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How to Avoid Back Pain while Travelling

Travel is especially tough on your back, but there’s no reason why back problems should ruin your adventures. Prolonged sitting on airplanes, carrying luggage long distances, washing at sinks of ackward heights and swinging suitcases into car trunks–these are only a few of the things which can aggravate an old back problem or cause new a one. This is especially bad when you know that an orthopaedic surgeons perform spine surgery, from which everyone wants to stay away. 

Here are tips to keep you from ending your trip flat on your back.

Pack suitcases near the front door to avoid stairs, doorways and extra walking. Take as little as possible, never more than you can comfortably manage. As a rule of thumb, don’t take more than you can carry three blocks without strain. Your back will thank you.

Remember too, porters and bellhops are not always an option and not every hotel has an elevator. Imagine yourself carrying six pieces of luggage up three narrow flights of stairs! Ladies, leave the make-up at home and plan to wear everything twice.

Two small suitcases are generally easier to manage than one large, heavy one. To lift luggage, stand close to it, squat down, keep your back straight, and use your legs to push yourself up. Avoid lifting heavy objects above your waist. For example, don’t try to heft a full hanging bag into a closet. Unpack it and hang the contents a few pieces at a time. Don’t heave weighty things into overhead bins, on planes or trains or buses. Ask for help, from either the attendant or a neighbor.

Use suitcases with wheels or a pull-along rack. “Test drive” a suitcase or rack before buying it. Wide, sturdy wheels are worth the extra cost. Once you’ve owned a suitcase with wheels, you’ll never go without them again–guaranteed!

Consider getting a folding garment bag with a built-in cart plus a device enabling it to stand upright and serve as a temporary wardrobe.

For hand luggage, choose items with both center-grip handles and shoulder straps, so you can switch off when an arm or shoulder gets tired. As previously mentioned, two small shoulder bags are better than one heavy one. Try to distribute weight as evenly as possible between them. If you use only one bag, changed shoulders frequently. A constant pull on one shoulder can often result in shoulder and back pain.

Backpacks are not only for young travelers. Backpacks distribute weight evenly and cause less back strain than hand luggage does. Backpacks are also easier to manage on airplanes than hand luggage. They leave your hands free and make stairs and ramps easier to navigate. Many backpacks are designed to be stored in overhead compartments.

Fill backpacks on a table top. This makes it easier to get the pack on your back. Always place heavier objects near the top of the pack and close to your back to avoid the effect of leverage.

When traveling by car, choose several small pieces of luggage. Swinging heavy bags into the trunk is particularly bad for the lower back.

Come back with your back intact!

Different Types Of Travel Bags And Its Advantages

While travelling can be exciting and fun, it can also be challenging and difficult sometimes. This happens when you do not consider all the necessary factors while planning your travel activities. Everyone knows that when you’re traveling, you need to plan out ahead of time. You must book your accommodation in advance to avoid fully booked scenarios in most hotels and to get a deal with lower rates. You should also plan out your itinerary, so you can save money, time and energy. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for everything you need beforehand.

Aside from bookings and itinerary, there is one other thing that every traveler needs to consider to avoid problems and troubles while traveling i.e. travel bags. The truth is, it is one of the last things that travelers prioritize. But just like all other important factors while travelling, travel bags play a vital role in your overall travel experience. That being said, you should be able to choose the right travel bag for you. There are different types of travel bags and each type has its own uses and advantages that will solely depend on the nature of your travel and your needs. This article will provide you with the different types of travel bags and their advantages to help you choose the right one for you.


A backpack is considered to be the best choice for adventurous travels. This type of travel bag is the best pick for travelers who live an activel lifestyle. If you are the ‘always-on-the-go’ kind of traveler, a backpack is possibly the best travel bag for you. Most backpacks are designed with durable and quality materials. This is to ensure that when a friend invites you for a quick travel, you are always ready to go. Nomatic travel bag is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to backpacks.

Rolling Suitcase

If you are one of those people who always go out of town/country for long vacations, a rolling suitcase is the best deal for you. This type of bag can carry almost everything you need while traveling. It is easy to carry because of its wheels, trolley hand, and collection straps.

Shoulder Bag

Now, if you are just a sightseer or a tour taker for a one-day trip or tour, a shoulder bag should be your travel bag of choice. It is also considered a secondary bag that allows you to carry your essential things that you might need for your sightseeing tour such as your phone, camera, wallet, etc. It is not ideal for long travels because it has a low capacity and is not ideal to carry with bulk packages.

Duffel Bag

Duffle bags are ideal for casual trips. While this type of bag is often used in sports and at the gym, duffle bags are also essential for travelling. They may not be ideal for long travels but duffel bags are great travel bags for casual trips. You can put your necessary things in it such as a pair of clothes, organizer, gadgets, etc.

