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The Various Perks Vaping

On numerous blogs, you will find varying opinions on vaping. An essay on the advantages of electronic cigarettes is available, and a press story about the adverse consequences of vaping can be seen published the very following day. If you have recently made a move towards vaping, it will prove to be a tough choice must say. In this segment, we will explore the specific advantages of Vaping, so you can quickly see how it can prove to be beneficial for you.

  1. Vaping is healthier than cigarettes

They serve approximately 36,000 physicians worldwide. You should be acknowledged with the fact that vaping is healthier than cigarettes, according to the thorough study. Since vaporization involves no flame, tar, or ashes, vaping can contribute to several benefits related to health since there are no gasses. This offers improved oral health, healthier skin, ventilation, breathability, and a stronger sense of scent or flavor.

  1.  vaping does not involve any unpleasant smell: 

The idea that smoke does not detect you and the atmosphere claims to be the main benefit of vaping. Vaping can be tasteful, but it does not smoke from rotting tobacco plants. To certain men, the sensation of steam is barely apparent. Occasionally only spice replacements may be provided. Although, as you savor a cigarette, it does not taste like this with untreated gasses from the smoking cigarettes.

  1. Nicotine Ingestion Management: 

Vaping allows you to monitor the nicotine dosage fully. It is distributed in a number of forms with a strong potency varying from tobacco-free to nicotine. You will be able to pick the dose of nicotine in the vapor if you choose to use it.  The majority of vapors begin with high rates of nicotine and remove them slowly or entirely.

  1. Steam Production Power: 

The vapor regulation has an extensive benefit over the exhalation rate. Smaller gadgets such as goblets for warmth and low fog, while the high-performance modifications adapted for cloud search. The adjustment of the belt’s performance, airflow, and form will also allow you to change the vapor level. Based on whether you want to steam, you may be simple or classy, and it will depend on your choice.

  1. Vaping offers instant pleasure

The comfort factor of vapor is strong because you can deal with your cravings easily. While leading vapes must be tinkered at first, many are prefilled and ready to be used instantly. In any case, when the vapor is primed, it is so easy to touch it that you click or draw on the computer (few have an instant pull). Although almost every Vape requires a battery and to keep on working all day, the typical Vape will help you without preservation or supply during the day.

  1. Budget-Friendly: 

No matter what your expenditure is, you will find a vapor product available in the market. During the past few years, the vape uk market has grown, and there is plenty of competition already. A number of products are available at all price levels–from single-use electronic cigarettes to advanced steam modifications and top-class e-liquids. You may even consider a vape for instant usage when you have less than 10 dollars to spend.

  1. No required experience: 

There are several other specialized items available, but many also appeal to the novice on the list. Numerous options are available that do not need previous experience. Tools such as vape pods and beginning steam kits are excellent examples. Most of the vapes are drag-and-drop, and you just have to blow a puff over it, and it becomes ready for use.

How To Lose Weight By Drinking Water

Losing weight is simple; actually maintaining a healthy diet is an entirely different story. But there’s one very simple step you can take to lose weight, feel better, and get yourself started on the right path. What is it?

Drink water.

If you’re surprised, you shouldn’t be. Drinking eight glasses of water a day may seem like a redundant piece of advice, but it’s tried-and-true: It’s good for your general health, and it will help you shed pounds.

That’s because drinking water brings three very important benefits to your health and diet:

You’ll feel less hungry

You’ll replace liquid calories

You’ll increase your metabolism  Not buying it? Let’s look at each of these three benefits in detail.

Remember, however, that you shouldn’t drink too much water. This can lead to toxicity (known as hyponatremia) and can be life-threatening. Moderation and common sense are important.

Feeling Less Hungry

The key to using water to feel less hungry is to drink one or two full glasses before every meal. Just as well, drink water throughout the day and keep yourself hydrated — oftentimes, a “craving” for sugar or other poor quality foods is actually a misunderstood craving for water. Why this happens, I’m not sure, but it does seem to be the case.

Replacing Liquid Calories

Do you drink soda? Think about this: The average can of Coke contains 180 calories. The average bottle? 290 calories. It may not seem like much, but if you drink multiple sodas a day — or, worse, rely on sugary drinks as your primary liquid — it adds up. Fast.

