

When purchasing a new Above ground pool it would definitely be a wise decision to purchase (if offered at the retailer) their extended warranty, it may be a little more pricey but in the long run, it could definitely save you a bundle of money, in repairs, extra parts, filters, pumps, or professional cleanings.

Make sure when you purchase your Above ground swimming pool that you have a net, or Skimmer to collect debris floating on top of the water of your swimming pool.

Skimmers can run you anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00 dollars for Above ground swimming pools. But if you decide to go the cheap manual route, any small net will do just fine.

You should also be aware that when purchasing any pool, that you need to put chemicals in the water so that you don’t get algae and the water doesn’t go stale and smell.

These chemicals can be cheap if you find them in the right places, otherwise, you are going to be spending a whole lot of money if you go to specialty stores.

They will convince you that theirs is the best and you’ve got to have it, but you can check out Wal*Mart, Target, or Fred Meyers and they’ll usually carry the same chemicals needed for the upkeep of your new Above Ground Swimming Pool. Besides all this, make sure that you pay attention to your swimwear as well. You have Jets One Pieces that you can for the trendiest and the most comfortable swimwear that are there in the market.

Bitcoin Mining 101 – Top Facts You Should Know About BTC Mining

What are Bitcoins and where do they come from? Governments of various countries decide where and when to print paper money. They also decide the procedure of its distribution. However, Bitcoins aren’t governed by any central or national government authority at all. These are virtual currencies which can’t be printed on paper but are “mined”.

BTC mining involves a process where miners deploy particular software for solving math problems. Thereby, they are issued a few numbers of Bitcoins in exchange. This is the smartest way of issuing the currency. It also creates incentive for other people to mine as well. Mining is undoubtedly an important part of Bitcoin which assures fairness and transparency while securing Bitcoin network safe and stable. There are a few facts that you need to know about Bitcoin mining. The following post might be helpful for this matter.

What is Bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining is an important process of adding transaction records to Bitcoin’s public ledger of past transactions. These are technically known as Blockchains. These blockchains are used by Bitcoin nodes for separating the legitimate Bitcoin transactions from endeavors to reuse coins which have been used elsewhere already.

  • Verification: Bitcoin mining is designed as resource intensive and complicated. This is made intentionally so that the number of blocks which are found by the miners everyday might remain steady. Individual blocks would be considered valid only if they have proof-of-work. Proof-of-work is verified by other Bitcoin nodes through hashcash proof-of-work.
  • Profit making: Bitcoin functions as a currency and miners operate through mining as a business process for making profit. For some, it might be a risky business since the Bitcoin prices fluctuate widely. Investment costs for mining business can be around tens of thousands of dollars. If you are able to work efficiently, then you may be able to mine for profit making. However, you need to make your homework properly in order to make any big purchases.
  • Anonymity: A major aspect of Bitcoin mining is the anonymity. Mining is an important process of obtaining Bitcoins in a completely anonymous way.
  • Combination of Three: Bitcoin is basically three things. First of all, it is a protocol or set of rules that defines how the network has to operate. Secondly, it is a software project which implements this protocol. Thirdly, it is a network of computers and devices running software which uses the protocol to produce and manage Bitcoin currency. Mining can be defined in the protocol, implemented in the software and is an essential function for managing the Bitcoin Network. Mining verifies various things such as, transactions, double spending, collection of transaction fees et cetera.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin show the future. If you are looking forward to upgrade your life, count on BTC and other such digital assets. Bitcoin regained a bull run lately which has drawn more aspiring traders to Bitcoin trading. The Bitcoin Revolution is an automatic trading tool for cryptocurrency trading, including Bitcoin. This software enables manual as well as automated trading and assures predicted income for just any level of trader.

Christian Dating: Finding Your Soul Mate

Dating is an integral part of growing up. As one steps into teens, the urge to have a partner, comes naturally. Everyone dreams of a perfect mate, who has all the traits, one wants in his or her partner. Christian online dating sites are one such place, where you can find a large number of people, sharing your interests, and choose the ones you like.

Secure And Relaxed Setting

Dating sites offer protected and comfortable surroundings to meet and know about new people. There is no fear of being harmed by a stranger Here you get to know someone and then become friends. You make friends, who remain your friends, all your life. You can also hope to find your life partner here.

Endless Choice

The Christian dating sites offer a vast choice, when it comes to choosing your friend or partner. Here you can be sure of finding someone, who shares your religious beliefs as well as your tastes. You can choose your friends according to your preference of their lifestyle and profession.

Salient Features

An ideal dating site will have a few or all of the following features:

– Chat rooms, where interesting conversations take place. These chat rooms provide a perfect medium to know the other person better, without actually meeting him or her.

