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Great Shaving Cream Alternatives For The Rasierer Test

Most people use a shaving cream when shaving their face, legs, or “other” sensitive areas when they have their razor in hand. Whether you have sensitive skin that burns with shaving cream, you’re concerned about the chemicals that go into preserving the foamy product, or you just hate cleaning the gunk out of your tub or sink, using an effective alternative to shaving cream may be the best option for your shaving needs.

Your daily lotion or conditioner is enough to use as a shaving cream, either for your face or legs. Many people are sensitive to shaving cream and don’t like the burning it provides on the face, legs, and other areas. Using a conditioner or lotion you use daily can be a wonderful remedy for your sensitive skin when shaving. I often use conditioner to shave my legs, and I love it as it leaves my legs less dry and itchy afterward. My boyfriend has used lotion as a last resort while shaving his face, and was surprised how well it worked.

Baby oil is great for hydrating and soothing your skin while you shave. I know people who add baby oil to their bathwater (a few tablespoons) to soften the water while they bathe, and actually shave sans anything but the water! They love how smooth their skin feels, and no stinging from shaving! You can add baby oil to your loofah, to your water, or just rub it on your shaving areas prior to shaving. I’ve been warned though that using baby oil in the tub can make your hair greasy if you use too much, so take care.

Some people swear by creamy peanut butter (mixed with water or cooking oil if too thick) to work better than shaving cream in shaving various parts of their body, particularly the face. Not my cup of tea particularly, as I’ve tried peanut butter as a hair conditioner before and had a hell of a time getting the scent out (took a few days but did have silkier, nicer hair). I would recommend Shea butter, almond oil, or apricot oil instead. But by all means, try good old peanut butter if you have nothing else or just plain want to try it.

Also, I have known people who have used mayonnaise as a last resort, or just plain goofing off. While mayo is great on bread, it stinks in the tub or shower and I wouldn’t use it.

Dish soap is a foamy alternative that has low skin irritation if you like a foamy shaving cream. Dish soap comes in lots of yummy scents, from lavender to vanilla to floral bouquet, and is a nice, smooth shaving cream. The rasierer test will result in smooth body of the person with no hairs left. It will not cause pain on the legs and hands like waxing does. The requirement of the dish soap will be less in the test.

There are many products that can be used in lieu of shaving cream, and with a little creativity you can find one that works out great for you.

Can An Incarcerated Person Allow to Vote?

All people are entitled to human rights. From the day that they were born until the moment they die, they have these rights, and all nations acknowledge this. For some specific instances, some of these rights can be revoked. Situations like being imprisoned due to an offense can remove some certain human rights to a person, such as rights to privacy and the right to vote.

So, can a felon vote? Do they still retain this right after imprisonment? Do they still have the right to vote for whatever candidate they want?

A Moral Right As A Citizen

It is a known fact that although these people have done something wrong in the eyes of the law of man, they too are a citizen of the said country. Being a citizen, it is a moral obligation to vote for a fitting candidate of your choosing for the said public office. If we look at this from a moral standpoint, convicts are eligible to vote, no matter the crime they’ve committed.

Even though they are convicts,  they still have the right to let their voices be heard for the future of the country. They may be behind bars, but if we look closely at how many convicts there are, they can contribute to a large percentage of the overall voters.

A Right Revoked For Punishment

Now, if we look at it on the other side of the spectrum, we can say that taking this right among others is a befitting and just punishment. Of course, if you ever should break the law, you should know the consequences of your actions.

The reason for imprisoning a felon is to devoid them of the freedom that they had forfeited before they comitted the crime. Imprisonments are isolating them from the civilian populace as a punishment. Incarceration will also make them reflect on the acts that they have committed and to correct their wrong ways as well.

Laws Regarding Disenfranchisement

Nowadays, several countries enable felons to vote even when they are still serving their prison time. Other countries have much stricter laws regarding this and do not permit any criminal to vote while in jail. Certain countries and some states in the US allow convicts to vote once again after serving their jail time. Though they can be able to vote once again, there are some conditions to follow first and things to process before this happens.


Voting is one of those things that should be given to every citizen by the right of the law. There are still some mixed reactions when it comes to letting prisoners vote. Some want them to retain this right, and others don’t. In the end, it is still up to the law of the land if they’re going to permit the convicts to vote or not.