Travel Tote

If you consider yourself a fashionable adventurer, then a travel tote is the best travel bag for you. If you want to look good while still being able to carry a sizeable number of things in your bag, a travel tote is great for you! There are a lot of travel totes available in the market that vary in size, shape, material and even design.

Final Thoughts

In general, there are multiple types of travel bags in the market. Therefore, choosing the appropriate type that will match your travel needs is a good thing to do. Not only will it be convenient, but it will also help you organize your things so that you can have an amazing trip. You just need to determine the size, shape, convenience, and the stuff that you’ll be carrying when choosing the right travel bag type for you. After all, travel bags are essential aspects of every travel or trip that you’ll be having in the future.


Our Screwed Up Taxes

Like most everyone, I hate paying taxes. It’s not that I don’t believe in paying to a government to provide the services and protections our country needs; really I do. What I don’t believe is that our taxes are being used wisely and that I feel like we are being way overtaxed because of such misuse.

Of course, it is easy for me to make such sweeping statements without any detail; but that is still how I feel.

We all have read the stories of government excess and misappropriation of funds. We have all heard the news of government contractors charging hundreds of dollars for a hammer or screw either as outright criminals or the just as criminal good old boys network. All these things leave a bad taste in our collective mouths when we pay our required money to our state and the federal government.

All those regular taxes aside, the ones that really get me are the less than ordinary taxes we get hit with. I have written before about my feelings about prize and inheritance taxes, but within a recent article, I see another mention of taxes that cause me to grind my teeth.

If you hadn’t read or heard, the college student that was fortunate enough to emerge from the mele for the Barry Bonds record-breaking* (asterisk included) home run ball decided to auction it off. You can read about the ensuing news and interesting choice to open to the public the fate of the ball by the new owner. In the subtext of the article, though, is the part that stood out to me.

He decided to sell it, he said, because he couldn’t afford the tax bill that would result from holding onto the ball.

Some tax experts said Murphy would have owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes based on a reasonable estimate of the ball’s value even if he had never sold it. He may also have faced capital gains taxes as the ball gained value.

How wrong is it for a person to end up with a valuable ball at a baseball game to end up having taxes levied against him at the purported value of the ball> Hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes?! Our government has no business labeling this transaction one deemed required to be taxed. Now when he sells it, that makes some more sense, but if he simply has it in his possession without having purchased it in the first place it is ludicrous to have the government involved at all.

I feel the same way about person to person vehicle sales, inheritance, prize winnings, etc. The government needs to get their hands out of so many pockets and make better use of the funds already being collected. Quit looking for more ways to take a larger portion of our money and do a better job being efficient with what you have. Quit deficit spending and set an example for our nation and start the hard road of working your way out of debt and living within your “means.” How can we expect the American public to do it if our nation as a whole cannot do it either?

GREECE – Modern & Cosmopolitan

GREECEGreece is a country where old traditions have been carefully preserved as an important part of its national identity. Over a turbulent history, marked especially by foreign occupations, often bloody, “Hellenism” was at the highest price, a form of resistance that not only meant keeping the language, but also the traditions, customs, legends, literature and popular art. Despite – or perhaps because – persecutions of all kinds, cultural identity and especially Greek popular culture have been kept until today. Currently, the Greek traditions, new and old, are fascinating for tourists and sacredly respected by Greeks.

GREECEAlthough at first glance the country is modern and cosmopolitan, young people seeming to prefer entertainment in clubs and pubs, they will not hesitate to dance to traditional Greek music, they know the lyrics and respect all the customs and celebrations, as the generations before them did as well.

In Greece, the respect for values and customs of the past is essential. Many of them have become unwritten laws that are respected by the Greeks. The country is revealed as a special place, with often usual rules for foreigners, but will all that even more interesting. It’s a way of living life to the fullest but with great respect for the others.

Don’t even think about the fact that in Greece you will find someone eating alone, on the run, at a table. Something like this is unthinkable. The meal is the best opportunity to socialize and lasts for hours.


Known for its many ancient ruins, white villages, sunny beaches, delicious cuisine and friendly atmosphere, Greece is among the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. It consists of a mountainous mainland and hundreds of islands with stunning scenery, historical sites, nightlife and culture. For example, Corfu is the most northern Ionic island in Greece, which reflects numerous cultural and architectural influences of many foreign empires that led it across the centuries: from Roman to Byzantine, Venetian, French and British.


Louisiana is a state located in the Southern United States. Its capital is Baton Rouge and the largest city is New Orleans. It owns the tallest state capitol building in the United States, which is 450 feet tall and features 34 floors. In Metairie you will find the longest bridge over water, in the world, known under the name of Pontchartrain causeway and is 24 miles long. It links Metairie with St. Tammany Parish on the North Shore.


Louisiana is the only state in the union that has parishes as political subdivisions and not counties. The state received this name in honor of King Louis XIV.

