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Facebook Game Reviews: Business Tycoon Online (BTO)

Business Tycoon Online (BTO) is a web-based game produced by developer Dovogame. Business Tycoon Online is a corporate simulation game with surprising depth and a very steep learning curve. Business Tycoon Online is not a game hosted on the Facebook games service, but Dovogame uses a Facebook game page as a front end to log players onto its own hosted server.

In Business Tycoon Online you begin as the owner of a small corporation. The goal of the game is to grow the size of your business empire and make loads of money in the process. Within this general framework is a dizzying array of menus leading to dozens of integrated gameplay mechanics.

The depth of options available in Business Tycoon Online make it quite confusing for new players. While there is a decent tutorial that guides players to a sustainable, profitable first store, the number of menus and sub-menus is an impediment to fun gameplay. For example, to open a newly-built store, you must first find the store within your corporate empire. To do this, you click “Business” on the top menu, then “Stores” in the right hand menu, then the name of your store in the middle menu. Three more clicks allow you to purchase inventory. Six more clicks enables you to hire an employee. Further clicks await as you decide on marketing, hours of operation, store cleanliness, and multiple other features.

Some players may appreciate the degree of micro-management necessary to succeed in Business Tycoon Online, but most will be quickly overwhelmed by the number of decisions (and mouseclicks) which accompany each maneuver in the game. The Business Tycoon Online message boards are filled with guides for new players and questions about obscure game mechanics. Experienced players who have memorized the precise sequence necessary to make each game decision will undoubtedly benefit from the complexity, but new players will find it tedious to navigate three menus at each decision point.

Business Tycoon Online has some odd features which are likely remnants of an incomplete job of localizing the game for an American audience. Every player is given a “Secretary” who can be assigned specific game tasks such as “Fetching the Newspaper” or “Preparing Car”. Initially, all of the Business Tycoon Online secretaries were female and all resembled a variation on an adolescent male fantasy. The game documentation notes that you will ” expand your business into a Global Empire, with the support of a hot secretary”.

The documentation consists of a long series of individual topics. After drilling down through multiple menus in the documentation, you can learn that partnering with a business in the sales industry will raise your revenue by 2%. Unfortunately, that topic does not teach you how to partner with another business, how to identify an industry, or where to find revenue generated from a specific business.

Business Tycoon Online will attract players through its depth and raw amount of micromanagement. Ironically, experienced players who spend the dozens of hours necessary to learn the intricacies of Business Tycoon Online will have a strong incentive to keep playing. New players will quickly drop out due to boredom and confusion. Business Tycoon Online will not be for everyone, but a solid base of hardcore players will welcome the few brave souls who dare to learn its tedious, menu-driven rules. You can rent your own Terraria server which is really cheap and easy way of hosting online games. The servers lets you play online games with your friend which is more fun and engaging that any other gaming platform.

Gostown Paradise: Phenomenal GTA San Andreas Mod

Gostown Paradise was started sometime back in 2005 by a video game modding phenom who goes by the online screen nickname “ParoXum”. After initial success with San Andreas Re Textured – a mod that replaced the washed-out textures of GTA San Andreas with new highly detailed and higher resolution bitmaps, giving the game a fresh look – he set out to create what he called “The Biggest And Best GTA Mod Of All Time”. There is little to no argument that he has led the creation of just that.

Gostown Paradise is a Total Conversion. In other words, it clears away the whole of GTA San Andreas and replaces it with an entirely new game world. There are a few GTA San Andreas modifications out there that have also accomplished this, but none to the noteworthy extent that GTA mod Gostown Paradise has.

Not only has the team behind this glorious achievement in games modding replaced the land that your player character walks on and interacts with, but they have also replaced the HUD (on-screen information display) of the game with a more elegant one. They have greatly improved the sound effects, as well as introduced a few new vehicles to the game. The game world created for this modification is vast and, as you can guess from the name of the mod, is set in a tropical paradise where the player is free to do as they please. GTA 5 mod menu Xbox 360 has been one of the most popular hype in GTA. If you haven’t tried playing it yet, you should get yourself a copy now.

It all started with Gostown 5 but did not gain much steam until ParoXum unveiled Gostown Paradise 6. This brought sweeping changes to the previous version and introduced all of the effects mods I outlined above. Gostown Paradise quickly grew a following in the games modding community after the release of version 6 and became touted just as the creator once said it would be: The Biggest And Best GTA Mod Of All Time. Since then, they have begun working on a new version of Gostown. Gostown Paradise version 7 will include an entirely new landscape, complete with all new vegetation and currently packing a huge line up of never before released vehicles for your virtual driving pleasures.

