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What to Look for When Buying a Fortnite Account

If you’re looking to buy a Fortnite account, there are some key things you should consider before purchasing. Whether it’s a rare skin or high-level stats, fortnite accounts can be pricey and oftentimes require caution when making the purchase. Here are some important things to look out for when buying an account.

The security of your purchase 

One of the most important aspects of buying a Fortnite account is the security of your transaction. Many sellers may not offer any sort of buyer protection, and if something goes wrong with the transaction, you could be left with no recourse. To ensure that your purchase is safe, make sure that the seller offers some sort of guarantee if anything happens during or after the sale. Also, always make sure that any payment information exchanged between you and the seller remains private and encrypted at all times. 

Check the seller’s reputation 

When looking to buy a Fortnite account, it’s important to research the seller beforehand and make sure they have a good reputation for selling accounts. If possible, try to get references from previous buyers who have used their services, so you can get an idea of how reliable they are and what kind of customer service they provide. There are also many online forums that discuss different sellers and allow users to leave feedback about their experiences with them, which can give you an idea of whether they’re reputable enough to trust with your money. 

Make sure you get what you pay for 

When buying an account, it’s important to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. Most sellers will provide screenshots or other evidence of their inventory, but it’s still important to independently verify this information before finalizing your purchase. Ask questions about any details to make sure everything matches what the seller has advertised. You should also check any terms and conditions associated with the purchase of an account, such as refund policies so that there are no surprises down the line if something doesn’t go according to plan during the delivery process.  

Deactivate previous ownership 

Owners will usually deactivate accounts before reselling them, but it’s still worth checking that this has been done properly before finalizing your purchase. Deactivation ensures that no one else can access or control your purchased account, and also protects both parties in the event that something goes wrong during the delivery process. Be sure to ask questions about the deaccessioning process so that you know exactly what steps have been taken by previous owners before you gain full ownership of your newfound treasure!  

Getting value for money 

When shopping for Fortnite accounts, it’s important to look beyond the price tag and consider other factors such as skins, emotes, V-Bucks, etc. Depending on how much money you want to spend on an account, there may be better deals out there than just comparing prices. Do some research into the value packs offered by different sellers and compare them, rather than just picking the cheapest one available. You’ll get more bang for your buck!  

The bottom line 

Buying a Fortnite account can seem daunting at first, but following these tips should help ensure smooth sailing throughout the transaction process. Just remember: research the seller’s reputation, check the content being sold, double-check that the deactivation process has been done correctly, and look for value packs being offered instead of settling for the cheapest option available! With the right preparation, hopefully, you’ll find the perfect fit in no time!

Pokemon Go – How To Become Pro Player?

Pokemon Go has become the best game that is continually making the million dollars every day. Such an incredible game is continually offering lots of opportunities to the players.  You will find so many professional players are out there where you can quickly buy pokemon go accounts with ease. If you also want to become a great pokemon go player, then one should be mastered the basics of Pokemon Go. It is your responsibility to turn it up a notch and initiate exploiting games to boost the chances of being a pro player.

If possible, then one should improve the level of the trainer, which has become important to make access to both higher-level pokemon & tools to catch the players. Make sure that you are also creating the strategies that will help you in becoming a professional player in the game.

  • Hidden the important value calculations

Bear in mind that not all pokemon are created equally in the game. If you want to become a great pokemon player, then you should also pay attention to the level of the pokemon and other things. Every monster comes with a series of hidden values which dictate how much CP and HP it has per level.  All you need to opt for the powerful pokemon that will help you in winning the complicated levels in the game. 

  • Appearance maps

If you have already caught the 100th Pidegy, then one should also pay attention to the rare pokemon on the game. Various maps are also available in the game. Make sure that you are also paying attention to the map so you can get to know more about the game.

Conclusive words

If you are planning everything properly in the game, then you can easily become a pokemon pro player.

Minecraft- Guide To Grow Mushrooms In Minecraft

Are you the one who loves to play games like Minecraft? If yes, then this is the article for you that you should read out carefully without skipping any part of it. So the number one thing you need to learn about is the Minecraft game itself. This game is super amazing and super creative as you can build anything in this game like a big castle, house, the whole city, and much more. If you want to skip the efforts part, then you must contact minecraft alts and buy the upgraded account.

