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Top 5 Weirdest Tricks to Avoid Over Eating

When it comes down to weight loss it can be very tempting to just forget about that diet and go straight for the sweet and salty treats that are so bad for us. So what weird tricks would you do to try and stop from eating the foods that you want, but you know you cannot have? Here are some of the weirdest things that people have done to stop themselves from over eating.

Brush Your Teeth When Hunger Strikes

This is something that is proven to work. If you brush your teeth every time you feel hungry the food with taste so gross that you will not want to even eat it. Some people will recommend only doing this at the normal meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is a guaranteed way to suppress your hunger and make you wait to eat a little bit later. By the time that you can actually eat something you can decide whether or not that you really are hungry or if it is just a case of the munchies was.

Put Some Spice In It

This is not recommended if spicy food makes you sick, but it has been proven that the spicier the food the less you will eat of it. So if you want to avoid eating too much, put Tabasco sauce on everything that you eat. Either if will taste so bad that you will not eat it, but if it does not then the food will be so spicy that you will only be able to eat 2-3 bites, but you have to make sure to really cover the food because you want it to be so hot that you cannot handle to eat it. If you cannot handle Tabasco sauce you can try and eat 1 bite of a Jalapeño for each bite of food that you eat.

Drink Water Before Meals

This is not really the weirdest thing to do to stop you from eating too much, but it is proven that the more water you drink the fuller you will become. This will stop you from trying to sneak in those treats throughout the day. Sugar is known to increase hunger, so if you can avoid drinking fruit juice and soda this will help you lose some of the weight that you are looking to lose in the New Year.

Eat Rice With Every Meal

If you are not a fan of rice then this might not be the best method of suppressing your hunger, but it is something that you can try and do and it is sure to work. Rice is known to be a filler when it comes to food. The best way to avoid over eating all the bad stuff during your meals is to eat 2 cups of rice. Rice does not contain a lot of calories and therefore you can eat 2 cups with every meal and not go over your 1200 calories of food during weight loss. You are sure to be full after eating the rice first that you might have to think twice before you eat anything else on your plate.

Add some Sour To You Sweet

If you are looking for another method to stop you from eating you might want to eat something sour. Sour foods tend to turn your stomach just enough that you do not want to eat until you are full. Some things that you can try is before each meal cut up some lemons or limes and suck the juices out of them before you eat your meal. This will make you feel like you do not want to eat and you are sure to eat less. There is a plus to this as well since there are some nutritional benefits from lemons and limes. CoolSculpting have proven to be effective as it help you to reduce or prevent several skin disorders, it is very helpful while thinking of giving our skin a better nourishment.

Some of these may seem like they are over the top, but they have been proven to work to suppress hunger. Now this is not an article to tell you this is the only things that you should be doing because nothing can replace a healthy lifestyle and ld fashion exercise, but these are things that you can do to keep you from going and getting extras at the buffet.

3 Reasons Why An Electronic Dartboard Is Best For The Home

Are you a fan of the sport of darts? Playing Darts is one of the most favourite pastimes of a large number of people. The beauty of this game is that it caters to all age groups, be it the children or the adults. Everyone has a thing for the adrenaline rush that a competition of Darts brings in. A game of darts is actually very multi-faceted. Darts can be introduced to children as a means of teaching them to not only calculate by keeping track of the scores but also to concentrate and aim for the bull’s eye. It can also be used as a great game for all kinds of parties, from children’s birthday parties to kitty parties, to even adult family get-together. Darts is very famous in bachelor parties too! Many people even play darts as a sport.

While the traditional or vintage dartboards are extremely aesthetic to look at, they are not very convenient. They are huge, heavy, occupy a lot of space at home, and are not very mobile in nature. But are these reasons enough to stop playing Darts? This is where the Electronic Dartboard comes to the rescue. As the name itself suggests these dart boards’ work on electricity, they can be very effortlessly installed in your household and are easily available. They are a revolution in the history of the game, do read about them online. There are a number of reasons why the Electronic Dartboard is great for the home, the most significant among them are:

Automated Score generation 

For all those who hate the hassle of calculations, this is the best deal for you! Electronic Dartboards come with an automatic score generation system that keeps an account of your score. This makes it very easy to play as it rescues you from the burden of calculation and it also stores the scores for future references, these previous scores can be deleted whenever required. It also comes with a multi-player option. A game of darts works best for house parties and as stress busters after work. It will also save you the unnecessary fights that take place over the mismanagement of scores. Another wonderful feature is that these advanced boards have a cyber-play option that will help you link your dartboard to another similar dartboard in the same vicinity, which means that you don’t need to go all the way to someone’s house to challenge someone for a game of darts anymore!