The Gostown development team is always working hard, and they release pretty often with loads of new things for players to try. There are some important things to note if you are interested in trying out a complete home-brewed and user-created phenomenon like Gostown Paradise for GTA San Andreas.

First, you must own a copy of GTA San Andreas. Without the real game, you cannot install the modification, as modifications can only distribute altered files (they cannot redistribute the game’s executable file, for instance).

Second, you must be willing to read and follow the instructions that come with the mod if you hope to get anywhere installing it. This is true for any modification.

The GTA Modding Scene is set to explode with new talent following the arrival of GTA IV on PC later this year, but ParoXum has said that this is of non-issue to his project – He says that the biggest and best mod for GTA San Andreas is going to become the biggest and best mod of GTA IV.

The Damaging Effect of World of Warcraft on Sociability

By now, most of us have played or at least heard of World of Warcraft, or WOW. The game is one of the most popular massively multiplayer online games, and has drawn a subscription numbering in the millions. Although groundbreaking in its incorporation of thousands of players at one time in one gigantic world, WOW is perpetrating a crime that may further undermine a significant segment of society. WOW is making antisocial nerds into even more potent antisocial nerds.

You can even consider increasing your rank and skills with expert boosting which is tool designed specifically for improving your gameplay. You can chat with other players and learn new tips and tricks to increase your level in game.

After college, I took a job as an assistant teacher in a small private school. It was the first time I had really had contact with high-school aged kids since I myself was in high school five years before. Hearing teenage boys talk about video games was nothing new to me. I myself was and still am an avid gamer to a large extent. And like many of these teenage boys, I was a bit of a nerd. I loved Role Playing Games, staged swordfights with my friends, and was awkward around girls.

However, unlike these boys, I did things. I played sports, went out, and at least made an effort to have a social life. And those pursuits never presented themselves as a CHORE. It was at this point in my experience at the high school where I became acquainted with the power of WOW. One student asked me if I owned the game, and when I replied that I did not, he seemed as stunned as if he had just been electocuted by a wall socket. He simply could not believe that as a male, I neither owned nor had played the video game. Not wanting to leave me a doomed soul, he took it upon himself to tell me all about WOW and its majesty.

I was shocked at the breadth of knowledge this student had concerning WOW. However, it would become clear to me over the next few weeks that this was all that particular student was concerned about. At lunchtime, he and a couple others would sit huddled in a corner of the room, pouring over a copy of a WOW strategy guide. Girls would walk past and not even a glance would erupt from their concentration. I was utterly shocked at the stranglehold WOW had over these boys.

I like role playing games. I like strategy games. But I can’t say that in high school I had ever given up a chance to get out of my seat and gawk at ladies, in order to instead focus my attention on a video-game manual. WOW is indicative of a greater problem at work in the youth of the world today. Being antisocial is being written off as actually BEING social, for players interact with each other considerably during gameplay.

The problem is that as video games become more and realistic and engaging, the conception of self changes with it. More and more, teenagers and young adults are viewing themselves as champions in the digital world, and are neglecting real-life pursuits. Ideal women are becoming more aligned with the scantily clad, large-eyed, green haired vixens that come through as pixelated goddesses. Nerds begin to find complete solace in a digital realm in which they have achieved success, and turn away from things in life that present themselves as too mundane or frustrating.

This is a significant problem and a trend that must be investigated. Nerds constitute all that ends up exciting in society. They might have it rough early on, but most of the major achievements in science, engineering, the arts, and entertainment are achieved by nerds. If more and more nerds are forgetting the innate cleverness and eclectic oddities that make them unique, then they will simply turn out to be like the rest of mundane society.

Many nerds proclaim that they will become video game developers themselves, basing their assurance on the simple fact that they play many video games. The sad truth is that you need taut programming skills to even be considered for a job of that kind. Nerds shouldn’t aim lower, but they should aim elsewhere, and that elsewhere should still be something interesting. WOW is creating a culture of satisfaction with a fantasy world that has already been created. Nerds need to get themselves out in the world and create their own worlds within it.

Points Of Comparison Between Microsoft Xbox ONE And Sony Ps4

The Xbox One and PlayStation are platforms that have hundreds of games and span several hardware iterations. It is quite difficult to choose between the one as people love to play games on both. The Microsoft Xbox ONE and Sony Ps4 have fewer similarities and have many points of differences in them, which can help in deciding which one is better.