Your main focus should be on collecting things, and in order to grow mushrooms, you need to focus on the lights and water because these are the two essential components required to grow a good amount of mushrooms. If you plant mushroom seeds in a room, then you need to be sure about one thing that is the light should be low. It is because mushroom grows in the low light only, and if you increase the light, then mushroom cab dies in no time.

Also, you should choose the location like indoors or undergrounds where you can easily come to control the lights without any issue at all. In the night time, zombies or other creatures get spawned, so in the underground location, your light shouldn’t be that low that the zombies or any kind of creatures get to be appeared.

Keep the area tight and small.

If you want mushrooms to grow much more quickly in no time, then you should be sure about the area as it should be tight as well as small. If not, then chances of spawning of zombies might increase eventually, and thus you have to face loads of issues. So you must keep that thing in mind, and the also smaller and tighter area will be going to speed up the growth of the mushroom. 

Especially in the underground location, you need to keep this thing in mind because underground is the location which is loved by zombies the most. They can kill you in no time, and you might lose all the resources without even letting yourself know.

Tough to collect resources

Collecting different things or the resources is absolutely tough, which is why you need to be very careful at the time of playing this game. Make sure that you are away from the zombies and also you aren’t roaming outdoors in the night time because at that time, chances of getting killed get increased eventually. You should always build shelters like homes which should be covered from all the locations as that thing will protect you from creatures.

Also, you should use bed to sleep, which will be going to help in skipping the night time period, and you will wake up directly in the day time. So in this way, you can carry on your journey to the end, and also, Minecraft doesn’t require any technical skills. Your creative mind is the only thing that is required in this case and that you need to keep in mind. So if you are new to it, then make sure to consider one thing in mind that is, you should not just keep collecting things.

Build homes and grow plants

Simple collecting things aren’t enough as you need to keep building the houses too. So if you are the one who is interested in that, then make sure to create pick axe in the beginning as that thing will be going to help you in collecting different items. Without a pick axe, you cannot be able to pick up the items, so you need to consider this thing in mind.

Also, there are different kinds of pick axe you can make with different powers and hitpoints. Axe with higher hitpoints will be going to be used for longer terms, so you can go for the diamond axe as that one is considered as the best because it comes with wonderful power by the help of which you can break down the things in one or two taps that’s it.

Here is the quickest way to grow mushrooms

If you do not like to wait, then here is the quickest way to grow the mushrooms, which will be going to help you out in many ways, like number one thing you need to consider is the podzol or mycelium. If you are having anyone of these two things, then there is no need to worry about it. Also, you should work on finding a bone meal because that thing will be going to help in growing gigantic mushrooms as you only need to use the bone meal on the mushroom that’s it.

If you want to go the light control way, then that is not bad either, but it will be a little bit slower as compared to the other method, but it will be worth it. So you need to keep that thing in mind and make sure to not to forget to control the lights in the underground location especially. 

Do not use caps

If caps run into the mushroom, then they might get dead and dead mushrooms are of no use, so you must be very careful while growing mushrooms. You should choose the right soil for planting mushrooms and then slowly sprinkle bone meal on it and notice the growth. The mushrooms will be going to grow much better and in huge size.

You need to empty the space while growing mushrooms because they take more space than usual, and that is the reason.

Final lines

If you are new to the Minecraft game, then you should first focus on building the house rather than mushroom because building a house isn’t as easy as it sounds, so you have to focus on that thing. You can drive vehicles in the Minecraft game, too but only in specialized maps only. On the normal map, you can ride a horse, which will help in saving the traveling time.

Lords Mobile – An Ultimate Guide To Resource Building

If you want to win difficult levels in the Lords mobile, then you need to pay attention to the important resources. Jewels, Gear & research are considered as the most important things in the Lords Mobile. If you are playing the Lords Mobile, then you should pay attention to the following things like-

  • Gear

A person should not waste the antique mats on the worst gear.