If you truly want to get healthy, cut out the sugary drinks. Replace them with water. It might be difficult for a few days, maybe even torture for a couple of weeks. But trust me.

From personal experience, I can guarantee that it’s not as difficult as you may think. And, if you go without soda for a month or two and then decide to have one, you’ll realize just how much like floor cleaner it actually tastes.

Another benefit of cutting soda, while not related to caloric intake, is the elimination of extra caffeine. You see, caffeine is a diuretic, which means it actually dehydrates us by removing water from our bodies, and may also lower our metabolisms. This can be bad, and is certainly counterintuitive to any kind of diet, especially if we’re dehydrated, to begin with.

Increasing Your Metabolism

Here’s a trick: Drink a large glass of ice-cold water. Awesome. You’ve just increased your metabolism, and you’re already burning extra calories.

Now, I’m only sharing this information because I know it works. I used to drink a lot of sugary sodas, and water wasn’t exactly part of my diet. The odd thing about too much sugar is also that it ultimately slows you down. It makes you sluggish.

Eliminating the liquid calories and staying hydrated has proven to be as close to “easy” weight loss as you’re likely to get.

Of course, you should obviously try to eat healthier in general, exercise, and cut sugars and snack foods as much as possible, but the simple addition of adequate amounts of water to your diet can make all the difference. If this is not working for you then, you can try Coolsculpting. What Is CoolSculpting? You can click here to learn all about this process and the benefits that are there when it comes to losing weight with this process.

Choosing a Tummy Tuck! How? Read to know

Educate yourself first: Watching a tummy tuck on television might give you a little information about this surgery. Actually called an abdominoplasty, this is major surgery, not a lunch hour procedure. Research online for actual surgery footage to better understand what will be happening during your surgery. Realize this is major surgery, and not to be taken lightly.

Know your surgeon: Any surgeon in the United States is allowed to do plastic surgery. This does not make them a plastic surgeon. Look for a physician that is a member of the ASPS-American Society of Plastic Surgeons. In order to be a member of ASPS, a physician has to have a minimum of 5 years experience as a surgeon, and a minimum of 2 years as a plastic surgeon.

Learn about the surgery: Men and women often enter the decision to have a tummy tuck before investigating what is really going to happen during the surgery. Some important things that should be considered include your health history: Do you have high blood pressure? Are you taking medication for high cholesterol? Do you bleed easily? What health issues have you been treated for in the last 5 years? Be sure to tell your physician everything. This is no time for secrets. Your life is on the line anytime you have surgery.

Ask about tummy tuck options: Be sure any physician you have a consultation with explains alternatives. Does the doctor think you can get rid of your concerns with exercise? Does the physician state you will not have a 100% success according to your hopes? Has a mini tummy tuck been offered or explained? Do you need a radical tummy tuck? You may not need as much surgery as you think. Would lypo be enough?

After the tummy tuck: Men and Women need time to recover from tummy tucks. Following a tummy tuck, or a mini-tummy tuck, you will be sent home with drains in the lower abdomen that will remain for 2-3 weeks. Usually you can return to work after the drains are removed. You are usually required to wear a compression garment for several weeks afterward as your body heals.

Check your insurance to see if the tummy tuck is partially covered: In some instances, even though you may think of this as a cosmetic surgery, insurance will pay a portion of your costs that provides Women and men who have loose skin and fat on the abdomen can benefit from an abdominoplasty scheme that covers all the aspects of operation. This might include preliminary tests, laboratory fees or consultation fees for a second opinion. What is covered may depend on what your surgeon states as the reason for your tummy tuck. At a cost of $3,000 to $10,000 in some areas, it would be nice to have a portion paid by insurance.

Where does the surgeon do surgery? Will you be using a hospital facility, or will you be in the doctor’s own surgical center? The location may make a difference when it comes to insurance and emergency treatment if needed.

Your support system: You will need some help after this surgery. Be sure you have everything lined up so that once you return home you can relax and heal. Try not to have anyone who is critical of your choice around while you are beginning to enjoy your new look.

How to Avoid Back Pain while Travelling

Travel is especially tough on your back, but there’s no reason why back problems should ruin your adventures. Prolonged sitting on airplanes, carrying luggage long distances, washing at sinks of ackward heights and swinging suitcases into car trunks–these are only a few of the things which can aggravate an old back problem or cause new a one. This is especially bad when you know that an orthopaedic surgeons perform spine surgery, from which everyone wants to stay away. 