– On a more personal note, one can send mails to the personal email Id of the other person

– The facility of sending voice messages is also available on some of these sites.

– Online friends can share pictures by posting them in the picture gallery.

– A site with online matchmaking is ultimate.

Benefits Of Dating Online

Dating is a healthy activity, which youngsters undertake. It helps them to get to know characteristics of people of other sex. Dating gives rise to a positive exchange of ideas between two people. This also, introduces them to the realities of a real life, which lies ahead of them. A healthy relationship between two people of opposite sex, gives them the feeling of being special and being liked by somebody. This gives them confidence to do well in other areas of life.

Dating sites help you to find someone, who has common interests as yours. This is especially beneficial as compared to a regular date, where you know absolutely nothing about the person you have started dating.


So, if you are among the sober group of people, who like to stay away from partying and pubbing, then a Christian dating site is for you. It will guide you in such a way, that you can have the fun of dating, which is important in growing years of an individual but at the same time understand and remember your responsibilities, that come with age.

A Dating App is what the younger generation look out for when trying to search for a person they can date with and that is not always the place to look for. Given the repercussion these applications have, Christian dating sites are preferable anytime to such apps as people have paid the price of app addiction with their lives. So, in my view, Christian sites are the best.

January Birthdays With New years greetings

January is the first month and January birthdays are the first birthdays of each year. They can set the standard for all the birthdays to come in the next twelve months and there are several reasons, from celebrity birthdays to party ideas, that make January an extra fun month to have a birthday in.

Historical January Birthdays

Many famous people from history have January birthdays. Two of the founding fathers of the United States of America, Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton, both had January birthdays. Others who were involved in the history of the United States and born in January were Paul Revere, Betsy Ross, and J. Edgar Hoover. While some were making the history books, others were making music and literature. Famous musicians with January birthdays were rock stars in their own right such as Elvis Presley and Mozart and famous authors born in January were Virginia Woolf, Jack London, and Edgar Allan Poe. Even two of the most famous science fiction and fantasy writers ever, Isaac Asimov and J. R. R. Tolkien, had birthdays in January.

Celebrity January Birthdays

Many people enjoying seeing the celebrities that share their birthday with them and January shows no shortage of celebrity birthdays. You could share a January birthday with famous actors such as, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Mel Gibson, Diane Keaton, Jim Carrey, Betty White, or Kevin Costner. If actors aren’t your thing perhaps you are interested in musicians with a January birthday. The musicians range in style, genre and age from Marilyn Manson to Justin Timberlake and Mary J. Blige to Dolly Parton. Others are not actors or musicians yet have made a huge impact on American culture. Two of the most influential people in America have January birthdays, Oprah Winfrey and Rush Limbaugh.

These are some of the celebrities of repute who have created a benchmark for others to follow and they have raised the bar high as a result of which they have the common people eating out of their hands, who aspire to become like them one day by emulating their every move and habits in personal life. They are the ones who can afford the best party planner Singapore for managing their events but not their fans.

Astrological Signs for January Birthdays

Two astrological signs make up the month of January, each sharing its sign with the month before or after. Someone with a January birthday could be a Capricorn or an Aquarius.

Capricorn birthdays make up the first half of the month and fall between December 22nd and January 19th. Capricorns are considered ambitious and creative as well as pessimistic and materialistic. This rings true when looking at famous Capricorns such as Elvis Presley and Rush Limbaugh.

Aquarius birthdays fall between January 10th and February 18th. Those with Aquarius as their sign are often thought of as independent and pioneering. These qualities shine in people like Oprah Winfrey and Justin Timberlake.

January Birthdays Birthstone

Garnet is the birthstone of those who have January birthdays. Garnet is often a symbol of friendship and the word itself comes from the Latin word granatum. Granatum means seed and it is believed it came about because of the resemblance the red garnet has to a pomegranate seed. The red garnet is what is most commonly thought of as the birthstone for January but garnet comes in a variety of colors.

January Birthday Party Ideas

January birthday parties may seem to get the short end of the stick as most of the time it is too cold for outside barbecue or pool parties, especially if you live farther north, but you can create January birthday party ideas that are as endless as their June counterparts. Party ideas are, having a sledding party, renting an indoor hotel pool, bowling, roller skating, or throwing a theme party such as a winter wonderland, poker, or indoor picnic or beach party.

January birthdays are distinctive in many ways from birthdays held the rest of the year because of the famous people born in that month and the beautiful gem that makes itself known as its birthstone. Celebrate if you have one of the first birthdays of the year!