  • Sufficient research

If you need T4 research in the Lords Mobile, then you will have to complete the economy & military tree. Familiars are considered more important than T4 in the game.

  • Types Of Building

To construct the buildings properly, then you need to collect important resources.  Five types of buildings are available in the game.

A person needs to construct the buildings on top of the tiles. Every building comes with a storage capacity. In case you are facing a complicated problem while wining the toughest levels in the Lords mobile, then you should make the use of Lords mobile cheat that will make your work easier. Following are some important things that you need to know about Lords Mobile.

  • Pay attention to the storage system.

Every building comes with a storage capacity. If capacity has already been reached, then there will be no new resource generation. If you want to enhance the quota, then you must upgrade the buildings. You can also make the use of talents to enhance the capacity of storage & speed of overall production. If you are not upgrading these buildings, then you will not have a significant amount of resources to complete specific research. You do not have to miss the upgrade opportunity & to enhance the overall storage limits of the buildings.

  • Starting of game

Make sure that you are constructing the 10 farms & 4 of every other building. A person needs to keep such a setup until the level of 20. This particular setup will able to offer a healthy amount of every resource at starting. Sustaining troops are considered as important at this stage. You need to pay attention to the farms. Moreover, Food is also an important resource in the Lord mobile. Make sure that you are collecting as much as possible.

  • Hunt the monsters to collect resource

The monster hunt is completely extra that will enable you to attack the monsters that are available on World Map. Different kinds of monsters are available that come with different resources. You will have a particular chance to get the precious & antique items resources from them. A person should not waste the energy anymore.

  • Important Heroes

You do not have to keep the useful heroes close to the level of players. Make sure that you are hiring them for the familiar training. If possible, then you must make the use of good heroes like Black Crow, Sea Squire, and Incinerator.

  • Clockwork Doll, Night Falcon & Trickster

These powerful characters come with administration skills. Such characters are great for the collecting resources & building. Skills of these important characters will able to work every time. If you are looking for a character that can do the good damage, then you should opt for the Dark Adapt, Lighter & Diva. These characters are helpful in attacking the enemy & attacking the wall.

Additionally, if you want to win the difficult levels in the Lords mobile, then you need to pay close attention to these important things. Moreover, to earn the rewards in the game, then you must complete the important quests in the game.


13 Video Games We Recommend Getting Lost In This Weekend

Lockdown and social distancing can be very frustrating. You would need something which would help you kill time and at the same time, it has to be enjoyable. Thankfully, in this age if technology, you have plenty of options which can help you enjoy your time while you are alone. What about trying video games? There are interesting and exciting games available these days which would keep you on your toes and time would fly away without you noticing it! 

In the following section of this article, you will be offered a brief insight into some of the most popular video games which you can try while spending this lockdown at home. 

13 Video Games that would keep you Engaged 

Here is a list of 11 video games which you would love playing while you are sitting idle and practically have nothing to do