Here are tips to keep you from ending your trip flat on your back.

Pack suitcases near the front door to avoid stairs, doorways and extra walking. Take as little as possible, never more than you can comfortably manage. As a rule of thumb, don’t take more than you can carry three blocks without strain. Your back will thank you.

Remember too, porters and bellhops are not always an option and not every hotel has an elevator. Imagine yourself carrying six pieces of luggage up three narrow flights of stairs! Ladies, leave the make-up at home and plan to wear everything twice.

Two small suitcases are generally easier to manage than one large, heavy one. To lift luggage, stand close to it, squat down, keep your back straight, and use your legs to push yourself up. Avoid lifting heavy objects above your waist. For example, don’t try to heft a full hanging bag into a closet. Unpack it and hang the contents a few pieces at a time. Don’t heave weighty things into overhead bins, on planes or trains or buses. Ask for help, from either the attendant or a neighbor.

Use suitcases with wheels or a pull-along rack. “Test drive” a suitcase or rack before buying it. Wide, sturdy wheels are worth the extra cost. Once you’ve owned a suitcase with wheels, you’ll never go without them again–guaranteed!

Consider getting a folding garment bag with a built-in cart plus a device enabling it to stand upright and serve as a temporary wardrobe.

For hand luggage, choose items with both center-grip handles and shoulder straps, so you can switch off when an arm or shoulder gets tired. As previously mentioned, two small shoulder bags are better than one heavy one. Try to distribute weight as evenly as possible between them. If you use only one bag, changed shoulders frequently. A constant pull on one shoulder can often result in shoulder and back pain.

Backpacks are not only for young travelers. Backpacks distribute weight evenly and cause less back strain than hand luggage does. Backpacks are also easier to manage on airplanes than hand luggage. They leave your hands free and make stairs and ramps easier to navigate. Many backpacks are designed to be stored in overhead compartments.

Fill backpacks on a table top. This makes it easier to get the pack on your back. Always place heavier objects near the top of the pack and close to your back to avoid the effect of leverage.

When traveling by car, choose several small pieces of luggage. Swinging heavy bags into the trunk is particularly bad for the lower back.

Come back with your back intact!

Got Gout? – High Purine Foods That Should Be Avoided

If you have suffered from one or more episodes of gout, chances are you’re concerned about the potential for a recurrence. This markedly painful condition, once experienced, is not one that most sufferers wish to repeat. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the risk of developing a new episode of joint swelling and tissue inflammation that is characteristic of an episode of gout. The natural prevention of gout primarily involves changes in the diet, particularly the elimination of high purine foods. Moreover, For billing and reimbursement of practitioner administered drugs that you take for the treatment process you can click on the link. There you will be directed on how you can claim your reimbursement in order to control your overall medical billing.

Purines are nitrogen-based structures that serve as building blocks for nucleic acids, components that form the backbone of DNA, and RNA, the genetic material found in every cell in the body. Why does the elimination of high purine foods reduce the chances of experiencing a recurrence of gout? An attack of gout is brought on by high levels of uric acid, a substance which crystallizes out into joint tissues, setting up an inflammatory process. The result is severe pain and swelling in the tissues. The areas most commonly affected are the great toe, but other parts of the foot and the lower extremity joints can be involved. Less commonly, gout will affect the joints in the arms or hands. High purine foods contribute to the recurrence of gout because the breakdown of purines in the body produces uric acid, the primary culprit in gout.



Reducing high purine foods in the diet is a simple way to reduce your risk of experiencing another painful episode of gout. Gout has often been described as the “disease of kings” because the wealthy and affluent can afford to buy the purine-rich foods that promote the development of an attack of gout.

The most important way to eliminate high purine foods from the diet is to reduce or eliminate animal-derived sources of protein. Foods with the highest purine content are usually animal-based and include red meat, poultry, and even seafood. Some protein sources that are particularly high in purines include mussels and sardines, anchovies, scallops, organ meats, and sweetbreads, although most meat products are high purine foods. Because you need protein in your diet, you can replace your daily protein sources to some degree with low purine protein sources such as milk, cheese eggs, and nuts.