It may be a moral obligation, or a just punishment was given to those who did wrong, letting a felon vote is a bit of a fickle issue to discuss. So, how about you? Do you think it is right for them to vote? Or is it just befitting for them to get that right revoked?


Who Cares About The Alexa Rank?

What is the Alexa Rank and who cares about it? Most people you ask will not know the answer to this question. However, if you are a webmaster and/or blogger you’re most likely very familiar with the Alexa rank.

The Alexa rank is kind of controversial and not everyone who knows about it thinks that it is an accurate rank for a website. Why? Because the Alexa site determines you traffic by counting the number of Alexa users, or people registered with them, that have visited your site. What this means is that if your targeted traffic is webmasters and blogger you will most likely have a higher Alexa rank than a person who owns an arts and crafts website who’s main targeted traffic are retired and stay-at-home women (no offense ladies, I happen to be a stay-at-home wife myself). So why bother with it anyway? And who really cares about Alexa Rank?

Well, there are at least three major categories of people who care about your page rank number.

1. The advertisers – Most advertiser and ad networks trust the Alexa rank to be a good indicator of your site’s progress and how much traffic they could potentially drive to their site if they advertise with you.

2. PR (Paid Reviews) – This mainly is a concern for bloggers. When someone evaluates your blog for a paid review they also look at your Alexa rank in the same way regular advertisers do.

3. Potential Website Buyers – If you ever plan to sell your website the Alexa rank is very important. It is one of the criteria used to determine the worth of your site. The better your rank, the more expensive your website will be.

So the bottom line is, even if the Alexa rank is not the best indicator of traffic it is still a very important tool for a serious webmaster or blogger.

Global Warming? Not This Year

Global Warming

It’s cold. And when I say cold, I don’t mean kinda cold. I mean COLD!

Depending on where you live, you might be laughing at the schmucks like me that live in a cold weather country. I have a friend that lives in Florida, actually a few friends in Florida, but one in particular that loves to bring up her wonderful weather everything we speak on the phone. It’s fun banter, but of course, I never hear from her when hurricanes visit their fine, warm state.

Global Warming

The west is getting hit with a cold patch that is breaking records, and I don’t mean the old vinyl type either. From what I read, the Northeast is feeling it as well. It’s even cold in California, which is where my in-laws are from, and they always consider below 50 to be frigid. Sadly they lost their lemon and orange trees this year. I actually enjoy winter and love to play in the snow. My kids love it typically too, but when it is this cold, fun outside is all of 20 minutes these days. “Dad, I’m done playing outside now…I can’t feel my hands or ears.”
Driving to work these last couple of days has reminded me of just how bitter cold it is. I get out and dutifully scrape the windows on my truck like the good sharer of the road I am. I travel all of one block and the windshield has completely frozen over again. I hate wasting the gas to idle a vehicle long enough that it can defrost the windows from the inside, but these last couple of days it is either that or joins the hunched-over-looking-through-the-bottom-of-the-windshield characters risking their lives for a few minutes delay.

I kid about the global warming thing, so no nasty comments about that, ok? I actually studied biology in college and have pretty good earth-friendly habits and opinions. Though there is plenty of debate on whether global warming is a reality or not, there is no doubt that our throwaway society is wreaking havoc on the planet – but that is another topic for another day.

Global Warming 1

This cold would be more pleasant to withstand if it came with more snow. More snow? Some think I am crazy, but we could use the snow to store up against droughts, which we have experienced in recent years. I live in Utah, with the greatest snow on earth, so our state slogan claims. Well, I have it on very good authority that the claim is nothing but the truth. I have a friend that owns a ski school in Finland, often skiis with the Olympic team and has hit the slopes in all of Europe and much of the US. On her recent trip to Utah she hit numerous resorts here and told me emphatically that yes, it is the greatest snow on earth. So there.

This too shall pass, and I have gained some patience in my advancing years. But, did I mention, IT’S REALLY COLD!

Who are Telecom Agents and Why Should You Use Them?

Telecom Agents

I’ve worked in technology for nearly a decade now, which is nothing compared to many of my counterparts who have experienced much greater change. Over these last 10 years, we’ve seen technology and telecommunications solutions change so drastically and so frequently, it leaves us wondering how we can keep up. It’s 2015, and telecom is a very complex industry that is changing every single day. Finding a telecom solution that meets the needs of your business can be a daunting task, and often overwhelming.