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons:
    You must have heard about Animal Crossing, if you are a Nintendo fan. Originally it was released in the year 2001 for Nintendo 64. Its latest version is New Horizons, which is a simulation series and it was launched on March 2020. It is basically an adventure game which would keep you engaged and stuck to your seat for a long time
  • Sims 4:
    If you like video games, and haven’t tried The Sims yet, then this is the right time for you. The Sims 4 is the most recent addition to the Sims series which has various elements from the previous editions along with tons of new features.
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2:
    This game is the sequel to Lego Marvel Super Heroes; and it can be played on Mac, PC, PlayStation4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. This is basically an adventure game, which contains various sequences of puzzles and different characters; including Spider Man, Star-Lord and Black Panther. 
  • Pokémon:
    Pokémon has always been a very popular choice among the gamers and there are multiple different versions of this game which are available. Want to re-live your childhood days? Try Pokémon. It will take you to a nostalgic journey; where you will enjoy and cherish every single moment. If you have never played Pokémon, it would be equally interesting and enticing for you.
  • Jackbox:
    Jackbox can be a great fun if you are all by yourself during these days of social distancing. This is basically multiplayer, online game and there are 5 different versions of which are available. It is basically a quiz and puzzle game. You can play this game of different devices like PlayStaion 4, PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Apple TV and Xbox One. 
  • Wordfeud:
    If you are looking for something less intense and more relaxed, in that case, Wordfeud, which is a free mobile game can keep you engaged for a long period of time. This is basically a multiplayer game, where you can play against random opponents or your friends. This game comes in a app version and can be easily downloaded on Android, Windows and Apple phones.
  • Crash Bandicoot:
    Released in the year 1996, this game remain as popular as it used to be. It is an adventure game and comes with 16 titles. You can play it on Xbox One, Play Station 4, PC and Switch. A great way to pass your time.
  • Disco Elysium:
    This is basically a role-playing game which is set in a city which is trying to recover from a war, which happened decades before. It is a thriller game, where your task would be to solve different murder mysteries. This game has excellent background score, with excellent water color style graphics.
  • The Last of Us:
    This is a horror game and was released on May 2020. It can be played on PlayStation 3 and 4
  • Not Tonight:
    This is a strategy game and is based on Brexit. Here, your job would be to make important and critical decisions to save Britain from collapse
  • Call of Duty: War Zone:
    Are you a fan of action? In that case, this game would be the best option for you.  This is a war game and can be played on PC, Play Station 4 and Xbox One

These are some of the video games which you can enjoy sitting idle at home. Visit pokemongoaccshop to know more about these games.

What Are The Different Health Benefits of Using Gaming Chairs In The Long Run?

Gamers, office professionals and other people who need to sit in front of their computers for long hours, know how important it is to select the right chair on which they will sit and work. A lot of people neglect this fact, but a bad sitting posture can affect your body really bad in the long run. Common problems like back pain, neck stiffness, muscle pain and reduced energy levels are easily associated with bad sitting posture. When you are continously working in front of the computer, your body tries to adjust in the most comfortable position. But, when it fails to do so, you face difficulties like these. For those of you who do not have invested in gaming chairs yet, you must do so as soon as possible. Why? Let’s talk about that today in this blog. Meanwhile, you can check some amazing gaming chairs at chairthrone and other websites.

Best Gaming Chairs Health Benefits

Make sure to read this segment really well, because here we will talk about the best health benefits that you can experience while using comfortable chairs when you are working.

Back Support 

one of the most important reason why people use gaming chairs is because they want to avoid chronic back pain. Back pain can lead to various other difficulties in the body and that is why people want to avoid it. The lack of cushioning and proper back support will always lead to excessive back pain. But, gaming chairs are made with extra soft and durable cushioning. This allows you to work in comfort and also maintain a healthy sitting posture all the time. Over time, you will see that you are not experiencing any back pain or other related problems, when you are using a gaming chair.

Neck Support

most of the office and regular working chairs are not tall enough to offer your neck with good support and quality comfort. That is why continuous adjustment of the neck and failing to find a good support, causes the neck to become stiff and painful to adjust. But, a proper gaming chair comes with neck support that allows you to rest the neck when you are working over extended periods of time. This will not lead to any strain to the spine and avoids any other disorder related to spine or neck problems.


a lot of people don’t know this, but sitting in a uncomfortable position brings down your energy levels and leads to fatigue. Sitting improperly or not supporting the back and neck, wears down your body really quick. You will feel weak, exhausted and not able to focus on your work. Gaming chairs have been made to address this very problem on people facing fatigue. These chairs helps to promote comfort and positive health benefits that reinforces the mind and allows you to work more effectively.

Better Blood Flow

healthy blood flow is essential when you are working for long hours. Or else your body will feel discomfort and your legs or neck will go numb after sometime. Sitting in a single posture for long hours do not allow the blood to flow continuously to different parts of the body. Lack of oxidized blood around the body leads to drop in energy levels and that is why you lose your focus and energy big time. Hence, the gaming chairs really help to promote healthy blood flow and you will find that you have a good level of energy always.

So, these are the top health benefits that one can experience when they are using a gaming chair. All these health benefits have already been experienced by a lot of people and now it is your time to invest in a good gaming chair in 2020.