What about the intake of other foods such as fruits and vegetables? Although some vegetables such as beans, peas, and spinach are considered to be high purine foods, studies have shown that consumption of vegetables high in purines doesn’t appear to increase the risk of a gout recurrence. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2004, showed that consuming higher levels of low-fat dairy products such as milk and cheese may actually reduce the risk of gout by lowering uric acid levels. Fruits are also low in purines and can be safely eaten. Two other substances to avoid because they raise uric acid levels are alcohol and soft drinks.

To make it easier to reduce high purine foods in your diet, you can find complete lists of foods to be avoided at various online sites. These simple dietary changes can decrease your risk of experiencing the painful condition we know of as gout.

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To CBD Oils

CBD or Cannabidiol products are being considered safe and reliable to use around the world. There are now a lot of products in the market made of these oils that are being used by the people. The CBD market has crossed the $2 billion mark and continues to grow with time. CBD is supposedly a really effective product that helps to combat and prevent a lot of diseases we get contracted to. CBD as a health supplement is also being manufactured and cannabis oil for anxiety is long used by us.

If you have never used CBD or unaware of what it is, take a look at this CBD guide and get an idea about what you are going to deal with.

What is CBD or Cannabidiol?

CBD, the acronym for Cannabidiol, is usually found along with more than 80 different kinds of active cannabinoids compounds in the Cannabis sativa plant. The roots of the plant can be traced centuries back to 2700 BC. The oil that is extracted from this particular plant is known as CBD oil. For innumerable years CBS has been used by humans to treat different conditions and diseases. It has always been considered as one of the best natural element for medicinal needs and purposes. CBD also has a direct impact on your health as well. Depending on the amount you have taken the results are going to vary.

Unlike THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD does not lead to any kind of psychoactive reaction and that is why you do not feel the high when you take CBD. So, now that you know what CBD is and that it can really help us big time, we will take a look at some of the benefits of CBD oils.

Why should you use CBD Oils?

CBD oils are of different kinds. Each of them come with fantastic benefits that works to make an impact in various situations. Here are some reasons why you should be using CBD oils.

  • CBD oils help to get rid of anxiety. It works to reduce the amount of stress that has affected your mind and certainly helps to combat anxiety and stress.

  • CBD oils reduces inflammation in a drastic manner. Due to several reasons, our body tends to experience sore, pain and inflammation of various kinds. CBD oil can be used for combating it.

  • CBD oil helps to get rid of depression. Often, we suffer from depression and that can be related to a variety of things. Taking CBD oil calms your mind and allows you to maintain peace.

  • CBD or cannabidiol is supposedly a good cure for cancer if the cells have been detected in the beginning stages. CBD has a huge impact on the carcinogenic cells of the cancer.

So, these are the top reasons why you can use CBD oils. Make sure to check them out and yoh will be surprised to know that there are even more benefits which you get from CBD oils.

What are some popular CBD Oil brands?

Over the years, there have been many brands who have come up with various CBD products. As a beginner, you would only want to use the best products in the markets and not experiment with others. So here are the top CBD oil brands.

  • Prismatic Plants is one of the top CBD brands who offer amazing and powerful plan based oils which can help to cure anxiety and also give a good sleep.

  • Sagely Naturals is the best brand you can get if you want to enjoy a natural remedy to muscle aches and pains. Their oils also help to reduce significant amount of inflammation as well.

  • Mana Artisan Botanics CBD oil is a brilliant product that has been locally sourced. Each of their product is handcrafted in small batches on the Big Island and supplied to you.

  • Herb Essntls is another great brand which uses Cannabis Sativa seed oil to make high-performing skincare products, and scented candles and perfumes.

So, here are some important brands you can choose to shop your CBD oils from if you are a beginner and don’t know which brand to trust. Give the whole blog a read and get to know important facts about CBD oil in much details.

Top 5 Weirdest Tricks to Avoid Over Eating

When it comes down to weight loss it can be very tempting to just forget about that diet and go straight for the sweet and salty treats that are so bad for us. So what weird tricks would you do to try and stop from eating the foods that you want, but you know you cannot have? Here are some of the weirdest things that people have done to stop themselves from over eating.

