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Introducing The Energizer Quick Switch Flashlight For Your Home Today

How many times have the lights suddenly gone out at your house and you find yourself scrambling to find a flashlight only to discover it has dead batteries and the extra batteries in the drawer are the wrong size? Well, if you’re like me, this has happened on more than one occasion and it is frustrating as all get out! Well, have I got the solution for you!

This handy dandy little flashlight is one that will work with not only C, and D batteries but on AA as well! I got it from an online store, and it’s probably available at  too. HOW does it do it you ask? I have no idea, but the secret may lie in the fact that there is a nifty little switch on the front that you slide until it meets up with a description of the batteries you have placed within the flashlight and crash, boom, bang! There is light! (OK, I know I sound like a commercial, but bear with me. This thing is amazing!)

Now to the men in my family, the second best thing to getting a HOME DEPOT card for a gift is getting a new flashlight! (go figure!) So imagine my Dad’s delight when he opened this little baby on his recent birthday! It was great! He was thrilled, not just that he had yet another flashlight to add to his unbelievable collection, but one that he would finally be able to use all those batteries that were rolling around in the drawer when the lights went out! And trust me, living in the middle of rural America, my folks’ lights go out on a regular basis so this flashlight will get plenty of use.

Use of this flashlight is simple. It holds batteries ranging from AA, C, D and with any two batteries supplies enough light to bring darkness into the gloom and save you the hassle of finding the right sized batteries when the lights go out.

With a flashlight such as this, one might think the quality of the light would be lessened because of the options for battery usage. This is not the case. Any of the battery options works as well as any other and provides more than enough lght to navigate safely through a darkened home.

At a price of less than $10, and a size that is large enough to be easily held but not so small as to get lost in a drawer. We have found that this is the flashlight that is most sought, when an ice storm hits, summer twisters take power or even when we need to check on the kids after dark. It’s an amazing flashlight and if for no other reason than to use up the lonely batteries in the drawer, it is well worth the purchase.

I found this nifty flashlight at our local PAULS store but realizing not everyone has such a store in their immediate vicinity, I searched the internet until I found this flashlight for sale.

Below are some of the links to where you can purchase this cool little tool. I’d love to hear what you think of it, when you try it…come back and tell me, or better yet, post an article of your own….after all, there are more gadget freaks out there than just you and I. We are a group that grows larger as the days go by!

Bad Mobile Phone Habits

Technology has altered the way we live and how we communicate with the world. Telecommunications now includes the use of both land and cell lines for phone communications, in addition to several options for internet access. The technology has become so advanced that cell phones have become a regular part of our daily lives. This is why it is really important that you do not get addicted to your smartphone and end up wasting a lot of your time doing unproductive things. Considering all this, at you will find ways through which you will learn how you use your smartphone or any other device mindfully.

Mobile phones are light, compact and very affordable. The option to shop for Mobile Covers Online in India also makes it easy to protect the phone against falls and breaking. Some cellular companies don’t even require contracts to promote long-term use or customer loyalty. We have integrated cellular communications into nearly every situation and life experience. This has created a need for certain establishments to develop policies and post signs pertaining to when this technology can and cannot be used. This often includes airline regulations and medical facilities, where cellular frequencies can interfere in critical business operations and present safety issues.

As a society, we have many different standards when it comes to mobile phone etiquette. These phones seem to be nearly glued to the ears of some users, while others rarely power their phones on. They may feel this technology was intended for emergency use only and be particularly bothered being in the presence of someone who interrupts their conversation to answer incoming calls, make quick calls or check their voice mail. 

We conduct business over the phone, manage our families, make financial transactions, schedule meetings, arrange activities and discuss many other topics with our community of people. Our practice with how we use technology differs, perhaps based on the usage requirements for this service or the active lifestyles of its users. 

It can be quite annoying to listen to a cell phone ringtone or even a conversation when we are in certain environments, hoping to escape the pressures and stressors of our lives. It seems like even in the movie theatre, just as a movie reaches its climax, that someone will rudely accept an incoming call. So we attempt to find that perfect seat where we find isolation, not just from people but also of technological advances. Even those kind enough to switch their cell phones to vibrate mode, we can still see the phone light up as we sit in the dark of the theatre. Cell phones can be very distracting.