Final Words

gaming chairs are the best possible accessories that can help you to work more efficiently and effectively in the long run. It helps to divert a lot of health problems and always supports your back and shoulders when working. That is the reason these chair are so much in demand and popular in the market. Do yours research and get yourself a good chair.

Lilith Games Rebrands Rise Of Civilizations To Rise Of Kingdoms – What You Need To Know?

Lilith Games announced that their very popular game Rise of Civilizations have been renamed to Rise of Kingdoms. This game is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store as well. But, the developers at Lilith do not only have the rebranding to offer. They have also made several new changes to the games as well. These changes include the introduction of three new civilizations and a brand new theme music that has been composed by two-time Grammy Award winner Christopher Tin. The new changes to game promises to bring a brand new game play experience and soothing environment. 

The basic and other features of the game remains to be the same and that is why you will not have any problem in playing the game if you are an existing user of this application. Alexandra Zhang, project manager from Lilith Games said that “After a successful release of the Ark of Osiris Battlegrounds, we have planned major updates for the Rise of Civilizations. That is why we have, with this update introduced three brand new civilizations – Byzantium, Ottoman and Arabia – with total 11 Civilizations in all!”. He also focused on how closely the Lilith Studios have worked in order to compose the new music. You can visit rok website for the full change log. 

Features of The Rise of Civilizations Game 

The Rise of Kingdoms game comes with different features, all of which are unique in their own way and makes way for a smooth game play. That is why we jotted down some of the most popular features of the game here –  

Real-Time Battles – battles that are fought in the Rise of Kingdoms game are not scripted. These happen real-time on the map that is provided in the game. Any player can easily join and leave the battle at anytime they want to. Therefore, the game establishes a true and rich real-time experience for the players. You can also choose to send your troops to help your alliance members or even launch a surprise attack on the enemies cities and military bases. 

Seamless World Map – the seamless world map is one of the best features of this game. All the in-game actions take place in a massive real-time map that is inhabited by the players. You will see the concept of “Infinity Zoom” for the first time in a mobile game. You can easily make transition between your cities or any other enemy outpost. The map is dotted with several natural features like rivers, waterfalls, mountains and other elements, making it more challenging and real. 

Eleven Unique Civilizations – the developers of this game have done a lot of research before the launch of the game in order to bring to the gamers 11 different kinds of civilization. You can choose between the kingdoms of Rome, Germany, Britain, France, Spain, China, Japan, Korea, Arabia, Ottoman or even Byzantium. Each of the civilization have their own kind of architecture, style of living and military tactics. 

Exploration & Investigation – the massive world map in Rise of Kingdoms game is completely covered in thick fog. You will need to go on a quest of exploration and investigation in order to clear the fog and unlock the mysterious land. There are several lost temples, barbarian fortresses, mysterious caves, and tribal villages, waiting to get discovered. Use scouts for exploring the land and also to gather intelligence and information about your enemies. 

Unrestricted Troop Movements – one of the best features of the game is the unrestricted troop movements and you can issue a new order at any point of the game. This provides limitless possibilities in term of strategic development and military warfare. You can attack an enemy city, alliance with another army, block the path of your opponents, and do several other things. You can even split your forces and commanders into different groups and plan a devastating attack. 

All these amazing features of the Rise of Civilization game allows the players to enjoy this real-time strategy game in a brilliant way. It offers a never seen before mobile game play. Don’t forget to check out the different commanders that are available in the game. From Julius Caesar to Joan of Arc, attain these commanders and other generals to rule the game. 

Final Words – Rise of Kingdoms is easily one of the best strategy games that we have seen in recent times. Make sure to download this fantastic game and play it with your friends, form an alliance and keep engaging in intense battles everyday. We are sure you will have an amazing experience while doing so! Let us know how well you progressed through the game. 

Advance Wars Grows Up – Latest Installment

There’s been a lot of talk about the new look and feel of the latest installment of the Advance Wars franchise and not all of it positive. Well, I’m here to drop the skinny.