Brush Your Teeth When Hunger Strikes

This is something that is proven to work. If you brush your teeth every time you feel hungry the food with taste so gross that you will not want to even eat it. Some people will recommend only doing this at the normal meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is a guaranteed way to suppress your hunger and make you wait to eat a little bit later. By the time that you can actually eat something you can decide whether or not that you really are hungry or if it is just a case of the munchies was.

Put Some Spice In It

This is not recommended if spicy food makes you sick, but it has been proven that the spicier the food the less you will eat of it. So if you want to avoid eating too much, put Tabasco sauce on everything that you eat. Either if will taste so bad that you will not eat it, but if it does not then the food will be so spicy that you will only be able to eat 2-3 bites, but you have to make sure to really cover the food because you want it to be so hot that you cannot handle to eat it. If you cannot handle Tabasco sauce you can try and eat 1 bite of a Jalapeño for each bite of food that you eat.

Drink Water Before Meals

This is not really the weirdest thing to do to stop you from eating too much, but it is proven that the more water you drink the fuller you will become. This will stop you from trying to sneak in those treats throughout the day. Sugar is known to increase hunger, so if you can avoid drinking fruit juice and soda this will help you lose some of the weight that you are looking to lose in the New Year.

Eat Rice With Every Meal

If you are not a fan of rice then this might not be the best method of suppressing your hunger, but it is something that you can try and do and it is sure to work. Rice is known to be a filler when it comes to food. The best way to avoid over eating all the bad stuff during your meals is to eat 2 cups of rice. Rice does not contain a lot of calories and therefore you can eat 2 cups with every meal and not go over your 1200 calories of food during weight loss. You are sure to be full after eating the rice first that you might have to think twice before you eat anything else on your plate.

Add some Sour To You Sweet

If you are looking for another method to stop you from eating you might want to eat something sour. Sour foods tend to turn your stomach just enough that you do not want to eat until you are full. Some things that you can try is before each meal cut up some lemons or limes and suck the juices out of them before you eat your meal. This will make you feel like you do not want to eat and you are sure to eat less. There is a plus to this as well since there are some nutritional benefits from lemons and limes. CoolSculpting have proven to be effective as it help you to reduce or prevent several skin disorders, it is very helpful while thinking of giving our skin a better nourishment.

Some of these may seem like they are over the top, but they have been proven to work to suppress hunger. Now this is not an article to tell you this is the only things that you should be doing because nothing can replace a healthy lifestyle and ld fashion exercise, but these are things that you can do to keep you from going and getting extras at the buffet.

All About Hoodia Inclusive Of Its Side Effects! Have A Look

Hoodia gordonii is a popular natural ingredient found in many weight loss products with the makers of such products claiming that this plant helps suppress appetite and thus aids in weight loss, apart from considering state-of-the-art arm coolSculpting method which is really great for arm muscle development and degeneration of fat. Hoodia’s side effects are not known as there have been no published scientific reports on the side effects of hoodia. Research has been conducted on the effectiveness of hoodia as a weight loss supplement and potential side effects of it, but as of 2008 none of this data has been conclusive.

So what side effects should one be concerned about when taking a diet or weight loss supplement that contains hoodia extracts? Without official FDA regulation and no official long term studies on the effect of hoodia gordonii on the human body, people can only speculate on potential issues and health risks with using hoodia. There are a lot of theories on how hoodia acts on the body, but theories are not conclusive.

Appetite suppression – The main selling point behind hoodia extracts is that is acts on the brain in such a way that people taking the extract claim they have less desire to eat. This in itself could lead to a person failing to get their full nutritional needs met on a daily basis. If they have no hunger, they may be severely reducing their food intake missing out on crucial vitamins, nutrients, and calories.

Thirst suppression – Another unofficial side effect of hoodia is that some people taking hoodia extracts have noticed their need to quench their thirst has gone down. This dangerous potential side effect could mean that those taking diet supplements containing hoodia could be at risk for dehydration; which can be deadly. The body is naturally designed to alert us when we are hungry or thirsty; if hoodia interferes with this communication a person taking hoodia could be dehydrated and not know it until it is too late.

Liver damage – Some doctors have stated that hoodia may cause potential harm to human livers, but without published research and more FDA investigation into whether or not hoodia is safe for regular use; it is hard to prove or disprove that hoodia has any effect on one’s liver.