These progressive dartboards have also kept safety in mind. Traditional darts have pointy edges in order to pierce into the dartboard that creates a need for being careful with the darts, especially for and around children. This fear is eliminated as these darts generally have flat ends that stick to the surface of the board instead of the pointy needle-like edges; this makes it very less likely to hurt someone. These flat ended darts are a great alternative as they also decrease the risk of a bounce out. Generally, darts are very prone to being misplaced, but this issue has also been looked after. Most electronic Dartboards come with storage drawers which makes losing them a task for a change.


As all you vintage dartboard owners must’ve noticed, the sharp edged darts create all kinds of scratches on the dartboard that make it very shabby looking. This can be avoided by welcoming the Electronic Dartboard as the flat ended darts, and the different dartboard surface makes the dartboard very attractive and durable. The electronic dartboards are also quite light compared to the traditional dartboards which make it easier to move them around.

Benefits Of Eating Oyster Mushroom? Where Can You Buy Them?

Mushrooms have quickly grown to be a renowned delicacy around the world. Nowadays there are hundreds of recipes dedicated to these edible items and people love to feast on them.

Mushrooms are not only tasty, but they also have a lot of essential qualities which helps the human body in different ways. With more than 10,000 various species of mushrooms available around the world, oyster mushroom is one of the most popular of them all. Oyster Mushroom has almost around 40 kinds of species under it’s name and majority of them are edible. It is mostly used for cooking or dietary supplement.

If you want to buy oyster mushrooms, then you can check magic mushrooms online Canada. Meanwhile, let us have a quick look at the top benefits of oyster mushroom you can enjoy.

Top 5 Essential Benefits of Oyster Mushroom

Oyster mushrooms are really beneficial for the human body and that has been tested and proved.

  • Maintain the levels of blood sugar

High blood sugar levels can be a real menace. Lack of insulin in the body can lead to diabetes. To promote the secretion of insulin, body needs Calcium and Vitamin D reduces inflammation and helps to raise the amount of insulin. This helps to inhibit the risk of Type 1 and 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a silent killer and can be really fatal if you do not regulate and treat the disorder.

  • Strengthens the immunity system

Oyster mushrooms have proved themselves to be an essential ingredient that helps to strengthen the immunity system. Vitamin D present in it helps to replicate and promote the spread of healthy cells. It can easily allow the body to fight autoimmune condition like cold, flu or any other inflammation. Oyster mushroom can also prepare the metabolism to fight disorders like bowel syndrome, risk of sclerosis, high blood pressure and digestive problems

  • Improves cardiovascular conditions

Besides Vitamin D, Oyster Mushroom is also rich in Vitamin B3 which helps to inhibit atherosclerosis. It is a disorder which leads to the hardening of the human arteries, leading to different varieties of cardiovascular diseases. B3 also improves the overall circulation of blood. Making your body more active and healthy.

  • Leads to the inhibition of skin problems

The most important element of mushrooms is Vitamin B3 and it is present in a form of niacin. This helps to cleae acne and when applied topically over the skin, it helps to reduce flare ups along with skin inflammation. B3 clears acen and fine lines which are responsible for ageing of the skin drastically. If applied regularly oyster mushroom can help to treat granuloma annulare and bullous pemphigoid as well.

  • Improves brain health

Studies have shown that copper present in mushrooms help to clear the brain pathways. This allows the brain to retain more energy and a significantly improves mood, focus and outlook. Vitamin B3 reduces the damage that is done by free radicals around the brain. Deficiency of copper leads to degraded mood and fatigue. Eating mushrooms improves all such disorders in a positive manner over a long period of time.

  • Helps to cure anemia

Anemia is a condition in which the body suffers from lack of oxygen in the blood. Anemia can seriously make a person suffer and if not treated the right way, it can also be life threatening. The Vitamin B2 present in mushrooms help to assist in the transportation of oxygen throughout the body, as a result the risk of Anemia is curbed.

  • Provides significant energy

We need a good doze of energy on a regular basis but due to various factors, the levels of energy tend to deplete really soon. However, eating mushrooms convert the carbohydrates into glucose that is used by the body to provide energy. Different variants of Vitamin B like B5 and B2 helps to induce more energy in the body.

You can see why oyster mushrooms are so much beneficial for the human body. Regular eating of mushrooms will help you lead a much healthier and fit lifestyle over a longer period of time. If you want the best quality mushrooms then you can visit magic mushrooms online Canada.