The Good:

The heart of the Advance Wars survives in all its splendor. Hardcore strategy meets fast-paced fun in over 100 maps which are sure to give you more than enough distraction from work and family. The setting has moved from a happy-go-lucky world at war to a post-apocalyptic wasteland devastated by comet strikes and a deadly virus running rampant among the survivors. This may put off some die-hard loyalists, but I view the change as a positive one. The on-line play matches you up against opponents from all over the world. And, of course, your CO influences his units uniquely. The CO Power is handled differently in this release though. Where in previous installments of Advance Wars the CO stored his energy and unleashed it in outlandishly overpowered attacks like meteor strikes or map encompassing floods, this time around, the CO Power is toned down and requires more strategy to use it effectively. In fact, it is sometimes more advantageous to not use the stored power but let your CO’s sphere of influence grow to encompass more units (which powers up their offense and defense). If you want to boost your performance then you can also use elo boosting for that. It is an affordable service that you can use for improving your level in Advance Wars Grows up. 

The Bad:

While much of what players love about the Advance Wars franchise survives, one sadly missed casualty of war is the War Room. Anyone who has played the prequels knows all about the dozens and dozens of maps that players were open to. And some say that much of the replay value is lost with the exclusion of the War Room since new maps were opened up based on achievements made through the replay. And in regards to online play, there is a time limit per turn. This necessity obvious to anyone who has ever played checkers with a hesitant opponent; but the visible countdown can distract from strategy making.

The Ugly:

In a game as nearly perfect as this one, there are always some let downs. And after all my hours of play, my biggest complaint is the writing. While most of the dialog is adequate, there are many instances where I wished I had dug out my eyeballs instead. For example, the line, “Where there is life, there’s hope”, is acceptable – however cliched – once or possibly twice, I certainly didn’t need to hear it a dozen times. In addition to that, the ‘human spirit can overcome all obstacles’ theme of the hero team’s dialog can become very annoying and contrasts strongly against the post-apocalyptic setting. And the interaction of the hero and his girlfriend are very anime-influenced. While I do enjoy some melodrama, I think it should have been handled more sparingly. By no means is it “gag-inducing” but it does cause you to roll your eyes from time to time.

The Verdict:

All in all, I highly recommend purchasing this title, especially if you loved the prequels. What flaws do exist in this game are far overshadowed by everything that Nintendo and Intelligent Systems did right. Buy it, you will not be disappointed.


Why You Should Buy a Wii

The Wii is unlike any other gaming system out there: it features motion sensing controllers, which were recently enhanced to increase accuracy and speed, multiplayer games that encourage playing with your friends, and many games lacking the depth of story that it’s counterparts the PS3 and XBOX360 both have. I’ve complained about the games in the past, but I’m starting to see that a Wii and it’s games can find a place in any household and can complement the other systems.

You won’t find Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, Fable 2, or Metal Gear on the Wii, much less a game that has made headlines on its own. With the Wii, you’ll find Fast Food Panic, Mario Kart, and Animal Crossing, games that don’t have much in the way of storyline, but are easy to pick up and play and put down. The games are clearly secondary to the system, most people can name Wii Fitness or Wii Sports, both of which have the system in the name of the game but it seems like Nintendo is more focused on the Wii name as opposed to any one game, and the attention is soley on the system.

Most games on the Wii are not going to grab you by the collar and refuse to let you go until the end credits like many games on the 360 and PS3 will do. Wii games are meant to be played in quick bursts, where you can play a level in Mario before school or work, or shoot a couple deer in the Big Game Hunter before you turn off the system. The difference of game style between the other systems and the Wii can be a good thing, however, especially in this day and age where the next generation of gamers is overweight and slothful; a game that is played in stages doesn’t necessarily instill that desire to keep playing for hours at a time. So after playing, for instance, you may want to check first your stats tracker for Fortnite or any games you play.

This approach to gaming reminds me of the arcades that have unfortunately all but vanished from the modern day gaming scene. I remember going to the arcade as a kid and while I would spend a couple hours there, I would play many different machines instead of sticking to just one; and that’s what was fun about arcades, you could hop around and try out every game there. The Wii attempts to accomplish this by breaking down games into much smaller time frames. For example, the Wii sports resort game allows the gamer to select which level they want to play which doesn’t take more than a few minutes to beat. This allows the player to get in a little game time but still go about their everyday life without a large time commitment.

