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January Birthdays With New years greetings

January is the first month and January birthdays are the first birthdays of each year. They can set the standard for all the birthdays to come in the next twelve months and there are several reasons, from celebrity birthdays to party ideas, that make January an extra fun month to have a birthday in.

Historical January Birthdays

Many famous people from history have January birthdays. Two of the founding fathers of the United States of America, Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton, both had January birthdays. Others who were involved in the history of the United States and born in January were Paul Revere, Betsy Ross, and J. Edgar Hoover. While some were making the history books, others were making music and literature. Famous musicians with January birthdays were rock stars in their own right such as Elvis Presley and Mozart and famous authors born in January were Virginia Woolf, Jack London, and Edgar Allan Poe. Even two of the most famous science fiction and fantasy writers ever, Isaac Asimov and J. R. R. Tolkien, had birthdays in January.

Celebrity January Birthdays

Many people enjoying seeing the celebrities that share their birthday with them and January shows no shortage of celebrity birthdays. You could share a January birthday with famous actors such as, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Mel Gibson, Diane Keaton, Jim Carrey, Betty White, or Kevin Costner. If actors aren’t your thing perhaps you are interested in musicians with a January birthday. The musicians range in style, genre and age from Marilyn Manson to Justin Timberlake and Mary J. Blige to Dolly Parton. Others are not actors or musicians yet have made a huge impact on American culture. Two of the most influential people in America have January birthdays, Oprah Winfrey and Rush Limbaugh.

These are some of the celebrities of repute who have created a benchmark for others to follow and they have raised the bar high as a result of which they have the common people eating out of their hands, who aspire to become like them one day by emulating their every move and habits in personal life. They are the ones who can afford the best party planner Singapore for managing their events but not their fans.

Astrological Signs for January Birthdays

Two astrological signs make up the month of January, each sharing its sign with the month before or after. Someone with a January birthday could be a Capricorn or an Aquarius.

Capricorn birthdays make up the first half of the month and fall between December 22nd and January 19th. Capricorns are considered ambitious and creative as well as pessimistic and materialistic. This rings true when looking at famous Capricorns such as Elvis Presley and Rush Limbaugh.

Aquarius birthdays fall between January 10th and February 18th. Those with Aquarius as their sign are often thought of as independent and pioneering. These qualities shine in people like Oprah Winfrey and Justin Timberlake.

January Birthdays Birthstone

Garnet is the birthstone of those who have January birthdays. Garnet is often a symbol of friendship and the word itself comes from the Latin word granatum. Granatum means seed and it is believed it came about because of the resemblance the red garnet has to a pomegranate seed. The red garnet is what is most commonly thought of as the birthstone for January but garnet comes in a variety of colors.

January Birthday Party Ideas

January birthday parties may seem to get the short end of the stick as most of the time it is too cold for outside barbecue or pool parties, especially if you live farther north, but you can create January birthday party ideas that are as endless as their June counterparts. Party ideas are, having a sledding party, renting an indoor hotel pool, bowling, roller skating, or throwing a theme party such as a winter wonderland, poker, or indoor picnic or beach party.

January birthdays are distinctive in many ways from birthdays held the rest of the year because of the famous people born in that month and the beautiful gem that makes itself known as its birthstone. Celebrate if you have one of the first birthdays of the year!