It is difficult to have to listen to someone’s conversation in public places as well. This might include public transportation, facilities like a doctor’s office or library and even young children or teenagers carrying phones to school. As we pass our bad habits to a younger generation, some wonder if children are mature enough to handle the responsibilities of all this technology or whether they really need it. Some sit in class text messaging friends, when they should be focusing their attention on learning and being present with their class. The use of cell phones has invaded nearly every aspect of life. 

One of the most disturbing topics concerning society today is the use of cell phones while driving. It only takes a moment of distraction to lead to a tragic event and the potential loss of life. While it is a convenience to be able to multi-task while driving, asking for directions or communicating with others, it can be one of the most dangerous habits even for experienced drivers. 

It is unlikely that we will agree on a set of rules for mobile phone etiquette or that we can retrain the chronic abusers who will continue to use the technology to meet their own needs regardless of their impact on society. We can only hope that as we continue to evolve our communications abilities that we will determine better ways to improve use this technology while minimizing the risks associated with it. Cellular phones aren’t a bad thing, but our habits can create significant consequences that we need to be prepared to accept. The technology provides a privilege and should be respected as a responsibility. 

5 Gadgets No Road Trip Should Be Without

When it comes to road trips, many of us can recall horror stories of those long and boring drives. Endless games of I Spy, the Alphabet Game, and 20 Questions used to be the only entertainment one could find on the open road. For this generation, they are forced to suffer through handheld games and DVD players. Entertainment devices are not the only things you want to drag along on the trip, though. There are several different devices that will make you trip both safe and enjoyable.

Portable DVD Player

One of the most important factors of an enjoyable road trip is keeping the younger ones occupied. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a good old “boob tube” right in the car. A little portable DVD can keep the fights and restlessness to a minimum. These can be found just about anywhere any more and the price is not so bad now. You can get a nice used one for $20 or less and a new one for around $100. No matter what your budget is, these are a travel must if you have kids.

Portable Game System

Handheld games are just like the DVD player; they will keep the backseat patrons more occupied. There are several different varieties of these games. Whether you use a generic handheld game or a PSP, these systems can keep people occupied and let you concentrate on the drive. There won’t be any more fights about where everyone is in the alphabet anymore if you have a couple of these in the back seat. These can also be used to ease the drive to school. You can find the generic electronic games in any dollar or drug store and they start at $2 and range up to $10. The PSP and the DS are a little more expensive, but they are much more effective. There are top tech gadgets 2019 that have a long list of affordable and fun portable gaming consoles. You can visit the website to learn about the features and the list of compatible game on these consoles. You can even order them from there and get some discount as well.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

A GPS can be a good thing to keep on hand. There have been several instances lately of people getting lost with them, but those are very low in occurrence. As long as you have a map on hand to keep it honest, these can really help you. A nicer GPS can even tell you of upcoming stops and where things are. If you suddenly need a restroom or a caffeine boost, the GPS can usually tell you what is at the next stop and how far it is. There are some of the nicer ones that can even tell you the cost of gas at future stops so you can get the best prices. Depending on how advanced you need your GPS to be, they can range from According to theGPS Store, these range from $99 to almost $1000. There are some other stores that offer some used versions or some good sales out there. For the GPS, you will need to do a little shopping to find the best deals.

Wi-Fi adapter

One must have for anyone that is traveling the open road is a Wi-Fi adapter for your laptop. This will ensure that you can get coverage in the highway dead zones. By having this around, you can even eliminate the need for some of the above devices. There are many things that you can do with an internet connection by your side. Even in the most remote of truck stops or rest areas, you will be able to keep in touch with everyone, check your e-mail, or even check the local sports scores. No matter what it is that you do online, you will need a way to get online to keep doing it. There is not always Wi-Fi at all the off ramps, and there are even some parts of the country where hotspots are few and far between, if you can believe that. These range from free (with two year agreement) to about $500, and the service is about $60 a month.

Cell phone

One thing that you really can not go anywhere without is a cell phone. You will need one of these on any trip, especially a long one. If anything were to happen on the road, you will need to have one of these nearby. Whether it be to call ahead and check a hotel or dinner reservation, or to report an emergency, a cell phone can be a life saver for any trip.

Trips can be long and difficult for any family. Keeping kids in a compact area for hours on end is bound to be a disaster. These little tools can help you to keep your sanity and keep the kids from killing each other for hours and hours. With many hotels cutting the channel selection and channels offering next to nothing good or family oriented, you may find these tools being needed outside the vehicle as well. If you get the right 3D interactive system, you won’t even need the vacation to begin with.