The Wii just lowered its price again, so now it’s even more tempting to pick up the system. Even if you were like me and didn’t think the Wii has much to offer you in terms of it’s games, you may be surprised at how enjoyable it can be.

7 Top Games For Glorious PC Gaming This Year

For those wondering PC gaming is dead, well, it’s absolutely not. In fact, 2020 speaks of a bright year for PC gamers. You would be surprised to know some game publishers are offering exclusive editions especially for PC gamers. Are you an avid PC gamer who believes in the sustainability of PC gaming? That’s great and you must be looking for new games to try out in gaming PC this year. The great bit is the post below offers a brief on some of the best games you can try on your gaming PC in 2020.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Interestingly, this is not the sequel but the prequel of the previously published Red Dead game. You will find yourself in a big open world nestled in Wild West. As a player you will have to go through a series of shenanigans like robbing trains, collecting bounties as well as hunting of wild cougars. And for all these you will be accompanied by a faithful horse and your 6 shooter weapon. What’s more intriguing about the game is its detailed graphics. From gun care to player’s bond with horse, the game boasts a commendable work of detailing. 

Evil Genius 2

If you have already played Evil Genius on your gaming PC before, you will surely love the new version. It’s because, the latest launch promises a more enriching experience for every PC gamer out there. The game follows the same theme of the previous version yet also takes it a notch higher with improved mechanics. Mention must be made of the enhanced henchman management portfolio as well as improved strategy elements that make the game even more attractive. 

Connect 4 Online

Connect 4 is a classic board game that most of us have played for years. If you have a “thing” for the game, you will be elated to know connect 4 online is available for PC gamers as well. The gameplay is basic and the same as the original one. The online version also features a two player game and each player here will have to drop playing pieces on the virtual game board. The first one to match four pieces before the other will win. You will get the online version of the game from Microsoft store.


Are you a fan of the cyberpunk genre of gaming? That’s cool and you must have played Cyberpunk 2077 plenty of times. But, it’s the only one for cyberpunk fans. If you are looking out for new titles in the said genre this year, look no further than Ghostrunner. 

You have a one-of-a-kind game here that blends the cool atomosphere of cyberpunk along with free-running spirit of Mirror’s Edge. Alongside, you have smashing action sequences like the ones you have always raved about in Superhot. The end result has to be a fantastic action game that you will enjoy for hours.  

Darksiders Genesis

Have you already played Darksiders III and liked it? Well, now you have Darksiders Genesis that will add a new flavor to your Darksiders experience. It’s like a solid dungeon-crawling makeover that promises more exciting adventures in Darksiders world. 

The new launch focuses on Strife who teams up with grim-faced War to throw out heavier attacks than you have seen in the Darksiders games before. One of the most important features of the game is Strife’s unique pistol which allows him to kind of grief his enemies from a huge distance. The game also features twin-stick shooter system that will take your monster slaying experience a step further. And of course, the game boasts excellent visuals which will give life to the game when you will play in your advanced gaming PC. 

Kerbal Space Program 2

The Kerbal Space game is all about building a super rocket which will be able to reach the moon as well as beyond. The game has received brownie points for amazing aesthetics and certainly the high-end physics methodology. The Kerbal Space Program 2 will follow almost the same ambience that you have seen in the first game. It implies the new version will deal with space science but the content will be slightly different to bring a new flavor for the gamers. 

The Outer Worlds

Are you looking for a great RPG game for your new advanced gaming PC this year? Well, in that case, you won’t certainly be disappointed with The Outer Worlds. From dialogues to combat tactics to gunplay, this game impresses on all counts hands down. 

In regards to gameplay, it’s somewhat similar to Fallout game. You will have to gather weapons, upgrade, repair and then there is a bunch of powerful enemies that you will have to beat. To add more to the excitement, the game will take you across multiple planets swimming all over the galaxy.