Through study, it has been seen that PlayStation 4 has taken up the lead in sales every time, but both have their own features and pros. People always prefer to get one, which is more powerful and has the best graphics. You can visit httpsmegamods.netmodded-controllersps4-custom to get customized controllers for your PS4. PC games always want a fantastic gaming experience, and in this article, we will know which the best one by comparing them is.

Let us know some points of comparison between Microsoft Xbox ONE and Sony Ps4 which are as follows:-

  1. Performance

Both Xbox and Ps4 have many similar games, but the performance wholly depends on the console the gamer is using. People claim that Ps4 is a more powerful machine than Xbox and has the ability to display games at high resolution. You can get the idea of graphics by playing the same game on different platforms and then make your decision on what is best. Microsoft gains the edge is you are thinking of investing more on Xbox One X console as it has native 4K resolution and has been consistently outperforming Sony Ps4.

  1. Controllers

The Xbox One controller has many core elements of the 360 Controller and also adds two rumble motors. The controllers are exciting but are expensive, as well.

On the other hand, Ps4 shows many improvements across the board when compared to regular controllers. It has outward-curving triggers outside and is bigger with a touchpad on the front and has a multi-functional light bar. People most prefer ps4 controllers as they are hardy and fit better in hands.

  1. Ports and storage

Microsoft allows people to connect to the TV and satellite boxes as it has packed IR Blaster and two HDMI inputs in one. Xbox has eliminated these ports, and those who want to use Kinect on Xbox One need an adaptor. Both systems have enough storage and can be expanded by using hard drives, but here Xbox One wins because of a more extensive selection of ports available.

  1. Game selection

Both Xbox One and Ps4 have a great selection of games and have their own set of exclusives. Xbox One has few noteworthy games introduced every year, but Ps4 has a sizable catalog of exclusives that outmatch the games offered by Xbox One. People that want to choose a console only for games then they must select Ps4.

  1. Backward compatibility

Xbox One offers backward compatibility for a large number of games. You can even purchase the games form Microsoft digital store and can also download the digital version of games by inserting an Xbox 360 game to Xbox One.

When you want to play old games on Ps4, the only option is PlayStation Now. PSNow is a streaming service that allows playing old games by paying for the subscription. The game can also slow down if the internet speed is not good. Here, the Xbox One takes the lead from Ps4 in backward compatibility.


The Lovable Characters In A Mario Game

Mario games are one of the most popular games in the world. These games have been existing in the market for more than 30 years and counting. It would be hard to find someone who doesn’t know who Super Mario is or what Mario games are. But the success of this game doesn’t solely depend on the fancy and crazy graphics, and the appealing design and music of the game. One of the reasons why Super Mario has been deeply loved by players is because of its lovable characters.

The main hero – Mario

Of course, let us start with the main hero of the game – Super Mario. This iconic game character is the most popular character in the gaming world. Mario is loved by millions of people because he is able to relate to the audience. Unlike other game characters with super powers and firm posture, Super Mario represents a simple and ordinary plumber with the main goal of saving the princess. The popularity of Mario has spread all over the world from generations to generations. Nowadays, Mario cannot only be seen in the game per se, but he can also be seen in different video games, amusement parks, game magazines and so many more.

The supportive brother – Luigi

Luigi who is also an Italian plumber, is also known as the brother of Mario. This character portrays a helpful, supportive and a trusted brother. However, Luigi is quite different from Mario as he is taller, and wearing a uniform different from what Mario is wearing. Luigi wears a red shirt. Luigi can be played in some series of Mario games as a single player but most of the times he can be seen in a multiplayer game.

The helpful dinosaur – Yoshi

Yoshii is a dinosaur that helps Mario in all of his adventures. Every time Mario rides the back of Yoshi, he gets a lot of special powers and abilities. Just like any other protagonist in a movie or story who has a sidekick, Yoshii always got Mario’s back.

The loyal attendant – Toad

The toad is like one of the characters in the movie who always support and help the leading lady. Or in simple terms, he is the princess’ bestfriend. In Mario games, the Toad is one of the loyal attendants of Princess Peach. He always informs Marion whenever the Princess is abducted. The toad is also considered as the guiding light in the game.

The lovely princess – Princess Peach

In the game, Princess Peach is the leading lady. She is always abducted by the King Browser that is why Mario needs to save her. Without the princess in the game, the whole adventure will be meaningless.

With all of the characters in Mario games, players are more excited and eager to play the game. Now that Mario games are available in different devices like console, pc, smartphones, tablet and even super Mario xbox 360, surely playing these games would be more fun and exciting.