Another well known facts about Louisiana refer to the state’s bird, which is the Eastern Brown Pelican, the state’s flower represented by the magnolia, the state’s tree, which is known under the name of Bald Cypress, “Give me Louisiana” –the official song, the state’s wildflower represented by The Louisiana Iris, or the official insect, which is a honeybee.


As for the local cuisine, they are proud of their boudin, which is a type of sausage link used in Cajun and Creole dishes. It is made of rice and ingredients like crawfish, pork, alligator, etc.. Also, the turduke is a partially deboned turkey with a deboned duck inside and a deboned chicken inside that, each having a different stuffing. Isn’t that an interesting dish?

A funny thing is that in Louisiana if you bite someone with your natural teeth, the act will be considered an assault, but if you bite that person with your false teeth, the act will be considered an aggravated assault.

This state’s official colors are gold, white and blue and the state motto is “Union, Justice, Confidence”. In conclusion, we can say that Louisiana is indeed a state of contrasts.

New Orleans Cooking Vacation

Cooking School Vacations in Italy 1New Orleans is a city known for its good times and great eats. The city’s impressive restaurants, rich food heritage and focus on culinary arts make New Orleans a popular destination for cooking vacations. A variety of museums, cooking schools, culinary festivals and events, and fine and causal restaurants provide many opportunities for culinary travelers visiting the Crescent City.


The Southern Food and Beverage Museum is home to a variety of collections and exhibits designed to give visitors insight into the city’s rich food heritage and the role that food and cooking play in New Orleans culture.


Demonstration classes at the New Orleans School of Cooking in the French Quarter offer visitors the opportunity to learn how to make creole and Cajun favorites from entertaining experts. The two and a half hour demonstration classes include generous samples of the four dishes made during each class.

Cooking School Vacations in Italy 1

Hands-on Experiences

The Savvy Gourmet offers culinary travelers the opportunity to learn how to cook with hands-on experience. Small hands-on classes taught by talented chefs are offered on a variety of topics including local Louisiana cooking, cooking fundamentals and international cuisine.


The New Orleans Food and Wine Experience and Tales of the Cocktail are held in New Orleans each year. Each event is designed to enrich people’s understanding of New Orleans cooking and cuisine through a series of dinners, tastings and seminars.

Cooking School Vacations in Italy 1


Much can be learned about New Orleans cooking and cuisine by dining in a variety of restaurants on a New Orleans cooking vacation. A complete New Orleans cooking vacation should include meals in some of the city’s fine dining establishments as well as the smaller hidden gems.

Vacation Packages

The New Orleans Cooking Experience offers two types of vacation packages. Visitors can sign up for weekend or long weekend vacation packages that offer multiple cooking classes and meals.

The Best South Beach Hotels on a Budget

Beach House Decorating Ideas

Beach House Decorating Ideas Miami’s South beach (SoBe) is a great place to visit for the young, old and anyone in between. There are so many things to see and do that you’ll wish you had left more “empty” time in your schedule to just sit by the pool or on the beach.

Although there are many expensive South Beach hotels you could choose, there are hotels for the budget-minded, and you might be surprised at the prices available if you travel either side of the busy season. If you travel from May to September, you are going to find fewer people and lower prices on hotels as well as restaurants.

The prices quoted change frequently and give you a basic idea of average prices in May.
The Big Names–Not So Inexpensive
Fountainbleau is located at 4401 Collins Ave–right on SoBe and offers more than 1500 rooms. Prices start at $329 for a May visit in this extraordinary hotel.

Gansevoot South is a luxurious hotel located at 2377 Collins Ave, again, right on the beach. Rates begin at $325 for a stay in May.

OK, so you don’t have that much money…

Beach House Decorating IdeasReality–Lodging YOU Can Afford
For under $100 a night, here’s what you get:
*Collins Ave is right across the street from SoBe

The Continental Oceanfront (1825 Collins Ave) (800) 555-7555 (online reservations at: $74/night

Beach Place Hotel (8601 Harding Ave) (305) 866-3215 $79/night

The Chesterfield (855 Collins Ave) (305) 531-5831 $77/night

The Kent (1131 Collins Ave) (305) 604-5068 $89/night

Ocean Surf (7436 Ocean Terrace) (305) 866-1648 $65/night (one of the very few hotels on the beach)

Hawaii Hotel (7430 Ocean Terrace) (305) 861-3440 $65/night (also on the beach)

Bay Breeze Hotel (6600 Colline Ave) (800) 385-8893 $59 to 69/night

Many of these rates were “online” rates through sites like or, as of 2009.

Beach House Decorating IdeasOther Options
There is hostel-type lodging available at the following:

AAE Lombardy Hotel & Hostel (6300 Collins Road)

Miami Beach International Traveler’s Hostel (9th Street)

Jazz on South Beach (321 Collins Ave)

Reservations for these hostels should be made through and rates are as low as $15 per night.