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Handbag Must-haves: Five Things Every Woman Should Carry in Her Purse

Whether you are a Coach cosmopolitan, a Kate Spade cutie, a Marc Jacobs junkie, or carry a vintage Chanel designer knock-off, a woman’s bag is one of her biggest and best accessories. Almost as important as your purse, is what is inside your purse. There are some things that a woman always carries in her purse: wallet, keys, cell phone. However, there are other very essential items that I recommend every woman carries in her handbag. And if your bag is too small to carry all these items then it is about time that you upgrade to a bag of decent size. luxurytastic replicas review will guide you as you look for a bag according to your needs. 

  1. Tampon

Yes, a tampon. Preferably an O.B. tampon, as it takes up the least space. But, what if you’ve just had your period? Well, then carry a tampon with you to save a fellow woman from potential embarrassment or worry in the lady’s room. Inevitably, you will be in a ladies’ room and hear the call from the stall: Does anyone have a tampon? You could be a hero by carrying a tampon in your purse.

  1. $20 Bill

Sure, you carry your wallet in your purse but people nowadays rarely carry cash. Yes, you can still pay for stuff in cash. Another handbag must-have is this emergency $20 that you carry with you at all times, tucked into your everyday wallet. Trust me, there will be a situation where you will someday need it. Then, replace it. You’ll need it again.

  1. Matches

Always carry these in your bag. Yes, smoking is not attractive, but the man trying to light his cigar in the wine bar maybe. Then, the inside of the match pack can be used to write your phone number on. Also, the matches in your purse can be used to light birthday candles when someone inevitably says at a birthday party, Crap, does anyone have a lighter? No, but you have matches. Also, if you chip a nail, the striking surface can be used as a nail file. The sulfur also helps dispel, ahem, bathroom smells in case you ever need it.

  1. Leatherman Mini-Tool Multi-Tool

Okay, you are going to be a regular McGuyver with this thing. If you are single, having this little handbag must-have item will really start conversations when you whip it out in a situation that warrants it. Along with a bottle opener (party hero, anyone?), the Leatherman mini-tool has a can opener, pliers, wire cutter, and never underestimate when you may need a screwdriver or ruler. You’ll wish you had that ruler when your new couch doesn’t fit in your front door.


  1. Powder Compact, Red Lipstick, and Mascara

If you carry no other make-up with you in your handbag, you should carry these items at all times. These three items can transform you from day to evening with a few quick flicks of the wrist and should be in your purse at all times. The lipstick can be used as blush as well, and with a tissue rolled into a point, the mascara can double as eyeliner. The compact offers a mirror, as well as a base to contain an oily t-zone.

So, technically that is seven things. All of these handbag must-haves can be contained in a tiny bag that can fit in the smallest purse. With these things in your purse at all times, you will be prepared for almost any situation, from lighting a candle to lighting up a room, from saving a party to helping a woman save face.