Risk to diabetics – Hoodia has apparently been used for centuries in South Africa and those who defend hoodia’s safety say that if it has been used for centuries then it must be safe. One theory on how hoodia works in causing weight loss is that it tricks the body into thinking that the blood sugar levels in the body are stable and sufficient. Since diabetics rely on accurate feedback from their bodies to know when their blood sugar levels are getting low, a diabetic taking a hoodia extract could miss the warning signs of dangerously low blood sugar levels.

Medication Interactions – Those who support hoodia as being safe and effective claim that hoodia does not interfere with any medications. The problem with this claim is that there is a lack of research on drug interactions with something such as hoodia. If you are taking any medications you should use extreme caution before taking any diet supplement.

Without more research and proper regulation of hoodia extracts, you should use caution when using any supplement containing hoodia or any other unproven extract or ingredient. With any supplement or drug those who are pregnant, nursing, or have a history of liver or kidney disease should avoid taking hoodia. Always talk to your doctor before starting any kind of weight loss or diet program or when taking something that may potentially interfere with your medications or cause health complications.

10 Foods to Avoid

If you’re like me, then chances are you usually try to make the right decisions when it comes to nutrition, but there are some things that you may be eating that are holding you back from shedding those extra pounds. I will show you what I believe are the top ten most unhealthy foods to eat, and for each one, I will give a healthy substitute, so you can skip learning about the top provider of CoolSculpting procedures and just avoid foods that will make you fat. Here is the list:

1.) Soda (Diet and Regular) – I believe that the number one cause of obesity is refined sugar, and soda is a major source of all this sugar that people consume every day. The thing is, many people think they are doing a good thing by reaching for a diet soda, but this is just as bad, if not worse. Diet soda has artificial sweeteners which generally weaken the body and immune system, and can even slow down your metabolism!

Substitute With – Avoid all those chemicals and refined sugars and reach for some juice or try making a smoothie. This still has sugar, but its not refined so it doesnt have the negative effects of weight gain that soda has.

2.) Store Bought Salad Dressing – I’ve seen countless numbers of people who think they are doing a good thing by eating a salad, but then they ruin it by smothering it with salad dressing. Store bought salad dressing is almost always loaded with MSG, a chemical flavor enhancer which has been proven to cause extreme weight gain in lab rats.
Substitute With – Try making a homemade dressing, or just use olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

3.) Fried Foods – The main reason fried foods are so unhealthy is because many times the same oil is re-used hundreds of times such as with potato chips or doughnuts. This continuous re-use of the oil creates the unhealthy trans-fats. Fried foods aren’t so bad if they are homemade because chances are you don’t re-use the oil hundreds of times like a fast food restaurant or a doughnut shop would.
Substitute With – Treat yourself to occasional homemade fried foods or order something at a restaurant, because most nicer restaurants don’t re-use their oil as much as a fast food restaurants would. Also, if you do decide to fry at home once in a while, frying at the proper temperature ensures that the oil does not penetrate the food and make it greasy. Try to fry at a temperature of between 345-375 degrees farenheit.

4.) Margarine – Many people substitute margarine for butter thinking it is the healthier choice, but this is wrong. While butter does have more saturated fat than margarine, margarine has man-made hydrogenated oil and trans fat which is actually worse for you than just eating the butter.
Substitute With – When choosing between butter and margarine, butter is the healthier, more natural choice.

5.) Refined Grains – The easiest way to lose weight is to cut down your consumption of grains, especially more refined grains like bread and pasta. Ideally, you should try to get as much carbs as you can from vegetables and fruit rather than grains, but if you do keep some grains in your diet, then choose the less refined options.

Substitute With – Choose grains that are not processed and contain some fiber and protein such as oatmeal or quinoa.

6.) Processed Sandwich Meats – Sandwich meats often contain a ton of additives, including MSG. This is especially true for cured meats such as prosciutto and salami. Turkey tends to have less additives than other sandwich meats, and there are brands that advertise as having no additives.
Substitute With – Buy from a brand that advertises as being all natural.

