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College Student To Sell Virginity For Tuition

My husband and I flipped on the TV last night just before bed, a sort of wind-down from a hectic evening. Low and behold, as we previewed what was upcoming on the local evening news, we were shocked and horrified to hear that a local graduate student at Sacramento State University is currently auctioning off her virginity to the highest bidder. My husband and I looked at each other, jaws dropped, wondering if we needed to get our hearing checked. Could it be true? Is a local university graduate really going to sell her body to pay tuition? Was it possible that the absence of adequate Psle home tutors could have compelled her to take this step for her future?

My husband sent me straight to the computer to investigate, as we had no plans to actually stay up and watch the local news. Here is what we found:

It is true – according to several news sources[1], a local 21-year-old student using the pseudonym of “Natalie Dylan” is auctioning off her virginity to pay for her tuition to pursue a masters degree. Dylan has already taken a polygraph test and is willing to undergo a medical exam in order to verify her virgin status. The young woman is using a legal brother in Nevada, the Bunny Ranch ( as a broker for the transaction. 



According to the Bunny Ranch’s website, Natalie is selling her body to avoid having to work her way through her master’s degree. According to the news reports, Dylan is in a financial bind after her stepfather acquired loans using her student status and then ran off with the money. So, to avoid working and to escape her family’s theft, Dylan is doing the next best thing – putting her body on the auction block for any Tom, Dick or Harry. 

Now, according to the Daily News[2], Natalie will make an informed choice. She will consider personality and says that she is looking for the right “chemistry” before she will consent to the transaction. Dylan apparently got the idea when a Peruvian woman put her own body up for sale to pay family medical bills and was offered $1.5 million. While the woman did not go through with the transaction, Dylan says she fully plans to do so. 

It should be noted that Dylan’s sister already works at the Bunny Ranch, which I suppose should be a source of comfort to her as she makes her way to Carson City and a room, a bed and a man she has never met. 


According to the Daily News story, Dylan feels it’s much better to lose her virginity this way, under her own control and in receipt of payment, than in the “backseat of a Toyota.”[3] Her comments lead me to believe she might never have considered that neither option is a good idea and that she might hold out for a loving, respectful relationship with a man who cares for her. 

Geez, am I over the hill at 33? 

For more information, or to place your bid (I’m shuddering as I type this), you can visit Natalie at or e-mail her at She is an admittedly pretty brunette with great skin, dark eyes and a nice pair of legs. 

Too bad her self esteem appears to have gone missing.

Top 5 Myths About Translation To Be Knocked Off

The world is divided into dozens of dozens of languages that are spoken by millions all around the world. However, up to some extent, we all have connected with each other through multiple platforms and the supremely spoken language English.

Even having such innovative technology, some people fail to connect to foreign brands due to language barriers. The most straightforward reason behind the use of translation services is to form connectivity across the world.

People do not get these translation services due to the several myths about the translations. We are here knocking off some of the widely spread myths about the translation. If you are eager to know the essential details, then continue reading the article.

Top 5 myths about the translation to be knocked off

  • Having a bilingual person is good to go for translation:

well, it is undoubtedly not the case surely. A bilingual person might know several languages surely, but the translation service is not all about knowing a different language. However, it is essential to convey the message from one language to another with the same meaning and emotion in a formal way. In addition, it is not easy for everyone to do the job efficiently. You need to perceive the fact that it is not only limited to the language.

  • The translation is a work of no time:

another myth in the row is this one that translation work no time. If you are doing it just to perceive it and on personal objective, then surely it will take no time, but if you are doing it for professional motive, then it will take good enough time to have the perfection in work. Therefore, if a translation company tells you that they will complete your project within minutes, then you surely need to check for the quality. It is not easy for everyone to provide quality service, so it is better for you to have quality work giving agency.

  • Auto-generated and human translation is the same:

well, if you might get fooled by the translation service that human translation and auto-generated are the same. There is a whole world of differences between human-generated and automated. Least 30 minutes or more than it depending on the content should be expected for the quality translation surely. Human keeps a check on the word to word translation of the content, whereas the automated doesn’t ensure the complete and word to word qualitative working of the translation surely.

  • Translators and interpreters are the same:

the translators do not ensure the same working and interpreters; both of them have a different set of work surely. It is right for you to understand translators translate the language from one to another, whereas the other interpreters do the verbal job. Translators do the final searching of the content they are writing about, whereas the interpreters do not get to do that. Additionally, only people having good fluency can become interpreters; however, being translators is easy.

  • Quality human translation is highly expensive:

forgetting the quality service you have to pay for the high rates whereas it is not true at not. Good translation services such as offer their convenient services for pocket-friendly prices surely. So if you are also willing to have a convenient service, then you can notice the top companies that provide services nearby you. You can easily discover companies that provide good services at lower rates only. So it is a complete myth that good quality services are not offered at pocket-friendly.

Well, these are some of the prevalent myths that people are surrounded by regarding the translation service.  Now we admittedly know that these are myths and knocked off it completely.

How to Study for the HESI to get admission in the Nursing school?

The Health Education System, Inc. exam is a standardized exam some nursing schools to assess a nursing candidate’s readiness for nursing school. It is required by some but not all nursing programs prior to admission. The exam lasts for four hours and is broken in several components, including Math, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and General Knowledge and Grammar. Here are some ideas to help in preparing to take the exam.

Purchase a Study Guide: The prices on these guides vary but they are well worth the cost. The questions on the guide are very close to the questions on the Reading Comprehension and Grammar sections of the exam. Practicing taking the test by answering the questions in the book can be very helpful. The study guide will help the candidate to clear the practice test for cna classes by state. The clearing of the exam will be beneficial for admission in the state cna Nursing Home.

Practice doing the math: The math section of the exam allows you to use a computer based calculator, but no scratch paper is allowed in the testing area. The math is fairly basic, but remember to brush up on basic algebra functions, fractions and percentages.

Make and use flash cards: This will help on the vocabulary section. You can buy sets of flash cards specific to the HESI on line. Using them can boost your vocabulary score. Some of the vocabulary is nursing specific, so spend some time learning nursing vocabulary.

Form a study group: Meet with friends who are going to take the exam. Work together on vocabulary and taking practice exams.

Review notes from your Pre-Nursing science: The science questions on the HESI are designed to be general knowledge. Students who did well in their Pre- Nursing classes generally do well on the HESI.

Look for review sessions: Some private testing centers offer review courses to help students prepare for the exam. There may also be review sessions offered by your university or a nearby hospital. There may be a fee, but the expense will be worth while if it adds points to your final score. If you cannot find a nearby review session, consider purchasing an on line review.

On line review: These are on line sessions two or three times a week that can be very helpful. On line sessions can provide additional study tips and extra help in discovering which subject areas you need to concentrate on.

Enlist the help of your family: A support group is vital when preparing for a big exam like this one. Make sure that your friends and family understand the importance of this exam. Ask them to be understanding of your need for quiet time to study.

Relax and read the sample questions: The questions on the HESI are not trick questions, but their wording may seem tricky. Read the questions more than one time to be sure you understand what is being asked. This is where taking on line practice exams can be helpful.

In the days before the exam, get enough sleep and eat well. Especially the night before taking the exam, get plenty of rest and eat a nourishing meal that includes protein before taking the test.

Always remember that the HESI is designed to assess readiness. The knowledge required to pass is basic information that most graduates know. If you are committed to a career in nursing and are willing to invest time in studying you will do well.