Independent telecom agents can help you embrace these changes. They help your business find solutions that can meet your needs, and help you propel your business into the future. You may be asking yourself, “What’s the benefit in using an agent instead of calling a solution provider directly?” There are certainly benefits both ways, but I’m here to explain a few reasons why an agent relationship can benefit you.

Telecom Agents

  • One Agent, Many Carriers: Telecom agents partner with many carriers and solution providers that provide many different services. They understand the solutions that each carrier brings to the table, and can help facilitate the relationship between you and the carrier. They understand product benefits and disadvantages, and have in-depth knowledge of the industry. Furthermore, some solutions may require multiple carriers. In this situation, the agent can act as a single point of contact for you. Your invoicing and billing will be with the carrier, but the agent will foster the relationship.
  • They’re not biased: Telecom agents aren’t biased. Their goal isn’t to pitch a product or service from their company, but rather to understand the needs of your business and find carrier solutions that meet your needs. They can negotiate with the carriers on your behalf. This eliminates the need for you to sit in dozens of carrier meetings, allowing you to be more productive.
  • Agents have a vested interest in you: Telecom agents typically act on a residual commission from the carrier. Because of this, they have a vested interest in the long-term success of your business and building a solid relationship with you. Agents want happy customers to build a book of business with so they can acquire future customers. They will act as a member of your team. They will assist you in addressing any service issues with the carriers and solution providers, and help you understand any changes that are taking place in the industry. Telecom Agents

Realizing that it’s time to make an upgrade to your telecommunications solution is the first step. Actually finding a solution that meets your needs can be a scary second step. It can be overwhelming and downright stressful. Hiring a telecom agent often makes this transition substantially easier.

More and more solution providers are embracing the agent channel because it’s mutually beneficial and provides great value. The bottom line is that telecom agents work to understand your business, and will work for you to find the best solution that help you propel your business into the future.

8 Helpful Household Tips

Do you love helpful household hints and handy tips?….Of course you do…..who doesn’t love household tips that make life easier and stretch every household budget further?

I read magazines, search online and talk to my friends often looking for new ways to save money. New ways to clean faster or more effective. New handy tips to help me with everyday household dilemmas.

What better way for me to help other moms like me then to share all of the new and old helpful household hints and handy tips. I hope some of these household hints will be helpful to you as much as they’ve been helpful to me.

1 Instant Fire Starter

If you are like me and having problems to start the fire in your fireplace when hubs is not at home this handy tip is for you. Start collection of corks from wine bottles and keep them in a sealed jar that you filled with rubbing alcohol. Every time you are ready to start the fire just toss one cork under the kindling.Make sure you store the jar away from the fireplace and your children.

2 Quick Fix For Salt-Stained Leather Boots

Your winter leather boots are sporting white residue from all the salt outside. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water. Dip little corner of cotton rag in it and gently rub the stains. Let it dry.

3 Quick Dry Wet Mittens

Slip each mitten over a bottom of an empty glass jar and stand it on top of your baseboard heater or radiator. The warm air will fill up the jar and it will dry the mittens from inside out. One of my favorite handy tips.

4 Make Your House Smell Inviting

If you want to make your house smell homey and cozy without burning candles or using room sprays just dab few drops of vanilla extract or any other aroma you prefer on a cool light bulb. After you turn on the light the room will be filled with the scent instantly.5 Perfect Belt StorageYour husband has lots of belts and they are all over your closet. All you need is a large clean coffee can. It is the perfect shape to keep hubs rolled up belts crease-free and without messing up your closet.elts

6 Remove Melted Candle Wax On Furniture

Winter is the season for burning candles throughout the house. Sometimes no matter how careful you are the hot wax makes its way onto your furniture. Just cover the wax with bag of ice until the wax becomes brittle. Then carefully peel the frozen wax off with a butter knife. In a bowl mix together 1/2 cup of Baking Soda and few drops of lemon juice.Dab it onto the spot where the wax was to clean away any color residue that was left from the candle.

7 Cheap Ice-Skates Covers

Don’t spend money from your household budget buying new Ice-skate covers for your children. Take your old garden hose and cut it to the length of the blades. Make a lengthwise slit and the ice-skate blades will be covered and protected from getting dull.

8 Keep Your Stairs/Sidewalk From Freezing

Before the rain turns into ice sprinkle baking soda on your steps and sidewalks.It will keep water from turning into ice and it won’t destroy your concrete like salt.