7.) Fish High in Mercury – Mercury has become a serious health concern lately, and a major part of our mercury consumption comes from fish. Certain fish have higher levels of mercury than others, and should only be eaten on occasion. The fish with the highest levels of mercury include shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish. It is best for pregnant women to avoid these fish all together.
Substitute With – Eat more fish that have low levels of mercury such as cod, salmon, flounder, catfish, crabs, scallops, canned tuna (light has less than solid white), and generally any smaller fish or shellfish is usually lower in mercury.

8.) Fast Food – The reason fast food is so unhealthy is because it is processed to the point that by the time you eat it, it has no nutritional value what so ever. Also fast food is loaded with harmful additives and chemicals. A hamburger cooked on the grill at home is far healthier than from a fast food joint, because the beef is fresher and the burger will not have MSG and other harmful chemicals added to it to make up for the cheap meat.
Substitute With – Make your own hamburger at home to avoid harmful additives and processed beef.

9.) “Fat Free” Foods – A lot of food at the supermarket is now advertised as fat free, but this is not necessarily healthier. Most of the time, when they take out the fat they replace it with refined sugar and other flavorings. It is far healthier to just eat the fat then to eat all that sugar instead. Also, many times the calories are almost the same because the extra sugar just replaces the fat.
Substitute With – Just buy the regular version of foods, not reduced fat or fat free. It is not only the healthier option, but it tastes better too!

10.) Vegetable Juice – It may seem like a clear choice for a healthy drink, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. With many store bought juices being loaded with salt and artificial flavors, the bad usually outweighs the good. Also, most juice is pasteurized which destroys most of the health benefits and then may sit on the shelf for weeks before you drink it.
Substitute With – You can buy a juicer and juice your own vegetables. It’s fun to play around with different recipes, and the fresh juice tastes much better as well.

Eating Out at Restaurants Can Make You Fat

With the drastic rise of overweight and obese individuals in the world, many people are constantly watching their weight. This is easier when you can compare labels, measure food, and cook special diet foods at home. When you go out to a restaurant, however, your carefully designed diet can come undone. Eating out at restaurants can make you fat.

When you first sit down at the restaurant table with your friends, the first thing the server asks is if you would like to order a drink. Alcoholic drinks are often high in empty calories. Empty calories mean those that have no nutritional value. Mixed drinks are even worse. They often have several types of alcoholic along with sugary sodas and syrups or creams. Even if you avoid alcoholic drinks, there is a wide variety of soft drinks, sweetened iced teas, and juices that have high caloric content as well.

After you safely order a diet soda or plain water with lemon, the server comes back with a complimentary basket of rolls, breadsticks, or chips and dips. As everyone peruses the extensive menu, it is very difficult to avoid munching on the bread or chips. Eating these pre-meal offerings can add hundreds of calories to your meal. Often, someone wants to also order an appetizer off the menu. Common appetizers, such as onion rings, nachos, egg rolls, and chicken wings are high in calories and high in fat. They are also fun to eat, and very tasty, and very hard to resist!

The server comes back, and it is time to order your meal. Many restaurants these days offer a reduced fat or calorie section, or one with low-carb foods. Often this section is populated by grilled chicken salads, and boring meals with plain steamed vegetables. How can those types of meals compete against the fabulous, high-calorie offerings elsewhere in the menu?

Choosing a restaurant meal is a guessing game. Menus do not usually include caloric or nutritional information. Therefore, you might try to order based on what you assume has lower calories: i.e. grilled chicken instead of a steak, or a large salad instead of a burger. What you do not know will make you fat. The average restaurant prepared salad has over 1500 calories, more than a full day’s worth in a recommended diet. Not knowing how the food is prepared is a detriment to you as well. Sauces, butter, oils, dressings can all add hundreds of calories to the healthiest-looking dish.

The next problem is restaurant portion size. Six to eight ounces of meat is considered one portion. In restaurants, one meal often contains two to three portions of meat. A half-cup of vegetables, or one cup of salad is a true portion. You may get three or four portions of vegetables smothered in a high calorie sauce.

And then comes dessert….

Overall, your restaurant meal may have had more than three days worth of calories, fat, and sodium. If you are trying to maintain or lose weight, like so many millions of people are these days, restaurant eating should be limited. Restaurant eating can make you fat due to large portions and non-disclosure of nutritional content in their me

This is just like a cool sculpting procedure to keep you in shape as an expanding girth won’t exactly make you the cynosure of all eyes.